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Chapter 1469: The Wenqu Star Lights up

Chapter 1469: The Wenqu Star Lights up

If cultivators don’t awaken their life-bound star, then no matter how they cultivate, they can only cultivate to the 9th layer Star Disciple realm, that is, the level-3 Warlock realm.

Once they awaken a life-bound star, they can directly advance to the Star Warrior realm. Cultivators who have awakened one of the Seventy Two Disha Stars can directly advance to the 9th layer Star Warrior realm.

Peerless geniuses who have awakened one of the Thirty Six Tiangang Stars or the Seven Stars of Beidou can advance to the Star Master realm at one stroke during the awakening ceremony.

Peerless prodigies who awakened one of the Three Tian Stars or the Three Xiong Stars can soar and directly advance to the Great Star Master realm.

A Star Elder realm powerhouse is equivalent to a Bright World Warlock rank powerhouse. For such a powerhouse, it’s easy to kill an ant who has yet to reach the Great Warlock realm. It’s basically impossible for him to fail.

The empress frowned slightly and said: “The imperial palace has strict security and is guarded by the Celestial Star Array. Even if it’s a Star Elder realm powerhouse, it’s difficult to secretly kill a person. Assassinating in the palace is unwise. After all, once his majesty finds out, it will be difficult for either you or me to bear the consequences. There cannot be a second time.”

In the imperial palace, there are many experts and the rules are strict. If assassins were allowed to run wild, the emperor wouldn’t be able to sleep in peace. Once he finds out that the crown prince brought an assassin in the imperial palace, he will surely discard the crown prince.

If the civil and military officials learn of this, they will definitely be disappointed and won’t support the prince any longer.

The crown prince lowered his head and said, “What mother said is absolutely right. My thinking was flawed.”

The empress asked, “Tell me, how will you deal with this matter?”

The crown prince smiled and answered, “Every prince will be given a top Starbringer Ring upon coming of age. This is a rule set by the founding father of the state of Zhao and cannot be broken. As such, we must give a top Starbringer Ring to seventh brother before the sacrificial ceremony starts. However, if that mutt fails to keep the Starbringer Ring safe and breaks it, it will be a crime worthy of death. By then, he will be beheaded and his head will be used to placate seventh brother.”

The empress smiled with satisfaction and said, “Not bad! I’ll leave it to you!”

After Concubine Mei woke up, she cried and complained repeatedly, allowing Yang Feng to get a lot of information.

In the harem of the state of Zhao, the empress is the most respected individual. Under the empress, there are four imperial noble consorts, followed by noble consorts, consorts, ladies of bright deportment, ladies of handsome fairness, ladies of lovely countenance, beauties, noble ladies, and ladies of talent.

Concubine Mei is only a concubine and is from humble background. She can’t fight with the empress and the imperial noble consort, Consort Zhen.

There are many beautiful women in the harem of the state of Zhao.

The emperor of the state of Zhao favors Consort Mei quite a bit, but he doesn’t favor her alone. Under such circumstances, Consort Mei can’t resist the empress’s decisions.

On the day before the sacrificial ceremony, a top Starbringer Ring was sent to Yang Feng.

“This Starbringer Ring has been tampered with. If this Starbringer Ring was really used in the sacrificial ceremony, I’m afraid it would not only not work, but it would draw you to a third-class star. That’s quite vicious!”

Yang Feng picked up the Starbringer Ring, took a look at it, and smiled coldly, a frigid flash in his eyes.

Yang Feng is a top alchemist. After he advanced to the 5th layer Eternal realm, his alchemy reached an unimaginable level. By taking a look at the Starbringer Ring, he analyzed the principles behind it and realized that there is something fishy.

The princes and princesses of the state of Zhao have much better aptitudes than ordinary people. Generally speaking, after they use a top Starbringer Ring, they can awaken a first-class life-bound star and have the potential to cultivate to the Star Venerable realm.

Once Yang Feng awakens a third-class star as his life-bound star, he’ll be able to cultivate to the Star Spirit realm at most.

A prince who only has the potential to cultivate to the Star Spirit realm is regarded as trash that can’t get any authority nor cultivation resources. He can basically only lead a mediocre life. Even if such a prince is killed, the emperor won’t ask any questions.

The Heavenly Star Hall is located in the west of the imperial palace and is one of the most important palaces of the imperial palace. Every year an awakening ceremony of the imperial clan is held here.

There are tens of thousands of people in the imperial clan of the state of Zhao. Every year there are people awakening in the clan. Of course only when princes come of age, only then will such a grand ceremony be held.

On the main seat in the Heavenly Star Hall, there sits a burly and dignified man in a dragon robe [1]. This man is Li Xingchen, the emperor of the state of Zhao, and he possesses Star Monarch realm cultivation base.

Below the emperor, there is a middle-aged man dressed as a great scholar and a burly man built like a bear.

