Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1467: Eternal King Grade Treasure

Chapter 1467: Eternal King Grade Treasure

Yanshen Divine Son was the strongest peerless genius of the younger generation in the yanshen clan. He was proficient in numerous powerful secret methods and possessed 7th layer Eternal realm cultivation base.

Apart from the Eternal tycoon, only a few 8th layer Eternal realm old monsters in the yanshen clan could defeat Yanshen Divine Son.

Yanshen Divine Son was a peerless genius of the yanshen clan most hopeful to advance to the 9th layer Eternal realm and become an Eternal tycoon. Yet now he has died. This is equivalent to severing half of the future of the yanshen clan.

“Damn it! Who was it? Who killed Yan’er! Yang Feng! It was him! I want him to die! I want him to have a miserable death! I want everyone related to him to die!”

A terrifying voice transmitted in the headquarters of the yanshen clan.

As if the end of the wold has come, violent flames surged in the headquarters of the yanshen clan.

At the headquarters of the yanshen clan, yanshen clan powerhouses knelt on the ground and trembled.

“Pass down my order! Send people to Yan Jue Firmament to destroy the domains of the Eternal Sovereigns under Yang Feng!”

A cruel voice sounded in the headquarters of the yanshen clan.

“Yes! Ancestor!”

Voices full of respect rose, and yanshen clan powerhouses flew out one after another and flew towards Yan Jue Firmament.

Even if it’s the yanshen clan, they wouldn’t easily destroy domains of lesser firmaments. However, the death of Yanshen Divine Son is equivalent to the future of the yanshen clan being severed. This naturally infuriated the Eternal tycoon.

It should be mentioned that it took 5 million years and countless resources to cultivate Yanshen Divine Son to this point. In the entire yanshen clan, only he had hopes of advancing and becoming an Eternal tycoon.

With Yanshen Divine Son dead, in the next hundreds of thousands of years, no one in the yanshen clan will be able to become an Eternal tycoon.

In the treasury of Du Luo King.

“If I devour and refine the body of the Eternal Sovereign King, I’ll surely be able to advance to a 7th layer Eternal realm. I may even be able to advance to the 9th layer Eternal realm. It’s a shame, but it’s impossible for me to dispel the sealing force on it!”

Yang Feng ascended the altar and looked at the corpse of Du Luo King sitting on the throne, and his eyes glimmered.

The corpse of Du Luo King contains the power of Bei Da King. If Yang Feng devours the corpse, he will have to contend against the power of Bei Da King.

At this time, Yang Feng only has 5th layer Eternal realm cultivation base. The gap between him and Bei Da King is as great as the gap between a dragon and an ant. It is impossible for him to resist the power of Bei Da King.

“However, with the disc in Du Luo King’s hand, when I kill other Eternal Sovereigns, they will die for good! I will gain some characteristics of an Eternal Sovereign King!”

Yang Feng took a deep look at the disc, a scorching shade in his eyes. He bowed to Du Luo King, and then extended his hand and grasped the disc.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“Swear to kill Bei Da King and An Hou King and you will obtain me! I and all the other treasures in the treasury will belong to you!!”


As soon as the disc entered Yang Feng’s hand, endless murderous intent transmitted and surged inside Yang Feng.


Yang Feng’s countenance changed drastically, and he unleashed a fierce roar.

Ling spread the fingers of her hand, and countless mechanical threads flew out, wound around the disc, and pulled it away from Yang Feng’s hand.

The crazy and terrifying will was immediately cut off. However, it began to pervade Ling’s body.

Yang Feng broke out with countless devour runes that directly devoured and refined the violent murderous intent.

At the same time, countless mysterious runes appeared inside Ling’s body and dispelled the resentment and murderous intent left by Du Luo King on the disc.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed, and he said: “Ying, Xingji, go help Ling crack it!”

“Yes, lord!”

Mechanical strands extended from Ying and Xingji and entered Ling’s body, and the three Kings of Rulers resonated with each other and began to crack the restrictions.

A series of restrictions were cracked directly, and countless precious bodies of knowledge were extracted and merged into Ling’s database.

Yang Feng’s eyes glimmered with excitement: “It’s an Eternal King grade treasure. It’s not something that I would be able to crack. However, it’s a broken treasure! And many years have passed since it was broken!”

Originally, Yang Feng should only be able to obtain the precious bodies of knowledge sealed inside the disc after swearing to avenge Du Luo King.

However, Ling directly broke the restrictions and absorbed the bodies of knowledge inside. At the same time, she refined the disc bit by bit and integrated it into her body.

