Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 17

17 – Steel Golems

Almost none of the attacks had any effect on those mechanical Bladed-troops, only when some Knight ranks would raise enormous stones, would they smash more than ten Bladed-troops.

But those human warriors are also Black City’s final resistance.

After twenty human ladders were raised up, a steady flow of large amounts of Bladed-troops poured in from them.

“Die for me! All of you go to hell! You wretched golems!!” A Great Knight roared in anger, while holding a 2m long great sword and wearing more than 100Kg of heavy armor. He charged towards the Bladed-troops in front of him, brandished that terrifying 2m long great sword to chop at the Bladed-troops, forcibly cutting them in half.

At the Great Knight’s side followed eight Knights forming the symbol of a small arrow. The Great Knight brandished the terrifying great sword – wherever the great sword passed, those mechanical Bladed-troops were chopped in half and blown away.

The Great Knight had the eight Knights by his side in order to assist him and cover his rear, so that he won’t be besieged and therefore may display his strength to his hearts content.

Just that the Great Knight’s outbreak was like the dusk below the setting sun, that is, no matter how desperately he fought, the number of Bladed-troops above the wall still continued to increase.1

Those mechanical Bladed-troops were ignorant of fear, as they expressionlessly brandished their enormous alloy blades and rushed in the middle of the human warriors to raised a storm of flesh and blood.

Carnage ensued above the wall, accompanied by miserable screams of countless Black City’s human warriors.

The humans army was being massacred by the mechanical Bladed-troops, then it crumbled and scattered everywhere.

It didn’t take long before only four Great Knights commanding each a squad of Knights remained above the wall, that still stubbornly resisted

A large number of the mechanical legion’s main force directly advanced towards the Warlock Pagoda. A thousand Bladed-troops separated from the mechanical legion to surround the remaining four squads of Knights.

“Surrender! You still have a way out, acknowledge allegiance to me or die.” A mechanical Bladed-troop employed a frigid and synthetic voice towards the four squads of Knights as it spoke.

Knight ranks are extremely rare in the human world. Only one in a thousand people has a chances of becoming a Knight rank. The four squads of Knights represented Black City’s essence, if they surrender, then in the future, Yang Feng was going to have a much smoother time among humans in Turandot Subcontinent.

“Pei, you monster! Go eat shit!” The burly Great Knight Bennett was holding a great sword, in his eyes flashed a whiff of unruliness and he spat a mouthful of saliva towards that Bladed-troop.

That Bladed-troop coldly order: “Kill everyone in this squad!”

Two hundred mechanical Bladed-troops simultaneously moved from all around, moving their bodies in the exact same way, towards Bennett and his seven subordinates to strike at.

“Follow me!!” Bennett roared, brandished the great sword in his hands and subsequently rushed towards the Bladed-troops.


“Save me!!”

Practically at the same time, bursts of miserable help-seeking cries were heard by Bennett. He turned his head only to see his comrades, that always followed him, struggling against and then cut into countless pieces by that unending flow of Bladed-troops .

Less than five breaths later, all of Bennett’s seven team members were killed by the those Bladed-troops – the seven team members also went all out to destroy five Bladed-troops.

“No! You animals!!” Bennett’s eyes were red as he issued a heart-rendering roar and brandished his great sword to instantly chop at a mechanical Bladed-troop, cutting it across the waist.

12 alloy blades chopped at Bennett from six directions, after loosing his team members’ protection, he was barely to blocked four alloy blades before being cut into countless pieces.

The remaining three Knight squads saw this scene as a chill welled up in their hearts. Bennett was the strongest Great Knight in all of Black City. Such a strong person was easily defeated by the Bladed-troops – even if they stubbornly persisted, then only death would await them.

“I surrender!” A brawny middle-aged man called Jon, with a full face beard, looked at the Knight’s behind him, gave a deep sigh and dropped the great sword in his hand.

Jon’s team members were inwardly somewhat relieved, as they also dropped the great swords in their hands.

After Jon’s surrendered, the remaining two Knight squads’ leaders also chose to surrender.

The enormous mechanical legion continued forward – Black City’s feeble resistance was completely crushed. They quickly killed their way until arriving before the Warlock Pagoda.

“Acid Rain!”

“Dark Rays!”

"Arcane Projectiles!"

Just when the mechanical legion arrived 200m from the Warlock Pagoda, more than a hundred level-0 spells were cast in the midst of the Bladed-troops, destroying several tens of them.

More than a 100 Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks were stationed on the second floor of the Warlock Pagoda. Those 100 Apprentice Warlocks represented Black Cottage’s core strength.

The Warlock Pagoda possesses strengthening properties, so the sum ability of those more than a 100 Apprentice Warlocks’s, within the Warlock Pagoda, was comparable to the sum battle ability of quite a few level-1 Warlocks.

After the several tens of Bladed-troops were destroyed – it didn’t affect a bit the remainder of the enormous mechanical legion, as it still rushed towards the Warlock Pagoda.

At this moment, the Warlock Pagoda’s gate was opened – two Steel Golems 7m tall, holding two 6m long terrifying great swords, came out from within the Warlock Pagoda in large strides.

As these two Steel Golems emerged, a red radiance flashed in their eyes – which were made of rubies – they ruthlessly brandished the great swords in their hands in order to chop at the Bladed-troops.

A Bladed-troop raised the alloy blades in its hands to block in front of it. A Steel Golem heavily chopped with its great sword against the alloy blades of that Bladed-troop, forcibly smashing the Bladed-troop with its alloy blades.

“Great Strength!”


The two Steel Golems firmly defended the Warlock Pagoda’s entrance, while frantically destroying those Bladed-troops. The more than 100 Apprentice Warlocks within the Warlock Pagoda continuously cast some level-0 spells to strengthen the Steel Golems’ battle proves.

Those Steel Golems were battle weapons refined by genuine Warlock-Alchemist’s sweat and blood as well as countless precious materials – not only did they have the battle proves comparable to a Sky Knight’s, but also the ability to withstand different kinds of strengthening spells. They’re extremely formidable.

When the two Steel Golems are mobilized, they are capable of even defeating a thousand strong mortal army.

As the Apprentice Warlocks in the Warlock Pagoda unceasingly attacked those Bladed-troops with different kinds of level-0 spells, the Bladed-troops were unable to besiege the two Steel Golems.

The two Steel Golems had extremely terrifying battle proves, but once a large number of Bladed-troops besiege’s them, they can only wait to be destroyed.

Those Bladed-troops were lacking any morale, no matter how many were destroyed, as long as Yang Feng didn’t ordered to stop, they would continuously chop at their target.

1 – Idiom: 黄昏下的夕阳 the dusk below the setting sun.

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