Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1410: Demongod Emperor Manba

Chapter 1410: Demongod Emperor Manba

The Realm of Demongods, in a palace.

An arm appeared on Warsword Demongod’s true body, and terrifying Demongod force broke out and formed a devour black hole that frenziedly devoured Warsword Demongod’s Demongod origin.

Warsword Demongod’s eyes flickered with horror: “Demongod Emperor force! Curses! It’s actually Demongod Emperor force! This is not Manba’s Demongod Emperor force. Has a new Demongod Emperor been born? How is this possible? How come there was no vision in the Realm of Demongods?”

Demongod Emperors are the most terrifying beings in this universe. Once they are born, visions will appear all over the universe. These visions cannot be concealed.

“Even if it is a Demongod Emperor, but to try killing me from such a long distance, he’s underestimate me! Sever!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Warsword Demongod beckoned with his hand, and countless rays of light converged from all directions and formed a black sword that slashed at Yang Feng’s arm.

A terrifying black sword ray slammed into Yang Feng’s right arm and cut it in two, and the arm turned into specks of light and disappeared.

After severing Yang Feng’s arm with one strike, Warsword Demongod turned pale in the face, panted heavily, and trembled uncontrollably.

Even though Warsword Demongod blocked Yang Feng’s attack, but part of his Demongod origin was devoured by Yang Feng nonetheless. It will take at least tens of thousands of years for him to recover.

The Realm of Mortals.

“As expected of Warsword Demongod, the strongest Greater Demongod of the Realm of Demongods. He was actually able to block my attack. That’s amazing!”

Yang Feng retracted his right hand, looked at the healing wound, and praised.

Yang Feng glanced at Sun Demongod and said indifferently, “I’ll leave this place to you! I’m going to slay him!”

Sun Demongod responded respectfully: “Yes! Lord!”

Ling Sheng was dumbfounded, unable to believe his eyes: “That’s Ye Cheng! Ye Cheng of Xinning City. How come a Greater Demongod like Sun Demongod is calling him lord?”

Greater Demongods are powerhouses at the summit of the universe. In the Realm of Mortals, basically no person can resist such a terrifying being. Yet such a being called Yang Feng master. This is simply unbelievable.

Yang Feng didn’t pay any attention to Ling Sheng, who is the strongest expert of the Realm of Mortals, and just disappeared with a stream of light.

Sun Demongod uttered coldly, a ferocious gleam in his eyes, “Ling Sheng, the Demongod the Ling Family serves is about to be killed by my lord! Will you surrender or die?!”

The Realm of Demongods.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in the Realm of Demongods.

“So this is the Realm of Demongods! It is indeed a holy land of cultivation! Although it is a holy land for Demongods! But at the same time, it is a danger zone for mortals!”

When Yang Feng scanned the surroundings with soul force, he clearly perceived that there powerful Demongod force has pervaded the Realm of Demongods.

For ordinary Demongods, this Demongod force is a great tonic. But it is highly toxic for mortals. Only extraordinary beings at the Demongod Attendant realm or above can survive in this environment rich in Demongod force.

“Greetings, lord!”

A moonlight chariot descended from the sky and arrived in front of Yang Feng. Moonlight Demongod alighted the moonlight chariot, stopped in front of Yang Feng, and bowed to him respectfully.

Yang Feng boarded the moonlight chariot and said, “Take me to Warsword Demongod’s Demongod country!”

Moonlight Demongod replied, “Yes! Lord!”

Along with flashes of moonlight, the moonlight chariot turned into a moon and flew towards Warsword Demongod’s Demongod country.

“That’s Moonlight Demongod’s moonlight chariot! What’s going on?”

“Once the moonlight chariot is out, there must be war! Who is Moonlight Demongod going to wage war against?”


The moonlight chariot barged about unrestrainedly, with no one daring to stop it. If a Greater Demongod starts a war, only another Greater Demongod can contend against them.

“Moonlight Demongod, this is the country of Warsword Demongod! Please leave!”

In the middle of a huge mountain, a 50-meter-tall giant with a huge sword on the back looked at the moonlight chariot and spoke in a neutral tone.

Warsword Demongod is one of the top Greater Demongods in the Realm of Demongods. Even if they work together, Sun, Moonlight, and Star Demongod might not be a match for him.

Although the giant is only an Intermediate Demongod, but he was not afraid of Moonlight Demongod. Unlike ordinary Intermediate Demongods, he didn’t humble himself in front of this Greater Demongod.

“The country of Warsword Demongod? From today on, there will be no Warsword Demongod!”

Moonlight Demongod smiled coldly and pointed with his hand, and moonlight ejected from the moonlight chariot and slammed into the 50-meter-tall giant.

