Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1409: Sweep

Chapter 1409: Sweep

“Greater Demongod!”

“A Greater Demongod arrived!”

“This is the power of a Greater Demongod!”


When the powerhouses of Man Ling Empire sensed the terrifying power, they cried out, a look of horror in their eyes.

A Greater Demongod is virtually invincible in the Realm of Mortals. If other Greater Demongods don’t intervene, they can suppress the whole Realm of Mortals. Even if the most powerful royal families in the Realm of Mortals use their trump cards, they won’t be able to resist a Greater Demongod. They’ll only be able to hold on for a short period of time at most.

“I, Lang Jiu, greet the mighty Star Demongod!”

Wolf Emperor of the Lang Family, a tall powerhouse with a large wolf tail on the back and a dignified and ruthless air about him, walked out from Spirit Wolf City and saluted Star Demongod respectfully.

Star Demongod is a Greater Demongod, a terrifying being on the same level as Spirit Wolf of Destruction. Wolf Emperor Lang Jiu of the Lang Family naturally doesn’t dare to slight the other party in the slightest.

Star Demongod uttered icily, a  glimmer of frigid killing intent in her eyes, “Lang Jiu, have the Lang Family submit to me and serve me as its master! Otherwise, the Lang Family will seize to exist today!”

Lang Jiu’s eyes flashed with shock, and he raised his voice and said, “Mighty Star Demongod! According to the ancient Demongod treaty,, the Realm of Mortals belongs to mortals, while the Realm of Demongods belongs to Demongods. Demongods must not interfere in the matters of the Realm of Mortals in person. Are you going to break the ancient Demongod treaty?”

“Ant! What qualifications do you have to question me?”

There was a cold flash in her beautiful eyes, and Star Demongod pointed at Spirit Wolf City with her hand.

Along with flashes of starlight, drawn by mysterious star force, a meteor suspended outside the Realm of Mortals fell from the sky and shot towards Spirit Wolf City with tremendous destructive power.

Lang Jiu’s eyes widened from anger, and he roared wildly, “No! Stop!”

A terrifying wolf claw full of ferocious, violent aura extended from Spirit Wolf City, tore the sky, and shot towards the meteor.


Along with an earth-shaking blare, the meteor dropping from the sky and the terrible wolf claw collapsed.

A Demongod artifact in the form of wolf claw immediately broke into countless pieces.

In a secret room dedicated to the Demongod artifact, a dozen plus Lang Family’s Demongod Apostles trembled and exploded into countless pieces.

By just blocking a strike from Star Demongod, one-third of Lang Family’s top powerhouses have died and a top Demongod artifact was broken. This is the terror of a Greater Demongod, of a fearsome being practically invincible in the Realm of Mortals.

“My lord, please descend!”

Lang Jiu looked at Star Demongod with resentment, and then broke out with countless abstruse runes that mysteriously connected to the Realm of Demongods.

A powerful force descended on Lang Jiu. Countless Demongod patterns surged, and he trembled and changed into a 100-meter-tall avatar of Spirit Wolf of Destruction emanating the aura of destruction.

“Star Demongod, you have attacked my Demongod Apostles and violated the ancient Demongod treaty. You’re screwed! I am going to join forces with other Demongods to kill you!”

Spirit Wolf of Destruction scanned the area with his eyes and revealed a smile of delight.

Once a Demongod violates the Demongod treaty, they will be jointly attacked by many Demongods. Even if it’s Star Demongod, who has many allies and friends, no one will step in to help her.

From ancient times till now, the Demongods who have violated the Demongod treaty have all been killed without exception.

For Spirit Wolf of Destruction, even if the Lang Family is wiped out, then so be it. If he can consume Star Demongod, even if it’s just a part of her, he’ll be able to become more powerful. He’s been stifled for many tens of thousands of years and hasn’t tasted Great Demongod flesh for a long time.

Star Demongod smiled lightly and said in reply, “You want to kill me? It’s a shame, but you won’t get the chance!”

Seeing that Star Demongod was so confident, Spirit Wolf of Destruction suddenly had an indistinct premonition.

Along with a string of afterimages, Yang Feng flew out from the shadows below, appeared behind Spirit Wolf of Destruction in an instant, and stabbed his avatar with a hand.

“I got you!”

Yang Feng launched the law of karma in an instant. Thanks to the avatar, he sent his hand to the Realm of Demongods and reached Spirit Wolf of Destruction’s true body.

The Realm of Demongods, a country full of the aura of destruction, in the central shrine, there sat a 10,000-meter-tall Spirit Wolf of Destruction, emanating the aura of destruction.

A large hand appeared on Spirit Wolf of Destruction’s chest, and fearsome devour force gushed out from the large hand and devoured his Demongod origin force.

“What a strange Demongod! However, since you want to kill me, then die!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Spirit Wolf of Destruction erupted with Demongod patterns from his eyes, and the eyes turned into Eyes of Destruction.