Once Ling completely integrates the disc into her body, she will have some characteristics of a Eternal King grade treasure and become extremely fearsome.

The disc hasn’t been nourished for more than 1 million years. Even though it is an Eternal King grade treasure, it has lost most of its spirit. In the face of the joint refining of the three Kings of Rulers, the disc disappeared inch by inch and merged into Ling’s body.

Yang Feng channeled a massive amount of Eternal force into Ling. At the same time he used a large number of Eternal Origin Stones, extracted their Eternal origin force, and poured it into Ling.

Ten days later, Ling opened her eyes. Countless strings of information poured into Yang Feng’s mind.

“It can break a universe’s universe crystal wall, deceive its universe will, and let an Eternal Sovereign sneak into said universe. As expected of a treasure of an Eternal Sovereign King, it possesses incredible power!”

Yang Feng’s eyes lit up and flashed with excitement when he saw the countless strings of information.

If an Eternal Sovereign enters a universe that isn’t under the control of another Eternal Sovereign, he can use various methods to infiltrate the universe and hide. However, if an Eternal Sovereign tries to enter a universe that is under the control of another Eternal Sovereign, it will be equivalent to digging a hole for himself. Once he enters the universe, he will be quelled directly.

But this treasure can break a universe’s the universe crystal wall and deceive its universe will, allowing an Eternal Sovereign to quietly arrive at said universe. This treasure’s power is simply incredible.

It was thanks to the power of this treasure that Du Luo King was able to advance step by step and become an Eternal Sovereign King.

After the disc was refined, Yang Feng searched the treasury of Du Luo King and found a lot of precious resources. But he didn’t find another Eternal King grade treasure.

A few days later, Yang Feng left the treasury of Du Luo King.

In front of the firmament crystal wall separating Boda Sacred Firmament and a greater firmament.

Ripples surged, and Yang Feng appeared in the void.


Yang Feng glanced at the firmament crystal wall and spoke flatly.

Ling walked out of the void, and a tiny white jade disc emerged from her forehead and radiated white light that illuminated the firmament crystal wall.

The firmament crystal wall split open, revealing an unobstructed channel.

Shrouded in white light, Yang Feng stepped into the channel together with and entered the firmament crystal wall.

The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth rose into a smile: “With this Eternal King grade treasure, I can freely cross firmament crystal walls that I couldn’t cross in the past. From now on, except for universes occupied by Eternal Sovereign Kings, there is no universe that can stop me.”

In the universe sea, in front of a universe membrane.

Ripples surged, and Yang Feng appeared outside the universe membrane.


At Yang Feng’s order, Ling came out of the void and appeared behind him.

Ling opened her eyes, surged with mysterious white light in her eyes, and investigated the universe membrane.

Ling spoke: “There are no Eternal Sovereign King realm fluctuations of power! There is a 99% probability that this is not the main universe of an Eternal Sovereign King!”

In general, every Eternal Sovereign King has a main universe. In his main universe, an Eternal Sovereign King is an invincible being. Even if two Eternal Sovereign Kings join forces, they can’t defeat an Eternal Sovereign King in his main universe.

Of course, if three or four Eternal Sovereign Kings join forces, it is still possible to kill an Eternal Sovereign King in his main universe.

Back in the day, Du Luo King was lured out of his main universe, only then was killed by Bei Da King and An Hou King.

The world of Warlocks is engraved with Yang Feng’s Eternal imprint and thus is Yang Feng’s main universe.

Yang Feng uttered indifferently: “Let’s start!”

Countless mysterious runes appeared in Ling’s eyes, and the white jade disc emerged from her forehead and radiated white light that merged into the universe membrane.

Illuminated by the white light, the universe membrane can that resist 9th layer Eternal realm powerhouses was easily decomposed, revealing a deep channel.

“There are Eternal realm fluctuations of power in this world! According to the analysis, they should belong to a powerhouse below the 4th layer Eternal realm!”

When the channel appeared, Ling’s eyes glimmered with countless abstruse runes, and she spoke.

Yang Feng frowned and uttered slowly: “There’s an Eternal Sovereign here? It looks like this is going to be a bit tricky!”

If it was a universe without Eternal Sovereigns, it would be simple for an Eternal Sovereign like Yang Feng to conquer it.

However, if it’s a universe with an Eternal Sovereign, even if it’s just a 1st layer Eternal Sovereign, then with the help of the universe will, he can mobilize the power of the universe to quell a 9th layer Eternal Sovereign.


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