With a shimmer of horror in his eyes, the giant split apart bit by bit and turned into dust.

“Enemy attack!”


Bursts of loud alarms sounded in the Demongod country of Warsword Demongod. One after another, Demongods and Demongod beasts poured out from all over and flew this way.

A mountain peak split open, and a 1,000-meter-tall rock giant with a giant axe in hand emerged. The water of a sea churned, and a 10,000-meter-long Demongod sea dragon with a pair of wings on the back emerged. A bear walked out of a forest. Every time the bear took a step, it grew by 100 meters. It only stopped growing when it’s height reached 1,000 meters.

The three Demongod beasts each emanate Greater Demongod realm fluctuations of power. They are terrifying beings that Warsword Demongod spent countless resources and energy to tame. The are one of the trump cards of Warsword Demongod’s Demongod country.

“I’ll leave the small fries to you!”

Yang Feng glanced at the many Demongods and uttered indifferently.

Although the Demongods are many in number, but they are mostly Intermediate and Lesser Demongods. There are only three Greater Demongod realm Demongod beasts who can pose a threat to Moonlight Demongod.

Moonlight Demongod glanced at the three Greater Demongod realm Demongod beasts and said in reply, “Yes! Lord!”

With a faint smile, Yang Feng took a step forward, surged with Demongod patterns, and unleashed three devour black holes sweeping towards the rock giant, the Demongod sea dragon, and the forest bear.

In an instant, the three Greater Demongod realm Demongod beasts were swallowed by the devour black holes and struggled inside.

Upon seeing this scene, Moonlight Demongod’s heart was filled with shock: “So strong! This power is already comparable to Demongod Emperor realm power! Ye Cheng, how did he become so strong?”

Greater Demongods are fearsome beings comparable to Great Holies and quasi-Empyreans of the world of Warlocks. Even if it is a newly promoted Greater Demongod, they are a powerhouse comparable to pinnacle Holy Spirit Warlocks in terms of combat power.

The rock giant and the other two Demongod beasts are infinitely close to the quasi-Empyrean realm, yet they were easily swallowed by Yang Feng’s devour black holes. This is absolutely shocking.

The three Greater Demongod beasts struggled for a while inside the devour black holes before their Demongod origin was completely devoured and they turned into dust.

Yang Feng took a step, distorted, and, as if he had crossed into a different space-time, disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

Moonlight Demongod released a sigh full of complicated emotions, and then operated endless moonlight and attacked the Demongod subordinated to Warsword Demongod.

Warsword Shrine.

Along with a flash of ripples, Yang Feng appeared in the shrine, looked at Warsword Demongod sitting on a throne, and uttered with a slight smile, “I’m surprised that you didn’t escape!”

“Even if I wanted to escape, I wouldn’t be able to escape from you!”

Warsword Demongod sighed, a ray of light appeared on his abdomen, followed by a mysterious brand.

At the moment when Yang Feng’s right hand was severed, he left a brand on Warsword Demongod’s body. No matter where Warsword Demongod runs to, he won’t be able to escape Yang Feng.

Yang Feng said, “Submit to me or die! Choose one!”

Warsword Demongod smiled coldly, held up a golden idol, and said in reply, “I have a lord! My lord is his majesty Demongod Emperor Manba! If you want me to submit, you have to talk to his majesty first!”

Mysterious Demongod patterns surged, and vast, terrifying Demongod Emperor realm aura emerged from the void and descended on the golden idol.

The golden idol twisted slightly, expanded strangely, and turned into a 100-meter-tall man with a rugged face and tyrannical aura.   

“Greetings, your majesty Demongod Emperor!”

Warsword Demongod knelt on the ground and said respectfully.

“Ye Cheng, kneel!”

Manba glanced at Yang Feng coldly and barked.

Vast Demongod Emperor realm might surged towards Yang Feng. If any other Greater Demongod was subjected to the Demongod Emperor might, they would be weakened by more than 30%.

Yang Feng smiled scornfully and said in reply, “You aren’t qualified to make me kneel!”

“Then go to hell! I will leave your head, refine it into a wine cup, and add it to my collection!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Manba broke out with countless Demongod patterns, and a giant battleaxe formed from Demongod Emperor force appeared.

When the giant battle axe appeared, the void began to distort and collapse.

The battleaxe trembled and turned into a terrifying axe ray that slashed towards Yang Feng.

With a dignified flash in his eyes, Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and a devour black hole appeared and surged towards the giant battleaxe.

When the giant battleaxe was drawn into the devour black hole, it sliced the devour black hole apart, and then slammed into Yang Feng’s body protection barriers.

The body protection barriers collapsed one after another. With a flash of a thin line, Yang Feng’s right arm was cut off by the fearsome battleaxe.


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