Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 3

Change note: 虚空- from “void” into “nowhere”

3 – Solar umbrella

Black-rock village is a small town in close proximity to Autumn-leaf village, in its surroundings existed several large mines. This black-rock village is also Giant-stone city’s administrative Bourg 38 as well as one of the richest ones.

A valiant figure, blue haired and blue eyed, hook nosed, a hidden ruthless light flashed through the eyes, a brawny Han-Dynasty-looking person seated in a luxurious room while coldly laughing: “Zhao Jiang that useless person from Autumn-leaf village wants to borrow from me 5000 gold coins via mortgage and buy Ms. Qian Qian out because of a fancy? Ha ha, because of an insignificant women, even the ancestral estate would be sold, truly an useless person!”

This (famous) valiant Caucasian male is precisely Black-rock village’s owner Baron Kirov. He’s Black-rock village’s ruler, controlling Black-rock village through bloody means, every person in Black-rock village are fearful of his distinguished name.

“If I’d known that he’s this type of useless person, then I wouldn’t taken the risk to invite Black Scorpion for the assassination.” Baron Kirov’s noble eyebrows creased as he muttered with some suspicion: “Black Scorpion reported that Zhao Jiang was already murdered by them, what’s going on? Could it be because of the reward?

Pondering deeply for a moment, Baron Kirov raised his head, as man clothed in manager attire was standing at the side, and said: “Gerow, you go and speak with Zhao Jiang. I will only lend him 2500 gold coins in accordance with a 4% interest each month. Autumn-leaf village is only 2500 gold coins worth. Furthermore he is to pay back the money in full within two month, capital plus profit.”

Gerow respectfully complied in a sharp voice, retreated and went away: “Yes! Lord!”

Kirov revealed a trace of complacent smiling expression: “In another two month Autumn-leaf village may as well belong to me! Autumn-leaf village, this valuable place in the event it falls into my hands, may earn me 2000 gold coins each year at the lowest.”

Autumn-leaf village is a small town extremely suitable for farming, it’s surroundings posses large amounts of land. Zhao Jiang’s clan all along was being suppressed by the joint effort of Giant-stone city and Kirov. This village appears to be extremely poverty stricken, to the extent that even the clan cannot afford an expenditure of 1000 gold coins.

If Kirov were to be in control of Autumn-leaf village, as long as the village operation augmented only by a slight amount, to accommodate the rest of the area a large scale immigration needs to be underwent to reclaim the land, then one can begin to garner a huge amount of profits.

Autumn-leaf village.

“In this strange backwards world just a lordling truly doesn’t has much obstruction in regards to a modern day insignificant citizen, so comfortable!” Yang Feng strolled through Autumn-leaf village’s residential district, as he somewhat gloomily sighed.

Without television in this strange world, without internet, without beverages, the entertainment is also practically nonexistent.

Brake fest was white bread with potato soup. Lunch was more of white bread with potato soup. Dinner, for a change, was white bread with potato soup.

Yang Feng ate this type of meal for several days before he became aware that his digestive system was becoming somewhat unable to bear.

However by observing Autumn-leaf village’s other residents of all ages constant ingesting very hard black bread following by fresh water, Yang Feng thought that his own meals could be considered to be quite good.

In this Autumn-leaf village, even though Yang Feng possesses enormous authority, even if he violently took by force women from ordinary families there any law or regulation that could restrict him. However, in this Autumn-leaf village the amount of young girls was only around several dozen, looks pretty mediocre. Apart from being youthful and lively, it was difficult to find any good looking ones.

De facto, with his terrifying influence he only needs to point with a finger in this village to make all of the young girls succumb voluntarily. However he really isn’t interested.

The reason why Zhao Jiang was all along single was precisely because he didn’t fancy any girl in this Autumn -leaf village.

In short, while being mayor and a Baron in this Autumn-leaf village, Yang Feng still couldn’t live up to an earth’s modern day ordinary and insignificant citizen.

While strolling through Autumn-leaf village Yang Feng entered into a small house in the northern wasteland.

Yang Feng entered a room and said to Nr.3796 in a loud voice: “Nr.3796, start it! I can’t wait any longer!”

