Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 7

7 – Killing a Powerful Knight

As Yang Feng watched Berry expelling the six bullets out of his body, couldn't help but say: "So awesome! Even the bullets can be expelled! Knight's are truly awesome, no wonder it's so difficult to succeed in cultivation!"

On earth, no person could possibly shot six times and then directly expel the six bullets out of the body. Berry is the first martial arts expert that Yang Feng has ever seen.

However Berry is merely a Knight, as there exist still three higher ranks: Great Knight, Earth Knight and Sky Knight. Knights aren't this world's strongest powers, but Warlocks, which are capable of being within this world's peak powers. Trifling Knights already powerful. A trifling Knight is already powerful to this extent, then imagine just how powerful would be a Warlock. Understanding this point makes it so that Yang Feng develops a trace of awe in regards to this world.

In Dulanduo subcontinent, as long as one becomes an advanced Knight then one will posses an extraordinary strength and will be capable of surpassing ordinary people by a large margin.

Berry roared in rage as he directly pulled out his great sword and madly rushed towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng indifferently said: "Bladed-troop, you go and exchange some strokes with him! Except for his head, everything else can be freely attacked!"

Standing at Yang Feng's side, the sunglasses wearing Bladed-troop all of a sudden extracted a two handed alloy battle blade, as his body flashed and pounced like a fierce tiger towards Berry. Once the Bladed-troop appeared before Berry, it resolutely striked ou.

Berry raised his great sword to block.

An ear piercing, metal striking sound rang in the area. Barry’s complexion paled, his body was violently pushed back, fresh blood dripped from underneath his face.

“Knight! How is it possible that you have a Knight-level expert as a bodyguard?” Berry’s eyes flashed with a touch of shock as he involuntarily cried out.

To support a Knight is extremely difficult. Berry’s whole body is clad in a set of a knight’s heavy armour, priced at 400 gold coins or more, in addition, a knight’s wage each month is not lower than 20 gold coins. There’s also the maintenance of equipment, the feed for the mount and other necessities. To support a Knight requires a monthly consumption exceeding 30 gold coins. Fundamentally, a Knight is not an existence that a little lordling like Zhao Jiang can provide for.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with an excited light as he said in a low voice: “To unexpectedly be capable of blocking the robot’s all out attack with a human body, really is extraordinary! Worthy of having surpassed the human body’s limitations.”

The bladed-troop injured Berry with the first blade strike, then madly stepped on the ground, while holding an enormous alloy battle blade, continued towards Berry.

Berry roared in an enraged voice, body erupting with a whiff of powerful vitality, as he started to continuously brandish an alloy great sword against the bladed-troop.

Following the eruption of the powerful vitality, Berry barely blocked the attack of the violent blade, but even like this, he was still in a completely disadvantageous position, on the verge of collapse. Soon he would be unable to stop that blade's all kinds of techniques.

“Follow me in the charge! After capturing the town, for three days, you can kill to your hearts content!!” The eyes of Black Wind Bandits vice-leader’s eyes flashed with a brutal smir as he loudly roared.

“Kill them!!”

“Kill them!!”

The 100 plus Black Wind Bandits members’ eyes started flashing with a blood thirsty light, as they quickly arrived under the City Wall, grabbed the ropes and climbed up.

Yang Feng glanced at the Black Wind Bandits below as he gave cold chuckle: “Gunned-troop, kill them, without sparing even one!”

Carrying in each hand an outstanding 12.5mm heavy machine-gun as well as an enormous bullets case, quickly arrived above the City Wall. Then started to spew incomparably fierce flames with the

two outstanding 12.5mm heavy machine-guns in his hands.

The sound of the Heavy machine-guns tearing cloth rang in the area.

One bandit was shot in the head by a 12.5mm bullet, as the head burst open like a watermelon.

Another bandit was shot in the shoulder by 12.5mm bullet, as his arm was directly blown away.

Yet another bandit was shot in the chest, as in the chest directly appeared a huge bloody hole.

Facing that terrifying metallic storm, those bandits completely lacked the ability to resist. Blood spilled everywhere, creating one corpse after another.

“Leader, quickly retreat!!” Black Wind Bandits’ vice-leader saw a subordinate falling apart by the metallic storm, grimaced and voiced his wish to flee in a mournful lament.

