Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1468: Infiltration of the World of Stars

Chapter 1468: Infiltration of the World of Stars

“The strength of this universe’s Eternal Sovereign is below the 4th layer Eternal realm. I have Ling’s protection! Even if I’m exposed, I can escape from that Eternal Sovereign! I can give it a try!”

Yang Feng’s thoughts revolved. His eyes flashed with the shade of determination, and he stepped into the channel.

After crossing the channel, Yang Feng appeared in a nearly boundless starry sky full of stars.

In the boundless starry sky, there are hundreds of stars radiating bright starlight, with each star containing fearsome Eternal realm star force.

Surrounded by the countless stars, there is a huge world.

The corners of Yang Feng’s mouth rose into a smile, “There is no rejection and no interference of the universe will. It’s really wonderful! Even the Eternal Sovereign of this universe can’t sense my existence. It’s really wonderful.”

Generally speaking, once an Eternal Sovereign of another universe invades an universe, he will trigger the rejection of the universe will. And he will be perceived by the Eternal Sovereigns of said universe in the first moments.

In the past, although Ling Saisi was far stronger than Yang Feng, yet he was easily quelled by Yang Feng in the World of Demongods because of this.

Yang Feng’s eyes glimmered with the shade of wisdom, “If I challenge that Eternal Sovereign now, I will be digging a hole for myself. I must take root in this universe! Only by cultivating according to the power system of this universe and integrating into this universe, only then can I defeat that Eternal Sovereign.”

With a flash of light, Yang Feng entered that world.

“In order to quickly improve my strength, I must find the most powerful force in this world and use the resources of said force to quickly advance.”

“Found it! It’s you!”

Faint light flashed, and Yang Feng appeared at the edge of a pond in an imperial palace.

At the edge of the pond, there is a young man full of a noble aura. The young man is already at death’s door.

Screams rose in the air as many eunuchs and palace ladies rushed this way.

Yang Feng touched the head of the young man with a finger, and devour force broke out and devoured the young man, including his soul and memories.

In an instant, Yang Feng changed into the young man, lying at the edge of the pond.

“Zhen’er, Zhen’er, don’t scare your mother! Imperial physician, what’s wrong with Zhen’er? If he passes away, you guys will be buried together with him!”

An extremely anxious voice filled with panic and cold murderous intent came from the side.

An imperial physician replied: “Lady, the seventh prince is just in a state of shock and is cold. It’s not a serious illness. As long as he takes a Xingyang Pill, he can recover in lass than a day.”

The lady scolded, “Hurry up and feed Zhen’er the pill!”


The imperial physician took out a pill and inserted it into Yang Feng’s mouth.

Starlight shone, entered Yang Feng’s body, and nourished him.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and saw a very beautiful woman in a palace dress, with long black hair and a slander figure.

Yang Feng has already refined the memories of the seventh prince and knows everything that the seventh prince knows.

This world is called the World of Stars and it has countless stars with fearsome star force suspended in the sky.

Once cultivators of this world reach 16 years of age, they will hold a sacrificial ceremony and offer sacrifices to the stars. During the sacrificial ceremony, the young people will communicate with the stars, awaken their life-bound star, and practice cultivation with the help of the life-bound star’s star force.

The World of Stars is divided into three states, namely the state of Zhao, the state of Chu, and the state of Wei. The three states never cease to fight with each other.

The young man that Yang Feng possessed is seventh prince Li Zhen. The very beautiful woman is Consort Mei, one of the consorts of the emperor of the state of Zhao.

“Zhen’er, you’re alright! It’s great that you’re alright!”

When Consort Mei saw Yang Feng open his eyes, she burst into tears and murmured.

Yang Feng made a few perfunctory remarks — only then did Consort Mei leave.

“The person I chose seems to be involved in a court struggle. Was this the doing of the crown price or the fourth prince?”

After Consort Mei left, Yang Feng recalled the memories of the seventh prince and made some conjectures.

The crown prince is the eldest son of the empress. He awakened the Tiankong Star of the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars as his life-bound star and received the supported of the officials. The fourth prince is the eldest son of the imperial noble consort, Consort Zhen. He awakened the Tianquan Star of the Seven Stars of Beidou. He is more outstanding than the crown prince and is favored by the emperor.

In the World of Stars, the top stars are the Ziwei Star, Wenqu Star, Wuqu Star, Tanlang Star, Pojun Star, and Qisha Star.

Ziwei Star, Wenqu Star, and Wuqu Star are called the Three Tian Stars. Tanlang Star, Pojun Star, and Qisha Star are called the Three Xiong Stars.

Below the Three Xiong Stars and Three Tian Stars are the Seven Stars of Beidou.

Below the Seven Stars of Beidou are the Twenty Eight Xiu Stars.

Below the Twenty Eight Xiu Stars are the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars.

Below the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars are the Seventy Two Disha Stars.

Below the Seventy Two Disha Stars are the first-class stars, second-class stars, third-class stars, and classless stars.

