Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 16

16 – A Mechanical Legion Composed of 30,000 Bladed-Troops

After all 400 battle robots were swallowed by the enormous swamp field, the mysterious power faded away and the ground was back to normal.

“10m! Is this your limit? Bonney, my golem subordinates can easily handle this little bit of trouble!” Yang Feng smiled coldly as he waved his hand – the figures of 100 Bladed-troops appeared in a flash, as they quickly arrived at the place where the 400 Bladed-troops were swallowed, took out enormous shovels, and started thrusting them into the ground, digging the 400 Bladed-troops out of the ground.

After all, Bonney is merely a level-1 Warlock, even with the Warlock Pagoda’s help, the level-1 Swamp Field spell can only make those battle robots think approximately 10m into the ground.

If the opponent were to be a human, being buried 10m underground, would absolutely take their life. But as for the Bladed-troops, by being buried underground, they’re merely incapable of movement and won’t be destroyed.

“Attack!!” An officer above the wall loudly yelled.

Enormous catapults and heavy crossbows appeared above the wall.

7m long heavy bolts and enormous rocks weighing 2t were shot one after another towards the 100 Bladed-troops.

A heavy crossbow shot a Bladed-troop in the chest, directly bursting its upper body into countless pieces.

An enormous rock weighing 1t dropped from the sky directly towards a Bladed-troop, smashing it.

Black City has the backing of the Warlock Group Black Cottage, as well as being more than a hundred times more prosperous than Giant-Stone City. Black City also has more than ten times as many heavy war weapons as Giant-Stone City.

The Bladed-troops were smashed and blasted into pieces, under the attack of the heavy war weapons.

Yang Feng was seeing how his Bladed-troops were wrecked by the heavy war weapons, without any change in his expression. Those level-4 Bladed-troops were of the lowest tech – as long as their remains were retrieved, then with a little bit of energy, they can be smelted and quickly manufactured anew.

No matter how many of the Bladed-troops are destroyed – as long as one wins, the remains can be retrieved and then used to once again manufacture Bladed-troops. It’s equivalent to having an immortal mechanical legion. That’s why Yang Feng can employ his mechanical Bladed-troops without any second thought – regardless of the death count, he still wouldn’t care.


After Black City’s heavy war weapons executed a few volleys of attack and destroyed a large amount of Bladed-troops – Bonney held out his hand and cast the level-1 spell Fireball. A shrub of fireball-like artillery flew from the Warlock Pagoda towards the remaining Bladed-troops, smashing them one by one.

Seeing as the Bladed-troops were blown apart, the warriors above the Black City’s wall cheering in waves, raising the morale.1

“Truly powerful! Warlocks that possess Warlock Pagodas have access to unlimited firepower, jut like a human-shaped cannons! In addition, it’s like a multi-function human-shaped cannon. It seems that I have to get a bit more serious!”

Yang Feng looked as the Bladed-troops were smashed one by one, he slightly smiled and clapped his hands.

Bladed-troops slowly came out from within the thicket behind Yang Feng.

10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 30,000, a whole 30,000 Bladed-troops appeared from behind Yang Feng – forming a dense mechanical legion, who’s bounds were basically impossible to see.

Above Black City’s wall, the human warriors’ complexions changed in the wake of the continuous appearance of the mechanical Bladed-troops. When they saw the 30,000 Bladed-troops splitting into three legions, their complexions paled as despair flashed in their eyes.

A human Officer with a pale complexion said in a somewhat trembling voice: “How is it possible? How could there be so many golems?”

Another human Officer with a pale complexion mumbled: “Impossible! Knight rank golems cost more than 3,000 Gold Coins a unit! That’s 90,000,000 Gold Coins worth of golems! How could a mere Apprentice Warlock possess so many golems? Could it be that we’re facing a Warlock-Alchemist of the Grate Warlock rank?”

The airborne Bonney saw the 30,000 Bladed-troops, his eyeballs almost falling out, as he lost his bearings and screeched: “No! How could you possess so many golems?”

Several hundreds of Knight rank golems, Bonney can easily cope with the help of his Warlock Pagoda – but against 30,000 of those golems, Bonney doesn’t have the slightest assurance of victory.

30,000 Bladed-troops forming three huge square-shaped formations with 10,000 each – uniform and orderly, with exactly the same spacing, as if part of a whole. The mechanical legions are silent and ice-cold, comparable to the most elite human warriors and completely obedient and orderly. They’re just standing there, giving people a kind of enormous sense of oppression.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Attack!”

The three mechanical legions separated and rushed from different directions towards Black City.

“Swamp Field!”

Bonney’s complexion suddenly had a great change as he cast the spell to change the terrain.

From the Warlock Pagoda erupted a powerful fluctuation in front of Black City, forming an enormous swamp.

Bladed-troops jumped directly into the swamp, then they lifted their hands, while slowly sinking, formed something akin to a platform.

The Bladed-troops in the rear then stepped on the Bladed-troops in front of them, that had formed a platform, and charged forward.

Bonney had cast the level-1 spell Swamp Field in an exceedingly wast range, but after all, he’s merely a level-1 Warlock. Although the Swamp Fields’ range is wast, but the depth is relatively low, merely at 10m. As long as five Bladed-troops step on each other in the swamp, then they can form a platform.

Those Bladed-troops have a strong processing ability, they step in a precise way on each other to form the platform, quickly jumping over the matchless and enormous Swamp Field and darted towards below the wall.

As those Bladed-troops arrived beneath the wall, they quickly arranged themselves in a human ladder.

The warriors above the wall continuously poured fervent hot water and boiling oil on those Bladed-troops, yet without any effect.

Barrels of lamp oil were also poured down, a torch fell onto the lamp oil, resulting in an enormous sea of fire that enveloped the Bladed-troops.

Within the burning sea of fire, those Bladed-troops were still unmoved. Unless the flame’s temperature reaches the point where they would melt, else they will stay unfased like steel beams.

1 – Idiom: 四分五裂 – all split up and in pieces

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