Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 2

2 – Shape changing mask

A strip of a fine golden tentacle abruptly extended out from Nr.3796’s body. All of a sudden it pierced into the skull of the oriental person with male features.

<Initiating memory reading. Energy consumption is at 0.1Kun per hour.>

Nr.3796 responded after ten seconds: <Memory reading complete. Permission to initiate the transfer!>

Yang Feng firmly said: “Initiate the transfer!”

In this unknown world information and intelligence are exceedingly important. In the event that one is completely ignorant of this world, that would be extremely dangerous.

Note: Idiom: 一无所知 – not knowing anything at all

Nr.3796’s eyes flashed with red light as soon after tremendous and countless quantity of information finally directly transferred into Yang Feng’s mind, letting him receive a tremendous amount of intelligence.

The corpse known as Zhao Jiang, is Dulanduo subcontinent Fernandro principality lesser baron’s first inheritance successor. Autumn-leaf town is a fief belonging to the lesser baron that lied a short distance away. Zhao Ming’s desire in his youth was to become a legend which was capable of slaughtering a warlock dragon and obtain prestige to cover the whole of Dulanduo subcontinent. Only after growing up did he become aware. Warlock, this sort of powerful and mysterious existence. He, such a lordling desirous to sight a warlock was already a question of probability, much less becoming oneself a powerful honorable warlock.

After Zhao Jiang grew up came the desire to follow the clan’s tradition to practice the Thunder-ox martial art to achieve merit to promote to knighthood, to earn money and riches, to seek connections in high places of the Fernandro principality, to preserve the Zhao clan and its aristocratic title.

However to wish to promote and become a knight also isn’t so simple, Zhao Jian since little went through hardships by practicing Thunder-ox to merely become a mid-level warrior in the end. It’s difficult to know how much time it would take for him to be able to accomplish his wish and become a knight.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a tinge of radiance as he spoke: “This identity is pretty good! Occidental medieval aristocracy within its fief is usually an existence similar to a local tyrant, as it can do whatever it damn pleases. Nr.3796, I remember you having a variety of shape changing equipment. Looking at the current circumstances, which choice would have the highest cost-effective ratio?”

<To change shape by injecting nano-robots requires a consumption of 50Kun of energy! Advantage is a pretty good freedom to change the body, to change shape into anyone’s appearance, height and voice including. Shape changing mask, requires the consumption of 1Kun of energy, possible to perfectly morph the face and the voice.>

Yang Feng examined Nr.3769 energy reserves with a glance, only to find out that Nr.3796’s current energy reserves barely remain at 34Kun. Once there is no more energy, Nr.3796 then has to, by means of absorption of sunlight, replenish his energy. That requires a large amount of time so that all of its strength is restored.

Yang Feng thought a moment before saying: “My height is similar to his, in that case let’s do with the shape changing mask!.

<Affirmative! Owner!> Nr.3796 extended his right hand, a whiff of suction emitted from the middle of its hand, to lead countless small pebbles as well as all kinds of fine minerals to be sucked into the center of the hand from above the ground.

Yang Feng then put a mask on his cheeks. The face suddenly twisted, expelled a breath and morphed to look like Zhao Jiang’s.

“Incinerate him!”

Zhao Jiang’ clothes that were ceased from the body were put on. Yang Feng threw a faint glimpse at Zhao Jiang’s corpse.

<Affirmative! Owner!>

Nr.3796′ right hand all of a sudden morphed, turned into a flame spraying device. A long stream of flame emitted and shrouded Zhao Jiang’s corpse, igniting it in the turbulent flames. Zhao Jiang’s corpse was immediately swallowed.

“Zhao Jiang, I’ll be borrow this identity temporarily! As an exchange, in case your enmity is not to troublesome, then I’ll help you with your revenge at my convenience.” Yang Feng looked unenthusiastically at the way the flame cover incinerated Zhao Jiang’s corpse.

“Let’s leave!” After Yang Feng saw like Zhao Jiang’s corpse turned into aches he turned around and together with Nr.3976 walked towards Autumn-leaf town.

