Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 6

6 – Powerful Knight

“Black Wind Bandits? What are their origins?” Yang Feng creased slightly his eyebrows and then followed manager Liu towards the castle wall.

Manager Liu then followed up with a detailed explanation of the Black Wind Bandits’ origin to Yang Feng.

The Black Wind Bandits is an active bandit group in the vicinity Giant-Stone City. They’re completely composed of cavalry, come and go like the wind, extremely cunning, as they plunder villages and caravans all over.

Giant-Stone City dispatched troops several times to take care of the Black Wind Bandits but were defeated in the end. After a number of failures it became evident that Black Wind Bandits leader Barry possesses a knight’s power as he’s terribly strong.

Knights cultivate the Knights Cabala to break through the mortal body’s limits, only then will a person receive the title of strong. An average Knight uses a 200Kg heavy weapon as he pleases, wear’s a whole body knight’s armor and furthermore respected as an untouchable tank with an extraordinary combat ability. No one is his equal.

Note: Idiom: 刀枪不入 – impervious to sword or spear

Among Autumn-Leaf Village’s several hundred people, there doesn’t exist somebody as powerful as a Knight.

Autumn-Leaf Castle’s strongest is Zhao En, the Commander of the Castle’s guards, and he’s only at the intermediate Warrior level. A Knight can relaxedly slaughter the whole Autumn-Leaf Castle if there’s no one to guard it’s wall.

Generally speaking, having a Knight as the most powerful in a community, is a major attraction for aristocrats. However, some Knights become the root of all kinds of corruptions because of their criminal activities. Those corrupted Knights are undoubtedly the most terrifying existences.

Manager Liu described the Black Wind Bandits’ dread to Yang Feng while secretly glancing to the side towards the four brawny bodyguards, a touch of doubt flashed in his eyes.

Autumn-Leaf Village is a sealed of small town with a sparse number of people. The arrival of stranger will absolutely arouse a not so small stir. Yang Feng being accompanied by the four excessively eye-catching brawny bodyguards, give birth to Manager Liu’s suspicions. However, Manager Liu is aware of the present dangers so he did not inquire about anything that he shouldn’t have.

After arriving above the City Wall, Yang Feng saw more than a hundred black cloaked armed to the teeth cavalry, mounting first-rate war mounts, galloping in this direction.

That unit of cavalry, their bodies covered in a knights heavy armor, riding on wildebeests that give out the sensation of tanks, emitting a type of powerful sense of oppression.

Yang Feng looked towards the surrounding City Wall for a moment.

There were 36 soldiers above the City Wall, including 10 archers, 8 junior Warriors and Commander Zhao En as the only intermediate Warrior.

This lineup is the only power used to preserve Autumn-Leaf Village’s peace. But to handle the Black Wind Bandits that have a Knight, is like an egg hitting a stone, a pipe dream.

The soldiers above the City Wall, with paled complexions, looked at the Black Wind Bandits in the distance. A few of the soldiers even had their knees and their hands holding the weapons constantly shaking. Were it not for the defense of the 6m tall City Wall, these soldiers perhaps would have their morale already crumbled and unable to fight.

The soldiers in the Autumn-Leaf Castle until now had only uphold public safety, basically there’s no way for them to have experienced countless life and death struggles as the Black Wind Bandits’ soldiers have. Every member of the Black Wind Bandits is a low-level soldier. But after countless life and death battles, even Autumn-Leaf Village’s strongest Zhao En isn’t necessarily capable to contend in a life and death situation with anyone of those Black Wind Bandits’ low-level soldier.

The more than 100 Black Wind Bandits members, as if a whirlwind, arrived very quickly before Autumn-Leaf Castle.

The whole body covered by a black knight’s heavy armor, Barry relaxedly flipped down from the mount’s back and then, through the crack of the helmet looked at Autumn-Leaf Castel coldly.

The more than a 100 Black Wind Bandits’ members incomparably skillfully flipped down from their mounts in a continuous fashion and stood behind Berry. Their faces were filed with ridicule as they observed Autumn-Leaf Castle.

Berry, without superfluous words, took out a knights great sword from his back as he moved in large strides towards Autumn-Leaf Castle.

The rest of the more than 100 Black Wind Bandits as if to imitate, followed Berry from behind towards Autumn-Leaf Castle to start an assault.

“Place the arrows!! Place the arrows!! Shoot him dead! Shoot Barry dead!!” Zhao En looked pale while shouting in a loud voice.

The 10 archers above the City Wall gave their all while shooting at Barry.

Soon after, ten straight arrows shot at Barry as if raindrops.

Those 10 archers’ proficiency was obviously low as nine out of ten missed and only one shot at Berry’s shoulder, after which they bolted away.

Berry wasn’t affected a bit as he proceeded directly towards to Autumn-Leaf Castle as if a terrifying tank.

As the soldiers above the City Wall observed this scene, their courage turned to fear and their moral plummeted. The second volley of arrows but they didn’t even successfully scraped against Barry.

“Powerful! That’s a heavy knight for you, powerful indeed!” Yang Feng saw that rain of arrows unbridledly assaulting Barry, as his eyes flashed with praise.

Within several breath’s of time, Berry arrived directly beneath the City Wall of Autumn-Leaf Castle. His entire body erupted with a whiff terrifying splendor as he used force and kicked, abruptly jumping up. He jumped higher than the 6m tall Autumn-Leaf Castle’s City Wall and then landed on it. He took his great sword out, in the middle, and then chopped down, directly slicing a soldier across his waist, cutting him in two as blood and gore scattered in all directions.

The soldiers above the Castle Wall of Autumn-Leaf Castle basically have never experienced this kind of bloody struggle, and now, to watch such a terrifying scene resulted in a direct crumble of morale as the soldiers scattered.

“Berry! Berry!!”

“Berry! Berry!”

Below the Castle Wall, the Black Wind Bandits’ members one after another raised their weapons and let out bursts of crazed and excited cheers.

Barry coldly swept his gaze at the scattering soldiers of Autumn-Leaf Castle. waved a hand and dropped down a rope from above the Castle Wall.

From below, the Black Wind Bandits’ members grabbed the rope and swiftly climbed up.

Manager Liu’s legs trembled, looked at that god-like Berry and said in a trembling voice: “Lord, we should escape!!”

“High martial proves? Shoot him down! A mere Knight in front of a firearm is just like dregs!” Yang Feng smiled coldly as he took a 9mm pistol from his waist, directly aimed at Barry and pulled the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The unbridled Berry was shot six times by the 9mm large caliber pistol. The heavy armed knight was penetrated right through his heavy armor, on his body appeared six bloody holes as fresh blood continuously poured down.

“You dare to injure me!! Damned yellow skinned bastard! You dare to injure the mighty Knight Berry! I’m going to break your bones inch by inch, then mince you and feed you to the dogs!”

Berry was shot six times. There was a burst of red in his eyes, as they flashed with an endless ominous glint. His voice filled with rage as a whiff of terrifying power erupted from his body. The six bloody bullets were forcibly ejected from his body.

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