Only powerhouses whose life-bound star is above the level of the Seventy Two Disha Stars can reach the pinnacle of cultivation in this world.

In the state of Zhao, there are more than 50 princes and princesses, but only the crown prince and the fourth prince awakened life-bound stars above the Seventy Two Disha Stars.

The seventh prince was very talented since he was young, and many people believed that he would attain one of the Three Tian Stars as his life-bound star.

The sacrificial ceremony will start in a few days. Only then will the crown prince and the fourth prince begin to attack the seventh prince.

“No matter who you are, once I’ve finished cultivating, I’ll crush you and repay the seventh prince for this identity and memories.”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed coldly, and he operated a secret method of this world and began to absorb star force drifting in space to refine his body.

Yang Feng has already sealed his Eternal force and refined a body using a strand of his true spirit and the eternal god fruit, Avatar Fruit. This body has no cultivation base. As such, Yang Feng has to cultivate anew.

Only by cultivating step-by-step, absorbing the extraordinary force of this world, and refining his body and soul, only then will he be able to obtain the recognition of the universe will and be able to fight against the Eternal Sovereign of this universe in the future.

In the following days, Yang Feng hid himself in a room and practiced cultivation. With his 5th layer Eternal realm insight, he easily altered the basic cultivation methods of this world and attracted countless strands of star force to strengthen his body’s foundation.

A few days later.

Consort Mei came to Yang Feng’s room and said, “Zhen’er, let’s go to the empress and request her to bestow you a Starbringer Ring!”

Yang Feng responded: “Yes, mother!”

In the World of Stars, there are numerous secret treasures that can help draw star force. The Starbringer Ring is a kind of treasure that aristocratic families and the imperial family refine using countless precious resources.

The Starbringer Ring can enhance the cultivator’s affinity with the stars during the sacrificial ceremony. The reason why the aristocratic families and the royal family have countless powerhouses and talents in each generation, far above that of the common people, is because they have a series of secret treasures such as the Starbringer Ring.

“We pay our respects to the empress!”

After crossing a number of winding corridors, Consort Mei brought Yang Feng to the palace of the empress and saluted the empress.

“Stand up!”

Yang Feng looked over and saw a beautiful and elegant woman dressed in gorgeous silk clothing, with an extraordinary temperament, yet a somewhat unkind air about her sitting in the main seat of the palace. This beautiful woman is the empress of the state of Zhao.

The empress of the state of Zhao revealed an apathetic smile, “Younger sister Consort Mei, what brings you here?”

Consort Mei replied: “Empress, Zhen’er has come of age. He is going to participate in the sacrificial ceremony and awaken his life-bound star. Empress, I request that you to bestow him a Starbringer Ring.”

The empress of the state of Zhao raised the corners of her mouth into a cold smile: “I’ve already prepared Zhen’er’s Starbringer Ring. However, Chun’er borrowed Zhen’er’s Starbringer Ring several days ago. Before he borrowed the Starbringer Ring, he said that he would return it to Zhen’er before the sacrificial ceremony.”

Consort Mei’s pretty face turned ashen, and she knelt on the floor and begged: “Empress, the Starbringer Ring is related to Zhen’er’s fate! How could you lend it to someone else? Moreover, if Zhen’er can’t get the Starbringer Ring before the sacrificial ceremony, how will he connect with his fated star! Every prince and princess is given the Starbringer Ring when they come of age! Please have mercy and bestow my Zhen’er a Starbringer Ring!”

With a top Starbringer Ring, a cultivator who could originally have awakened one of the Seventy Two Disha Stars can awaken one of the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars.

A top Starbringer Ring can completely change a person’s fate during the sacrificial ceremony.

The empress of the state of Zhao clearly doesn’t want Liu Zhen to obtain a Starbringer Ring

The beautiful eyes of the empress of the state of Zhao flashed with murderous intent, and she spoke words suffused with coldness. “Consort Mei, do you mean to say that I’m being unfair?”

Consort Mei lowered her head and spoke with an anguished and aggrieved look on her face, “You…”

Yang Feng placed his hand on the back of the head of Consort Mei, and she fainted directly.

“Empress, you are fair! My mother and I admire you very much. We brazenly disturbed you, please forgive us. We’ll take our leave now!”

Yang Feng clapped his hands, and two palace maids came in and carried Consort Mei away.

The empress of the state of Zhao looked at Yang Feng’s back and uttered slowly, “That kid Liu Zhen really isn’t simple!”

A handsome young man walked out and spoke with a smile on his face: “Seventh brother naturally isn’t simple! After all, he was able to escape from a Star Elder realm powerhouse. That’s quite unexpected.”

This handsome young man is Li Xiong, the crown prince of the state of Zhao.

In the World of Stars, cultivators are divided into Star Disciple, Star Warrior (Great Warlock), Star Master (Starry Sky Warlock), Great Star Master (Moonlight Warlock), Star Spirit (Glorious Sun Warlock), Star Elder (Bright World Warlock), Star Venerable (Infinity Warlock), Star Monarch, Star Holy, and Star Emperor.


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