Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 19

19 – Black Cottage’s Fall

Yang Feng stepped out from the side to look at Bonney as he praised: “So formidable, not even dead yet! A fiend body’s vitality is indeed formidable!”

Currently, Bonney was covered in wounds, eyes closed shut, bleeding profusely, but the chest was still slowly moving up and down, clearly he wan’t dead yet. And some of the small wounds on his body already begun to heal.

Unlike humans, the fiends are monsters with a formidable vitality. Their bodies are matchlessly formidable, as their rate of recovery is also extremely frightful. Some Great Fiends of noble lineage, even if only a heart remains, can slowly recover and grow a new body.

“Currently, I’m incapable of subduing a level-1 Warlock! Take care of him, but keep his head!”

Under Yang Feng’s command, a Bladed-troop came forward to behead Bonney.

With head and body separated – the Black Cottage’s Master, Bonney, this extremely formidable level-1 Warlock, fall like this by Yang Feng’s hand.

Yang Feng looked at the Warlock Bonney’s fiend corpse with some fear in his heart: “Warlock’s methods are indeed crafty and formidable! If my body was to be hear, then I’d be the first one to die. My body is still too fragile.”

Given that the mechanical legion under Yang Feng’s control is extremely formidable, even an Official level-1 Warlock can be killed. Yang Feng’s body is the only weakness of the mechanical legion. Once Yang Feng’s body dies, then the entire mechanical legion would directly collapse.

It is because of this that Yang Feng didn’t dare appear in person on the battlefield. Fortunately, he was cautious enough, otherwise, he’d already be dead.

“Bonney is already dead, will you also recklessly resist until the bitter end?” A Bladed-troop raised Bonney’s severed head towards the Apprentice Warlocks within the Warlock Pagoda and shouted.



The Apprentice Warlocks’ complexions within the Warlock Pagoda suddenly had fierce changes and their morale collapsed.

A male Apprentice Warlock waved his hand, releasing an enormous white swan, he jumped on the swan’s back, and rode the enormous swan into the sky.

Yang Feng took a glimpse at the enormous swan, but didn’t command the Gunned-troops, that were lying in ambush in the surroundings, to shoot at the enormous swan.

Within Black Cottage, only the level-1 Warlock Bonney was worthy of Yang Feng’s attention. He basically doesn’t care about the remaining Apprentice Warlocks, if they want to flee, then so be it.

Apprentice Warlocks, in order to fly at their rank, need to summon extremely rare creatures – only one Apprentice Warlock owns this kind of creature within the entire Warlock Pagoda.

After the remaining Warlocks saw Bonney’s severed head, their morale collapsed and the majority have chosen to surrender. Merely a hand-full of Apprentice Warlocks resisted – they were the directly cut into pieces by the mechanical Bladed-troops.

The Warlock Pagoda’s fall represented the whole of Black City falling into Yang Feng’s hands. Yang Feng immediately dispatched his mechanical legion to preserve the order around Black City, killing all the thugs that were looting and pillaging.1

After beheading 200 thugs, the whole Black City regained its order and reluctantly accepted Yang Feng’s control.

After Black City fell into his hands, Yang Feng transferred large amounts of engineering robots towards it, to begin the constructing works. He wanted to forge Black City into a steel stronghold.

Black City is located in the middle of Fernandro Principality, as long as one controls Black City, then one can easily control the Four Great Cities: Giant-Stone City, Tree-Mountain City, Green-Hill City and Sea-Salt City.

If Black City is forged into a steel stronghold by Yang Feng before Fernandro Principality goes on the offense, then even if they paid an enormous price, they still might fail in their conquest.2

O top of Black Cottage’s Warlock Pagoda.

Yang Feng indifferently said: “Begin!”

“Yes! Owner!” Countless fine mechanical tentacles extended from a faceless Liquid-Metal Robot’s body and pierced Bonney’s head.

Shortly after, the Liquid-Metal Robot’s body continuously twisted and little by little transformed into Bonney’s likeness.

Full three hours later, someone with exactly the same likeness as Bonney’s appeared in front of Yang Feng.

