Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 15

15 – Level-1 Warlock Bonney

An army quickly advanced the avenue for an hour. Yang Feng commanded the mechanical legion towards the Black City.

Presently, the Black City already entered into war mode, with the gate closed, and with constant patrols above the wall.

Just as Yang Feng’s mechanical legion appeared near Black City – a team of warriors quickly appeared in various outposts of Black City while looking with great alertness at the far-away delegation.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a strange smear: “Such a quick response! There were obviously no scouts along the way, to actually be able to react so quickly, a Warlock’s methods are really impressive.”

Yang Feng had dispatched a micro-satellite to keep an eye no Black City. He just recently took his mechanical legion to depart and Black City has already made a response, with countless warriors neatly arrived at their outposts, ready for battle.

At the Warlock’s Pagoda, in the middle of Black City, bloomed a strand of radiance.

A white cloud was attracted from the sky by a mysterious force, fell onto Black City and condensed into a formation above Bonney – who was wearing a black Pao with a silver thread on the cuffs.

Bonney stared at Yang Feng within the mechanical legion and said in a deep voice: “I am Black Cottage’s Master, Bonney. The master of the golem legion, may I ask how to call You?”

“I’m Steel Lord Yang Ye.” Yang Feng had change his appearance to yet another person with an average appearance, looked at Bonney in the sky and slowly said.1

Warlocks in this world possess countless secret arts! Including even some outstanding and strange curses capable of cursing him via only the name. This kind of curse is not powerful, and a strong level-1 Warlock like Bonney can easily resist it. But Yang Feng is nothing more than a talentless earthling, lacking any resistance to curses. He’s dead once cursed, therefore he doesn’t dare to randomly announce his real name.

Bonney coldly said: “Steel Lord Yang Ye, our Black Cottage and You don’t have any enmity between us, so why do you want to attack us? We the Black Cottage have good relations with the Fernandro Principality’s Clan for generations. Fernandro Principality’s Clan is not only under the protection of a level-2 Warlock, but also possesses a close relationship with the Warlock College Antalya. If you attack our Black Cottage, then you’ll be enemies with the Fernandro Principality’s Clan and the Warlock College Antalya!”

“Warlock College Antalya?”Yang Feng’s eyebrows slightly creased as he started to recall the memories read form the several Apprentice Warlocks’ minds.

Within Turandot Subcontinent, Warlocks have control over everything. All of the Empires’ and Principalities’ are largely controlled by Warlock Clans. Fernandro Principality is controlled by the Warlock Clan named Fernandro Clan. It is said that within the Fernandro Clan exists an incomparably powerful level-2 Warlock.

Nr.3796’s voice sounded in Yang Feng’s mind: <Warlock College Antalaya, White Ivory, Eyes of Justice, Rose Garden, Savage Claw and Black Dragon Pagoda, are the six strongest Great Warlock Groups in the Turandot Subcontinent. It is said that every one of these six forces is backed by a Great Warlock.>

Yang Feng only took a rough look at some memories of the Apprentice Warlocks, as he’s incapable of making use of them at his will. And only Nr.3796 with his super-mind can easily manage all kinds of collected data.

“Why am I attacking your Black Cottage?” Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a whiff of cold light, as he gave a laugh in contempt: “There are more than just one reason! The biggest reason is that your Black Cottage a nuisance on my path!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed coldly as he spoke with a murderous and cold mechanical voice: “In order to further advance on the Warlock’s path requires a larger amount of resources! I fancy Fernandro Principality’s resources! Bonney, if you’re aware of your situation then swear loyalty to me and you’ll receive a good position under me. Otherwise, today you’ll die here! You’ll be the first stepping stone on my Warlock’s path!”

Warlocks are Turandot Subcontinent’s first-rate supernatural existences, as every Warlock possesses extraordinary strength. What’s even more attractive to Yang Feng is that once he becomes an Official level-1 Warlock, his lifespan can increase until two hundred years. Level-2 Warlocks can increase their lifespan until three hundred years, and level-3 Warlocks can similarly increase their lifespan until four hundred years. Once he becomes a Great Warlock, then his lifespan can even increase until one thousand years.

To become a Warlock is extremely difficult. First, one has to possess an aptitude for cultivation. Generally speaking, the odds that a Warlock’s descendants possess a Warlock’s cultivation aptitude are much higher than an ordinary person. Thus, those that are born into aristocracy have quite the high odds to possessing a Warlock’s cultivation aptitude. Additionally, to cultivate as a Warlock, one has to acquire all kinds of knowledge, as every knowledge has its own value. Ordinary people, only when they possess a heaven defying cultivation aptitude and if they’re lucky enough, only then might they tread on the Warlock’s path.

Yang Feng possesses an earthling’s horrible lack of talent – therefore, there is no hope for his cultivation aptitude. However, the inherent weakness can be supplemented and a lack of cultivation aptitude can also be supplemented with the use of enormous quantities of resources. With the support of the entire Fernandro Subcontinent’s resources, it’s possible for him to become an Official level-1 Warlock.

Bonney coldly said: “You’ll pay for your foolishness and arrogance!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly as he ordered: “Attack!”

The 400 Bladed-troops abruptly acted, as they quickly darted towards Black City.

“Swamp Field!”

In the middle of Black City’s Warlock’s Pagoda – Bonney pointed toward the side, as he cast a level-1 spell.

Light flashed above the 60m high Warlock’s Pagoda, as a powerful and mysterious fluctuation abruptly appeared in front of Black City.

In front of Black City appeared an enormous swamp – 3Km long and 100m wide.

Original, the level-1 spell Swamp Field isn’t so terrifyingly effective, it’s simply incapable of achieving such an instantaneous effect as to form a 3Km long and a 100m wide enormous swamp. But if the Warlock’s Pagoda’s power is added, then it is possible form something so miraculous.

There is a publicly acknowledged fact in Turandot Subcontinent. If one doesn’t dominate the other by at least two levels, then one shouldn’t challenge a Warlock in his Warlock’s Pagoda, as that would be dying in vain.

In the face of the suddenly emerged swamp beneath their feat, some of the 400 Bladed-troops couldn’t avoid falling into it – they were entangled and slowly but steadily pulled down.

The more the 400 Bladed-troops struggled the faster they sank. Not long after, being completely submerged in the swamp.

Looking at the 400 Bladed-troops sinking into the swamp, made all of the warriors above the wall burst into cheers.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a whiff of excitement as he muttered: “Impressive! Very impressive! This is a Warlock’s strength! So formidable!!”

Regarding Yang Feng’s determination to tread on a Warlock’s path, the more powerful the Warlock, the more his interest is piqued.

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