The middle-aged man dressed as a great scholar is Huangpu Qinghe, the Counsellor-in-chief of the state of Zhao. The burly man build like a bear is Zhou Tianshi, a great general of the state of Zhao.

Huangpu Qinghe and Zhou Tianshi are two most formidable Star Holies of the state of Zhao and protectors of the state.

In the World of Stars, the strongest powerhouses are Star Holies. As for Star Emperor realm powerhouses, there are only mentioned in historical records. They appear for a short moment, and then disappear.

Below the two protectors, there sit consorts of the harem, followed by princes, princesses, and officials.

Next to the empress, there sits an exceedingly fascinating and enchanting woman with black hair and glittering eyes. This beautiful woman is Consort Zhen. She is the woman Li Xingchen favors the most.

There is a dashing prince that stands out from among the other princes. This prince is Li Guanghai, the eldest son of Consort Zhen and the fourth prince of the state of Zhao.

There is a square in the center of the hall. In the center of the square, there is an altar.

Around the square stand dozens of young men and women of 16 years of age.

“Seventh brother, thank you for lending me your Starbringer Ring! I’m sure you will awaken a top life-bound star as compensation!”

A handsome young man with snow-white skin and noble aura came to Yang Feng and smiled coldly, a gleam of derision in his eyes.

This young man is Li Chun, the fourth son of Consort Zhen. He deliberately borrowed Li Zhen’s Starbringer Ring and now he’s deliberately provoking Yang Feng.

If Yang Feng’s avatar Li Zhen gets angry here and is expelled from the awakening ceremony, that’s exactly what Li Chun wants.

Yang Feng glanced at Li Chun and smiled contemptuously, as if he were looking at an ant. Next his gaze fell on the vast starry sky.

“Thirteenth prince, this is a Celestial Star Sacrificial Ceremony. It’s a serious matter. Please conduct yourself with dignity.”

A very beautiful girl with black hair, fair skin, oval face, and picturesque eyebrows came over and admonished coldly.

Li Chun’s eyes flashed with the shade of infatuation, and he replied carefully: “I got it, Tiantian!”

This beautiful girl is Sun Tiantian, and she is a daughter of general Sun Dang. She is a well-known cultivation genius of the younger generation. She is a genius most hopeful to awaken a life-bound star above the level of the Seventy Two Disha Stars. For many people of the imperial clan’s younger generation, she is the woman of their dreams.

“This Li Zhen looks different from before! It seems that he has become more outstanding!”

Sun Tiantian looked at Yang Feng, who emits an ethereal aura, and her beautiful eyes flashed. Next she looked at the altar.

An eunuch uttered, “The sacrificial ceremony has officially begun!”

Four strong men dragged a 100-meter-long star flood dragon with blue scales and a pair of wings to the altar.

Sitting on the main seat, Li Xingchen’s eyes flashed coldly, countless strands of star force wound around him, and he waved his hand.

A star blade emerged abruptly, slashed the head of the star flood dragon, and cut the star flood dragon in two, and blood scattered on the floor.

Mysterious lights emerged and absorbed the blood and soul of the star flood dragon.

A pillar of light ejected out of the altar and rose into the sky.

In an instant, stars appeared in the sky, and starlight sprinkled down and was absorbed by the altar.

On the altar, the Starbringer Rings of dozens of youngsters burst out with dazzling light, absorbed star force coming from the youngsters and condensed it into a stream that flowed into the sky, and they began to connect with the stars.

Yang Feng removed the Starbringer Ring on his finger, threw it on the floor, and crushed it with his foot.

The empress’s eyes narrowed, “He found out!”

Li Xingchen’s eyes constricted and flashed with annoyance.

Huangpu Qinghe and Zhou Tianshi glanced over and remained expressionless, as if they haven’t seen anything.

“He crushed the Starbringer Ring!”

“Sure enough!”

“He was really targeted!”

“The seventh prince is quite clever! It’s a pity that he’s too candid!”


The eyes of the officials flickered with the color of regret.

Starlight emerged from Yang Feng and condensed into a beam that shot into the sky together with a tyrannical aura, as if a great emperor commanding the stars.

A white star with mysterious power emerged directly from the void.

After the white star emerged, all the other stars dimmed and no longer emitted starlight. Only the white star suppressing the world remained.

“The Wenqu Star of the Three Tian Stars!”

“This is the Wenqu Star! The seventh prince connected with the Wenqu Star! This is amazing!”

“The Wenqu Star! One of the Three Tian Stars! No one in the state of Zhao has connected with the Three Tian Stars in the past 100 years! The seventh prince connected with the Wenqu Star! The state of Zhao will surely flourish!”


When the officials saw this scene, their eyes flashed with excitement.

When crown prince Li Xiong saw the Wenqu Star in the sky face, his face distorted, his eyes flashed with jealousy, and he roared in his heart, “The Wenqu Star! How could this be? How could he awaken the Wenqu Star! Why wasn’t it me! Why wasn’t I the one who awakened the Wenqu Star!”

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