Then the transformed Liquid-Metal Robot spoke: “Owner, I have already read all of the memories regarding Warlocks from Bonney’s mind, additionally, I’ve already uploaded them into Nr.3796’s database.”

Yang Feng’s eyes slightly brightened as he spoke with some expectation: “Can you cast spells?”.

Warlocks not only have a tyrannical fleshly body, but also have mastered some powerful spells. An Official level-1 Warlock can even contend against a mortal army.

The Liquid-Metal Robot mechanically replied: <I can’t! I know all of Bonney’s spells. But, in the theory of casting spells, one has to construct a model of the spell in the human mind and then has to pour spirit force into it, transforming the spell model into a formidable spell. I can construct the spell model in the microchip, but i don’t have any spirit force, which is a special biological energy that only those biological creatures that have spirit are born with. That’s why I’m unable to cast spells.>

“Unable to cast spells!” Yang Feng sighed as he was somewhat disappointed.

Some spells cast by Warlocks are very strange and only can be resisted by Warlocks’ methods. Yang Feng has the incomparably formidable mechanical legion under his control, but a strange level-1 curse may snatch his life. He wishes very badly to have a level-1 Warlock to act as his bodyguard, only then will he have some assurance in his safety.

Yang Feng asked: “Within this Warlock Pagoda, how many magic traps did Bonney set?”

Warlocks like to decorate their Warlock Pagodas with magic traps, if one enters the Warlock Pagoda without receiving their acknowledgement, one will trigger magic traps and might be on their journey to death.

<There are twenty three magic traps that might kill a level-1 Warlock, and two hundred and fifteen that might kill an Apprentice Warlock. Those magic traps, as long as Owner sends Bladed-troops to trigger them, the You can break them.>

Yang Feng heavily said: “I want to cultivate into a Warlock! Help me test my spirit aptitude!”

In Turandot Subcontinent, theoretically everyone can cultivate into a Warlock. However, spirit aptitude for cultivation is divided into 9 levels.

Level-1 spirit aptitude is the lowest mortal spirit aptitude. If one has this spirit aptitude and doesn’t possess a formidable background, then no Warlock Group will accept you – because, with this kind of spirit aptitude, even becoming a level-1 Apprentice Warlock will be extremely difficult.

Level-2 spirit aptitude is slightly better, as long as one study’s hard, one still might become a level-1 Apprentice Warlock. Although it’s still very difficult for one to join a Warlock Group.

Level-3 spirit aptitude is even better, as long as one puts in ones all, one may become a level-3 Apprentice Warlock. Many Warlock Groups use such people for different kinds of odd jobs.

Level-4 spirit aptitude is ordinary, it allows one to cultivate until Warlock. By putting in ones all, one may have a little bit of hope of promoting to a level-1 Warlock.

Level-5 spirit aptitude can be considered as outstanding. By putting in ones all and with some fortuitous opportunities, one has comparatively high prospects in becoming a level-1 Warlock

Level-6 spirit aptitude can be considered as a extraordinary. As long as one has access to good cultivation methods and sufficient resources, one can easily promote to a level-1 Warlock.

Level-7 spirit aptitude can be considered as a extremely extraordinary. As long as one has a good cultivation method, then even if the resources are a little lacking, one can also promote to a level-1 Warlock.

Level-8 spirit aptitude can be considered as outrageous. As long as one has a cultivation method, then it’s too easy for one to become a level-1 Warlock. Even with resources lacking, one can still cultivate straight until level-3 Warlock without any difficulties.

Level-9 spirit aptitude is legendary. As long as one has a cultivation method and some stroke of luck, assuming that one doesn’t get killed before by some enemy, one will become a historical character, a terrifying Daren.

Most of the Official Warlocks in Turandot Subcontinent have spirit attributes of level-4, 5, or 6. Warlocks with spirit attributes of level-6 or higher are extremely rare. Bonney was also only a Warlock with a level-5 spirit aptitude.

1 – Idiom: 趁火打劫 – profiting from somebody’s misfortune

2 – Idiom: 尸山血海 – mountain of corpses and ocean of blood

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