Autumn-leaf town was a small town brimming with the occidental medieval style, the town’s thin road is full of muddy potholes. Everywhere were chickens and ducks, cattle and horses and other livestock as well as their feces. The town’s buildings were tattered, however there was no comparison between them and Chinas many new towns.

In that small town everyone dressed utterly shabby clothes, faces yellow, mostly black haired and black eyed Orientals. The blond blue eyed occidentals were comparatively fewer.

Delanduo subcontinent is mainly inhabited by Caucasian’s, black haired black eyed Orientals were humiliated and belong to the lowest ranking ethnic group. Zhao Jiang’s ancestor crossed the Guo Hai ocean and then arrived at the Delanduo subcontinent. Relying on the knight’s identity he became the first generation to serve under the Fernandro principality king, he provided countless heroic contributions following by the bestowment of the baron title. Furthermore he took large amounts of black haired and black eyed yellow skinned oriental people to reclaim land and after three generations of great efforts, only then begun the rise of Autumn-leaf town which became this small town. Therefore the inhabitants of this Autumn-leaf town are mainly Orientals, allowing Yang Feng to witness this somewhat unreasonable reality.

“Lord, thank heavens, You finally came back!” Yang Feng arrived at Autumn-leaf fortress, an elderly man in his 50s or 60s, hair and beard white, wearing a butler like attire greeted and came up to speak.

Yang Feng’ took off jacket and handed over to that elderly man, while asking: “Manager Liu, how much money does our clan currently holds?”

The elderly manager Liu served two generations of barons in this Autumn-leaf fortress, and he has a clear understood about Autumn-leaf fortress’ finances.

Manager Liu thought for a moment and then said: “Lord, at present we still have 456 gold coins.”

In the Dulanduo subcontinent 1 gold coin can be exchanged for 20 silver coins or 2000 copper coins, 456 gold coins already is a huge amount.

Yang Feng said: ” Keep 100 gold coins as contingency, spend immediately the rest on iron ore! Come back as soon as possible, I have great use for it.!

Manager Liu’s was somewhat startled as he very carefully said: “Lord, Our Autumn-leaf town doesn’t have a production of iron ore, we must go to Black-rock town to purchase the iron ore. However Black-rock town’s Baron Kirov and our clan are mortal enemies, he’ll know about us buying huge amounts of iron ore and definitely will substantially raise the price of iron ore, to pair us unfavorably as possible ah! It would be better for us to go to Giant-stone city with whom we already have other ore related businesses, as they also buy ore themselves!”

Note: Idiom: 小心翼翼 – cautious and solemn

“Baron Kirov?” Yang Feng carefully flipped once through Zhao Jiang’s memories, thus very easily found the name.

Baron Kirov is Giant-stone city castellan Viscount He Lu’s dog, with the help of Viscount He Lu, unceasingly adopts all kinds of means to erode Zhao Jiang clan’s territory, becoming Zhao Jiang clan’s the most fierce enemy. Zhao Jiang’s death was extremely strange, by Yang Feng speculates that Baron Kirov definitely is one of the biggest suspects.

‘Interesting!’ The corner of Yang Feng’ mouth slightly raised, in his eyes flashed a touch of excitement a he said: “Baron Kirov seems to have a high-interest loan business. Send someone to contact him, say that I fancy Giant-stone city’s Ms. Qian Qian and want to buy her out. Therefore I’ll mortgage Autumn-leaf village’s territory to borrow 5000 gold coins.”

Note: 小姐- Ms., in this case is a slang for prostitute

Manager Liu became alarmed and promptly advised: “Lord, Baron Kirov is indeed a vicious wolf that directly oppresses people without blinking! The interests soar each month by 4%, furthermore the profit margins. We can’t even afford the interest of the 5000 gold coins, and when the time comes, Autumn-leaf village estate can certainly be snatched away by Baron Kirov!”

Yang Feng’s expression deepened as he said: “I have my own plans, go handle this matter!”

Manager Liu seemingly aged more than ten years, gave a long sigh, bowed to excuse himself and left the room:”Yes! Lord!”

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