Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 8

8 – Attacking the Black-Rock Town

Black-Rock Town is one of the 10 towns and cities under the jurisdiction of Giant-Stone City. Black-Rock Town is surrounded by mountains, with most of the land not suitable for cultivation.

However in the surroundings of Black-Rock Town exist several large scale veins of iron ore.

Baron Kirov led the entire Black-Rock Town, by means of several large scale veins of iron ore, to become a steelwork, as well as a weapons manufacturing small town. Black-Rock Town supplies its weapons to Fernandro Principality's countless aristocrats, bringing Baron Kirov enormous riches.

Black-Rock Town is much more flourishing than Autumn-Leaf Town. Autumn-Leaf Town's residents put together are not even one thousand people, while Black-Rock Town's population has already soared up to thirty thousand people. Black-Rock Town is also one of the most prosperous towns of the ten cities and towns under the jurisdiction of Giant-Stone City.

Black-Rock Town’s sole disadvantage lies in the incapability of producing its own food resources,. Every year there’s a need to acquire lange amounts of food from all around. That is precisely the reason why Baron Kirov’s sight is set on Zhao clan’s Autumn-Leaf Town. As long as he gets his hands on that fertile Autumn-Leaf Town, then Baron Kirov won’t ever be short on food.

Above a small hillside two kilometers outside of Black-Rock Town.

Yang Feng stood above the hillside as he looked down at the distant Black-Rock Town. Behind him stood 50 level-4 bladed-troops, 50 level-4 gunned-troops, 10 cannon-troops, as well as 2 level-5 Liquid-Metal Robots. All robots wore from head to toe pitch-black battle robes, as they exuded awe-inspiring murderous presences.

Yang Feng pointed towards Black-Rock Town as he commanded: “Black-Rock Town, I want it! Seize it for me! Those who resist kill without questions!”

<Affirmative! Owner!> The 112 robots simultaneously used loud mechanically synthesized voices to comply.

After speaking, 30 Bladed-troops, 30 Gunned-troops, 5 Cannon-troops, and 1 level-5 Liquid-Metal Robot, directly rushed down the hillside towards Black-Rock Town to kill the enemy.

Yang Feng took out a metallic helmet and directly put it on.

The metallic helmet called Awareness Transmitting Helmet is capable of transmitting Yang Feng’s awareness in an area of five kilometers towards any robot carrying the Receiver-chip. Allowing Yang Feng to exercise his control over those battle robots carrying the Receiver-chip.

In Dulanduo subcontinent, there are incomparably powerful Knights, and there are also strange and incomparably powerful Warlocks. A lot of Warlocks grasp terrifying powers that silently lead people to death, that is why Yang Feng doesn’t dare to go personally to the battlefield, or else he might not know how he died.

Note: Idiom: 无声无息 – worldless and uncommunicative.

Prior to the fusion with the robotic inheritance, that is Nr.3796, Yang Feng is extremely vulnerable, to the point that even an ordinary person is capable of killing him. A powerful Warlock slightly moving a limb is enough to getting rid of him.

Soon after, Yang Feng's mind was linked with the level-5 Liquid-Metal Robot. The level-5 Liquid-Metal Robot's body warped, quickly changing its appearance to Yang Feng's.

"This is exactly Xi clan's extraordinary ability, being able to freely travel into the body of any robot subordinate and having complete control over it. As long as the spirit doesn't perish, then it is possible to use any which robot's body for rebirth. In case of death of old age, and without other means, becoming a robot is also a pretty good solution, as a method to extending life."

Yang Feng twisted once the body and discovered that the Liquid-Metal Robot's body is not at all lacking in comparison to his own fleshly body, just like his own although a different body.

"What a pity, there's no feeling!"

Yang Feng suddenly ferociously pinched his right hand, while nearly deforming it, he still didn't have any feeling in his right hand.

All of a sudden Nr.3796's voice sounded in Yang Feng's mind: <Owner, there is also a way to obtain the senses! As long as You produce a level-3 Portable Fortified Stronghold, then you can make Organic Liquid-Metal Robots. The Organic Liquid-Metal Robot will allow You to have all of the human's senses. You can even a perfectly accurate sense of executing the mating activity that the humans are so fond of.>

"Shut up!" Yang Feng somewhat angrily cursed.

Nr.3796's voice faded away.

Black-Rock Town already has a city-like form, as it's surrounded by a 6m tall City Wall and the City Wall's entrance was being kept watch by six soldiers.

Seeing those 60 plus black robed and murderous-looking robots galloping towards them, the six soldiers at once rang the alarm.

An ear-piercing alarm sound suddenly reverberated in Black-Rock Town.

The steel City Gate was at once lowered down until being shut.

30 plus well trained and fully armed archers at once arrived above the City Gate, looking extremely vigilant towards Yang Feng's armed forces.

"Besiege the town!"

Yang Feng ordered, 5 Cannon-troops stood out, as 120mm heavy artillery pipes pointed at the City Gate.


Following the sound of five earth-shaking explosions, the steel City Gate was at once bombed and fell apart, resulting in terrifying vibrations that even led several of the archers above the City Wall to be shaken down.

None: Idiom: 惊天动地 – world-shaking

"Warlock, Warlock-Alchemist!! They have a Warlock!!" A young captain saw this scene above the City Wall, as he mumbled while being frightened stiff.

Note: Idiom: 心胆俱裂 – to be scared out of one’s wits

The archers were also extremely ashen-faced as they trembled.

Warlock is this world's most powerful existence. Some powerful Warlocks are like gods to the common people. Now that the City Gate was broken, those warriors lost their confidence, as they had to contend with the legend that is a Warlock.

Only those strongest elite troops, that went through the harshest of trainings, posses the courage to resist a Warlock. Black-Rock Town, this kind of insignificant existence, doesn't possess troops with courage to confront a powerful Warlock.

"Kneel, lay down your weapons and surrender or else die, those who resist will die without questions asked!" A Bladed-troop loudly shouted from the middle of the crowd.

The archers above the City Wall, as their bodies trembled, hesitated for a moment. An archer took the lead and dropped his weapon, then kneeled on the ground. As if caused by a chain reaction, the remaining warriors also dropped their weapons and kneeled on the ground.

Yang Feng dispatched 5 Bladed-troops to take charge of the captives before proceeding forward and leading the bulk of his forces inside Black-Rock Town.

Inside Black-Rock Town rules silence. All the town's folk have already hidden inside their homes, and then observed Yang Feng's group with dismay in their eyes.

Black-Rock Castle's City Wall is 10m tall, with a diameter of up to 1Km. It is completely made out of black rock, to the extent that it's comparable to steel in hardness. The 10m tall City Wall, even a Knight rank expert would be unable to jump it over, as for a Great Knight rank expert, he'd have to remove his heavy armor, only then might he jump over the tall City Wall.

Above Black-Rock Castle's City Wall stood more than 200 warriors, all wearing leather armor and all kinds of weapons, while standing on their posts. Their spirit is obviously several times more vigorous than that of Autumn-Leaf Castle warriors'.

Above the City Wall two heavyweight crossbows are set, reaching a length of 7m. The bolt's length also reaches 7m. It requires 5 or 6 people to work in tune in order to operate each heavyweight crossbow. Under the crossbows destructive might, even a powerful Great Knight rank could also be killed if shot by its bolt.

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