<Affirmative! Owner, please choose a device to create!> The center of Nr.3796’s hand bloomed with a stream of light. Images of all kinds of brimming modern day constructs and equipment appeared out of nowhere.

Yang Feng immediately made a choice: “The energy needs to be put firs! Let’s go with the construct unit 100, the solar umbrella!”

Nr.3796 can use energy to synthesize any matter, this action requires the consumption of large amounts of energy. Energy is its life so to speak. Under the present relatively peaceful circumstances, Yang Feng chose an energy absorption construct unit.

Solar umbrella is at the moment the most suitable energy absorption unit.

Nr.3796 immediately went outside. Outstretched a hand as a blue stream of light shot out of it, illuminating a pile of iron ore rocks.

The pile of iron ore rock under the blue light immediately transformed in to steel pieces one at a time.

Then the steel pieces one by one mixed together with some other materials transforming into countless spare parts. The spare parts under the blue light automatically started assembling into an extraordinary umbrella-like solar umbrella.

Shortly after the solar umbrella took shape, a thread extended out of Nr.3796’s body and pierced into the solar umbrella’s bottom, absorb the solar umbrella’s energy.

Every half an hour one more unit of solar umbrella appeared in that part of the wasteland.

After an entire day, the piece of wasteland was covered in 48 solar umbrellas.

After two days, ninety six solar umbrellas arouse in this piece of wasteland.

On the third day, on one side of Nr.3976 all of a sudden aroused three meter columns with sixteen mechanical arms, every mechanical arm was embedded with different broaches, hammer, pliers, electric welding et al. All kinds of equipment needed to construct a robot.

On the fourth day, the amount of constructed robots increased to three and the amount of the solar umbrellas increased to two hundred.

On the fifth day, the amount of constructed robots increased to nine and the amount of the solar umbrellas increased to three hundred.

On the sixth day, the amount of constructed robots increased to twenty and the amount of the solar umbrellas increased to four hundred.

On the seventh day, the amount of constructed robots increased to eighty one and the amount of the solar umbrellas increased to five hundred.

On the eighth day, the amount of constructed robots increased to two hundred forty three and the amount of the solar umbrellas increased to six hundred.

On the ninth day, that piece of wasteland underwent earth-shaking changes, there appeared a factory out of nowhere. Out of the base factory was emitted a continuous string of rambling noises.

Note: Idiom: 翻天覆地 – sky and earth turning upside down

On the tenth day, that piece of wasteland as if sprouting countless flowers, directly gave rise to 2000 solar umbrellas which were madly absorbing all kinds of energy.

That original stone filled unable to cultivate wasteland, at this moment already became an enormous factory complex. The base factory, located in the middle of that enormous factory complex, emitted waves of rumbling mechanical rumbling noise.

“Welcome owner!”

Yang Feng approached the enormous factory complex. Soon after, in front of the gate of the factory complex two soldiers bearing long blades in neat uniforms kneeled on the ground while roaring with ice-cold mechanical voices.

Yang Feng swept them with a glance, the two gave out perfect human-like soldier appearances. Without saying a word, Yang Feng directly walked towards the factories in the factory complex.

Note: Idiom: 一模一样 – exactly the same

After Yang Feng entered the factory complex, the two blade bearing soldiers stood up practically at the same time with exactly the same motion.

Yang Feng directly entered the largest factory.

Inside the largest factory beholding, an enormous metal sphere hangs above a circular stand, from that enormous metallic sphere above extended countless mechanical tentacles of different kinds to directly assemble the spare parts from an assembly line of robots one after another.

Robots were continuously going down from the assembly line, to shortly after leave the factory. Robots have also been entering the factory to act as workers, to refine all kinds of metal and produce spare parts one after another.

Nr. 3796 arrived from inside the factory to the side of Yang Feng and asked: <Owner, do You have instructions?>

Yang Feng said: “I came to have a look at the factory’s production status. Give me a report!”

Nr.3796 said: < Currently already posses an automatic production of robot 378. In case you demand, it’s possible to produce another five hundred within a day. However I must remind You, iron ore is already scarce! The current demand of iron ore is already large.>

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