Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 20

20 – Taboo Stone

Robot Bonney respectfully said: <Yes! Owner!>

Soon after, a transparent and colorless white crystal ball, with a seal at it’s center, was brought by a Bladed-troop.

Robot Bonney said: <Please put Your hand on this crystal ball! This crystal ball will test Your spirit aptitude.>

Yang Feng held out his hand and placed it softly on the crystal ball.

The crystal ball flickered with a weak white light.

Robot Bonney said: <Owner, Your spirit aptitude for cultivation is inferior level-1. According to Bonney’s memories in my microchip, with Your spirit aptitude, only if You transplanted a formidable creature’s blood meridians or use a lot of extremely precious medicine, You can strengthen Your spirit aptitude in cultivation. Otherwise, in Your entire life, it will be extremely difficult to cultivate until level-1 Warlock.>

“So basically I’m a cripple!”

The corner of Yang Feng’s mouth twitched. He was already expecting that his cultivation aptitude wouldn’t be to good, yet he hadn’t imagined that it would be so rotten. Inferior level-1 is the worst cultivation aptitude in all of Turandot Subcontinent, its probable that even the cultivation aptitude of a random peasant’s would be somewhat better than his own.

Yang Feng said: “Can you refine a spirit aptitude strengthening medicine?”

<Bonney wasn’t a pharmacist! Even though he also had some knowledge in pharmacology, however, he could only refine some basic medicine. He didn’t had the ability to refine spirit aptitude strengthening medicine. I inherited his memory and therefore can also only refine some basic medicine. I’m incapable of refining a level-1 medicine. Additionally, spirit aptitude strengthening medicine formula is in the hands of the big forces, that medicine formula wasn’t within Bonney’s memories.>

Yang Feng somewhat expectantly asked: “I want to become a Warlock, what would be the best way to achieve that?”

Bonney was an Official level-1 Warlock, and he already lived for more than a hundred years within Turandot Subcontinent. His knowledge by far surpassed Yang Feng’s. Having an Official level-1 Warlock on hand, is like having a small scale cultivation encyclopedia, allowing him to avoid a lot of detours.

An Official Warlock’s knowledge by far surpasses an Apprentice Warlock’s. It can be said that the gap between an Official Warlock and an Apprentice Warlock is like a chasm.

<Warlock College Antalya, White Ivory, Eyes of Justice, Rose Garden, Savage Claws and Black Dragon Pagoda, those are Turandot Subcontinent’s six strongest Great Warlock Groups with the most complete Warlock Inheritances. Among them, Warlock College Antalya has the most comprehensive foundation with the most open-minded education style. Owner, if You join Warlock College Antalya, You’ll may get the chance of receiving a formidable Warlock Inheritance.>

Yang Feng’s brows slightly creased as he said: “You teaching me won’t do?”

<The highest Warlock Inheritance that Black Cottage possesses can let one cultivate until level-3 Warlock. However, the requirement is a superior level-6 spirit aptitude as well as enormous quantities of cultivation resources, only than can one cultivate until level-3 Warlock. To cultivate Black Cottage’s Warlock Inheritance with Your inferior level-1 spirit aptitude, if there are no accidents, there’s practically no hope in promoting until level-1 Warlock.>

Yang Feng’s brows creased, his index finger tapping on the desk while he contemplated: “Warlock College Antalya?”

Fernandro Principality’s backers, the Fernandro Clan and Warlock College Antalya, are on friendly terms. Now that Yang Feng greatly offended the Fernandro Clan, if he wants to join Warlock College Antalya, it might by somewhat tricky.

Robot Bonney said: <Owner, Bonney has a treasure that came from a Taboo Stone. That treasure will be of great help on your Warlock Path.>

Yang Feng curiously asked: “Taboo Stone?”

Robot Bonney explained: <The Taboo Stone is a Seal Stone created by the Second Warlock Dynasty’s Warlock-Alchemists, it is said to be able to seal any existence. The Second Warlock Dynasty used a lot of humans, fiends, devils, gods, giants, dragons and various other formidable creatures from different planes to undertake all kinds of taboo research, producing countless terrifying monsters as well as formidable mysterious jewels. The day before the Second Warlock Dynasty collapsed, a lot of monsters and mysterious jewels were sealed in Taboo Stones by them.>

“The Second Warlock Dynasty?” Even though Yang Feng obtained the memories of some Apprentice Warlocks, but he still hadn’t grasped the knowledge therein. Thus, he’s completely in the dark with regards to Turandot Subcontinent’s history, et cetera.

<From the rise of the Warlocks until now, there were altogether eight Great Warlock Dynasties. Whenever any Warlock Dynasty is flourishing, this world’s human forces will then conquer countless planes. Formidable Warlocks can even subjugate fiends and enslave gods, and then use them, as top alchemic materials, in their refining.>

<Turandot Subcontinent is merely an ancillary subcontinent of the main continent. The strongest person in Turandot Subcontinent is merely at the Great Warlock’s level. Only in the main continent will first-rate experts stronger than a Great Warlock appear.>

<Within Bonney’s memories, Warlock College Antalya, White Ivory, Eyes of Justice, Rose Garden, Savage Claws and Black Dragon Pagoda, the Turandot Subcontinent’s six strongest Great Warlock Groups, their all backed from the shadows by mainlands’ formidable forces.>

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed imposingly, the excitement from capturing Black City faded by a lot: “It turns out that this world is much larger than I’ve imagined.”

Yang Feng said: “Take me where the treasure that came form the Taboo Stone is.

<Yes! Owner!>

Under Robot Bonney’s guidance, Yang Feng arrived at the underground floor of the Warlock Pagoda.

At the underground floor of the Warlock Pagoda was a wide plaza. In the center of the plaza was an enormous blood pool. On the blood pool’s edge countless runes were engraved, brimming with mysterious power. In the blood pool’s surroundings, on numerous nodes, were inlayed blood-colored crystals as well as a magic stones brimming with a mysterious power.

A transparent crystal bowl was placed in the center of the blood pool. A large egg, engraved with all kinds profound and mysterious runes, was placed in the transparent crystal bowl.

That blood pool was churning, strands of bloody Qi rose from it and then merged with the large egg. The large egg, as if an enormous heart, issued heartbeats from time to time. Every time the heartbeats sounded, the plaza would surge with a small energy fluctuation.

<That is the treasure that Bonney got from the Taboo Stone! He was going to turn the creature within the egg into his contracted beast. In order to hatch the creature within the egg and in order have the creature brimming with vitality, he arranged this alter and slaughtered 1376 virgins, to perform a blood sacrifice ritual. The ritual has basically been completed, what remains is to conclude the contract with the creature within that egg. In another five days, the creature within the egg will break out of its shell and be officially born.>

<However, only Official level-1 Warlocks can tame a contracted beast. Owner, as You don’t have any foundation as a Warlock, You’re incapable of signing a spirit contract with the creature within the egg by normal means.>

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