Two rays of destruction ejected out from the Eyes of Destruction and slammed into Yang Feng’s large hand.

The rays of destruction are the most powerful trump card of Spirit Wolf of Destruction. In the past, he seriously injured many Greater Demongods with this move, and then tore them to pieces.

Due to the rays of destruction, Yang Feng’s large hand collapsed bit by bit.

“This is destruction force! That’s one of the most powerful Greater Demongods of the Realm of Demongods for you! Unfortunately, you are still a little lacking!”

There was a flash of surprise in Yang Feng’s eyes. All of a sudden, he broke out with Demongod Emperor force and, thanks to a mysterious law, channeled it into the large hand.

“Demongod Emperor! This is Demongod Emperor force! Curses! How could this happen? How could this happen!”

There was a flash of fear and despair in Spirit Wolf of Destruction’s eyes. His body became shriveled, and then turned into dust that drifted away with a gust of wind.

“My lord! How could this happen? My lord has fallen! Impossible! Impossible!”

Lang Jiu’s expression changed greatly, and he shouted hoarsely, a look of despair and panic in his eyes.

Right in front of Lang Jiu’s eyes, the avatar of Spirit Wolf of Destruction turned into dust.

In Man Ling Empire, idols of Spirit Wolf of Destruction cracked, and the Demongod force inside them dissipated slowly.

Star Demongod’s eyes flickered with the shade of shock, “So strong! He’s getting stronger and stronger! He even dealt with Spirit Wolf of Destruction easily. He should be only half a step away from the Demongod Emperor realm.”

Spirit Wolf of Destruction was one of the most powerful Demongods of the Realm of Demongods. Yet Yang Feng killed him from across an endless distance. His means are simply incredible. Even Demongod Emperors of this universe don’t have such incredible means.

After all, Yang Feng is an Eternal Sovereign in essence. Even though Demongod Emperors of this universe are stronger than him at the moment. But his understanding and application of power is higher by a level. 

Yang Feng uttered flatly, “I’ll leave the rest to you!”

Star Demongod replied respectfully: “Yes! Lord!”

Since Spirit Wolf of Destruction has been eliminated, it is of slight effort for Star Demongod to quell Man Ling Empire.

Ripples surged, and Yang Feng disappeared from this place.

The Central Province’s Ling Huan City is the imperial capital of Da Ling Empire as well as it’s brain and heart.

This is the place where the royal family of Da Ling Empire, the Ling Family, resides. The Ling Family has worshiped the Greater Demongod Warsword Demongod for generations.

Sword Emperor Ling Sheng is the Strongest powerhouse of Da Ling Empire as well as a former emperor of the empire. The current emperor of Da Ling Empire is Ling Sheng’s grandson, Ling Guang.

Three warships appeared in the horizon and flew over. A man radiating sunlight is standing on the first warship. That man is Sun Demongod.

“I, Ling Sheng, greet the mighty Sun Demongod. Mighty Sun Demongod, what can we do for you?”

Along with a flash of light, a dignified and handsome middle-aged man dressed in a green martial attire, with a sword at the waist, treading on air, arrived in front of Sun Demongod, bowed in salute, and spoke respectfully.

Even though Sword Emperor Ling Sheng is the strongest powerhouse of the Ream of Mortals. But in front of a Greater Demongod, he must remain humble. It doesn’t matter how many mortal powerhouses he has defeated. A Greater Demongod can squash him to death with a finger.

Sun Demongod said indifferently: “Ling Sheng, from today on, the Ling Family shall submit to me. If you refuse, there is no need for the Ling Family to exist.”

“Mighty Sun Demongod, please wait a moment!”

Ling Sheng saluted Sun Demongod, a flash of astonishment in his eyes. All of a sudden, a mysterious Demongod pattern appeared on his forehead and entered the firmament.

Vast Demongod force welled up, and a 10-meter-tall powerhouse with three swords on the back, full of dignity, exuding Greater Demongod fluctuations of power appeared in the void. The powerhouse is Warsword Demongod.

“Sun Demongod, by messing with my Apostle, you broke the ancient Demongod treaty. Do you want to die?”

Warsword Demongod looked at Sun Demongod with killing intent in his eyes and asked icily.

Warsword Demongod is one of the most powerful Demongods in the Realm of Demongods, even stronger than Spirit Wolf of Destruction. Even if Sun, Moonlight, and Star Demongods join forces, they may not be a match for him.

Sun Demongod responded with a light smile, a look of pity in his eyes, “Warsword Demongod, you are the one who is going to die this time!”

Along with a string of afterimages, Yang Feng appeared behind Warsword Demongod’s projection, stabbed his hand into the other party, launched the law of karma, and, thanks to a mysterious law, stabbed Warsword Demongod’s true body, and terrifying Demongod Emperor force broke out and frenziedly devoured the other party’s Demongod origin force.


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