In the next moment, a dozen heavy machine-gun bullets rumbled at the body of the vice-leader, which was instantly torn to pieces.

In less than three minutes, the dominant Black Wind Bandits in Giant-Stone City’s surroundings were butchered and turned into a pile of minced body parts.

Resisting a metallic storm with a meat shield, was already proven countless times by history as being a moronic action.

“Zhao Jiang, you bastard, to also take my brothers’ lives!!” Berry’s eyes turned red as he mournfully growled.

Yang Feng coldly replied: “Schweinehund-like bandits also learn to be loyal to others. Gunned-troop, shoot!”

Note: Schweinehund means pig-dog in German

The Gunned-troop aimed the heavy machine-gun’s muzzle at Berry.

Once again rang the sound of tearing cloth because of the Heavy machine-guns.

The heavy machine-gun bullets easily run through Berry’s heavy knight’s armour, which led to the lower half of his body to be directly torn to countless pieces as fresh blood spurted everywhere.

Bladed-troop seized the opportunity and stepped forward, brandished the enormous alloy battle blade ruthlessly downwards, directly severing Berry’s head.

The soldiers above the Autumn-Leaf Castle’s City Wall were dumbstruck, they felt as if in a dream, while watching this scene. An unparalleled demonic god such as Knight Berry, to everyone’s surprise, was easily killed by Yang Feng’s two subordinates. The 100 plus Black Wind Bandits’ members, each and every one of them turned to pieces, simply unbelievable.

Manager Liu’s eyes flashed with excitement, as he spoke in a shaking voice: “Warlock, Warlock-Alchemist! Lord, You obtained a Warlock-Alchemist’s power?”

The soldiers above the City Wall also looked forward to, with awe and worship in their eyes at they watched Yang Feng.

Warlock, that indeed Dulanduo subcontinent’s peak of power, possessing all kinds of unimaginable abilities. Even if Fernandro Principality’s King saw a formal first-class Warlock, he would also need to be respectful, not daring to slight in any way. Also only Warlock’s powerful ability may easily lead the Black Wind Bandits, this kind of powerful army, to their ruin.

Yang Feng indifferently said: “That’s right, I obtained the Warlock-Alchemist’s power.”

“Very good!! Very good!! At last our Zhao clan can shine with honor and splendor, bringing a great height of development.” Manager Liu’s body trembled, turbid tears streamed down from his eyes, as he excitedly muttered.

Note: Idiom: 光耀门楣 – splendor shines on the family’s dor

The rest of Autumn-Leaf Castle’s soldiers also let out bursts of excited cheers, as becoming a Warlock’s subordinate would entail a bright future.

Yang Feng let the Bladed-troop carry Berry’s severed head as they moved towards Nr.3796, who was in the Arsenal Factory.

Once they arrived at the Arsenal Factory, Yang Feng conveniently willed that Berry’s severed head be handed over to Nr.3796, to read its memories.

Not long after, Berry’s memories one by one conveniently appeared, letting Yang Feng know the ins and outs of different matters.

Note: Idiom: 来龙去脉 – mountain has a connecting pulse throughout like a dragon

Black Wind Bandits is Giant-Stone City neighbor’s, Tree-Mountain City castellan Earl Locky’s criminal extension. Earl Locky and Viscount He Lu are mortal enemies, that fight endlessly with each other.

Autumn-Leaf Town will very probably change hands to Barron Kirov, as a consequence of Yang Feng borrowing a large amount of money from him. The takeover would result in Baron Kirov’s empowerment. Earl Locky previously dispatched the Black Wind Bandits to exterminate the Zhao clan. If Zhao clan was exterminated, then its fief would be taken back by Fernandro Principality. Earl Locky then can adopt various methods to get close to the aristocrat transferred to the fief, and consequently influence him to invade Viscount Helu’s scope.

“The enemy of my enemy isn’t necessarily my friend. Weakness is sin and power is truth!” Yang Feng’s thoughts welled up with a trace of realization.

Were Yang Feng not in the possession of the Xi clan legacy’s power, then it would be difficult to say if, at present, he wouldn’t have been already a corpse, without even knowing about the reason of his death.

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