Medical Princess

Chapter 1201 - Chapter 1201 Are You Trying to Rebel?

Chapter 1201 - Chapter 1201 Are You Trying to Rebel?

Chapter 1201 Are You Trying to Rebel?

Shao Jing looked sad. Looking at Madam Jiang’s reluctant face, he said sadly to Chu Liuchen with red eyes, “Your Highness, Madam Jiang is my wife, and now Ru’er… I can’t bear to divorce her. It’s my fault that she ended up like this. I hope you can understand.”

Chu Liuchen didn’t say anything. His eyes fell on Shao Jing and Madam Jiang. After a long while, he suddenly asked Madam Jiang, “Madam Jiang, was what you said before true? Did Marquis Xing really kill the Heir of Duke Xing and Infanta Qinghua in order to compete for his title?”

Madam Jiang trembled. At this time, she had no intention of fighting to the death. She was so flustered that her face turned pale, and she couldn’t help stepping back behind Shao Jing. Prince Chen in front of her was giving her too great pressure that she couldn’t even speak properly for a while. “Your… Your Highness, I was… talking nonsense just now.”

She still had a son, who might inherit Marquis Xing’s Mansion. She couldn’t ruin all of this.

Shao Jing breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that if Madam Jiang said that again, he would not be able to defend himself. Fortunately, Madam Jiang was still rational and did not keep messing around.

“Your Highness, look… she just couldn’t bear the sadness for a while, so she suddenly lost her mind. She’ll be fine after resting for a few days. It’s all my fault for having you and Princess Chen startled.” Shao Jing smiled bitterly and reached out to gently pull Madam Jiang.

Madam Jiang didn’t struggle this time. She lowered her head to hide her panic-stricken face. She was also scared now.

“This kind of thing can’t be said at will. Since Madam Jiang thinks so, let’s go to the Ministry of Justice to file a case. The case of the former Heir of Duke Xing is very suspicious!” Chu Liuchen said slowly, with a little unknown meaning in his eyes. He slightly smiled, but there were still no smiles in his eyes.

“Your Highness, Madam Jiang said those words just because her disease was flaring up. It can’t be taken seriously. I hope you can forgive her,” Shao Jing pleaded in a very humble manner.

“Marquis Xing, it’s too late to say that. I’ve sent my men to inform the Ministry of Justice just now.” A faint smile appeared on Chu Liuchen’s face.

Xiao Xuanzi said to Shao Jing with a chuckle, “Your Grace, His Highness has sent our men there just now. They may arrive soon. You’d better prepare yourself in case the officials of the Ministry of Justice ask about it!”

Shao Jing staggered and almost fell. His face turned livid and pale. Even though he had been an official for so many years, he had never expected that Prince Chen, who was a sick man, would be so difficult to deal with. “It’s just a trivial matter. Why is he taking it to the Ministry of Justice for real? Are those officials that idle to deal with such a trivial matter?”

“Your Highness, the Ministry of Justice is a fair and dignified place. Anyway, we shouldn’t disturb the Ministry of Justice for the sake of my wife and me!” Shao Jing still tried to struggle.

“The officials of the Ministry of Justice are here.” Chu Liuchen ignored him, looking at two rows of people coming in. Wen Xichi from the Ministry of Justice happened to be one of them.

“Xiao Xuanzi, ask the guys to prepare the horses. You will stay here and talk to Lord Wen of the Ministry of Justice. My Lady and I are going back to the mansion!”

“Yes, Your Highness.” Xiao Xuanzi instructed a guard to prepare the horses, and he went forward to greet the officials.

When Madam Jiang said those words, a lot of people heard her. At present, even if she wanted to deny it, she couldn’t. Xiao Xuanzi had been waiting outside the gate for a long time and had watched the whole thing. It was indeed best to have him stay and explain this matter.

In such a mess, no one cared who sent the news of Shao Yanru’s death to Madam Jiang.

When the carriage of Marquis Xing’s Mansion came out, Shao Wanru had already taken her seat. When Chu Liuchen got on the carriage, the coachman waved his whip. The carriage left, leaving a large group of people around Marquis Xing’s Mansion. No one was willing to leave after what had happened. They continued to keep an eye on the situation.

The matter of the Marquis Xing’s Mansion was really interesting. At present, it seemed that Madam Jiang was not really crazy. No one could tell who was telling the truth between her and Shao Jing.

The crowd separated, and the officials of the Ministry of Justice came over.

Wen Xichi looked businesslike. After cupping one hand in the other before his chest to Shao Jing, he asked someone to take Madam Jiang back to take her statement.

“Third Young Master Wen, Madam Jiang was really talking nonsense just now. She was sick and didn’t even know what she was talking about!” Shao Jing helplessly stopped in front of Wen Xichi and didn’t allow him to take Madam Jiang away.

“Marquis Xing, it’s His Highness’s order. He said that someone killed his father-in-law. Also, many people heard your wife say that. The Ministry of Justice has to do official business according to official principles,” Wen Xichi said slowly.

How could Shao Jing let Madam Jiang go to the Hall of the Ministry of Justice? He got anxious and said, “But Madam Jiang has high status, so she can’t go there!”

Wen Xichi remained unmoved and said, “Marquis Xing, His Highness has made the command. Since he said so, the officials of the Ministry of Justice will do as he says. Unless you can ask for more powerful help, we can only do as His Highness says.”

Two officials of the Ministry of Justice came up to take Madam Jiang away. She was scared and reached out to pull Shao Jing’s sleeve. She no longer had the courage to fight to the death as before.

“Third Young Master Wen…” Marquis Xing still wanted to say something, but Wen Xichi had already waved his hand. Someone came over and pulled Madam Jiang back.

Madam Jiang was still holding Shao Jing’s hand. After he was dragged for a few steps, Madam Jiang’s hand finally fell.

“Your Grace… we have been husband and wife for many years. We’re in the same boat. Your Grace, don’t forget what you promised me!” Madam Jiang burst into tears and reached out to grab Shao Jing, but she had been dragged away.

Seeing that Wen Xichi showed no mercy to him, Shao Jing got angry. He reached out to pull out a sword from the waist of a guard beside him, stretched it forward, and said harshly, “Wen Xichi, no one can take away Madam Jiang at will. That will never happen, not when I’m still alive!”

He pointed the sword straight at Wen Xichi’s chest.

“He’s actually fighting with an official of the Ministry of Justice.” Everyone gasped and became even more unwilling to leave. “What’s going on now? Why is it so intense?”

Wen Xichi looked at the horizontal sword in front of him and then at Shao Jing. He looked extremely calm and said expressionlessly, “Are you trying to rebel, Marquis Xing?”

His words were so harsh that Shao Jing couldn’t bear it. The sword in his hand shook twice and fell to the ground.

“Don’t worry, Marquis Xing. If there’s no problem with this matter, we’ll definitely send your wife back. But now she has to go to the Ministry of Justice to make a statement. Since His Highness has pressed charges against Madam Jiang because of this matter, I may have to ask you to go there later. I’ll go back now.”

Wen Xichi cupped his hands to Shao Jing, turned around, and left with his subordinates.

Shao Jing winked at Madam Jiang, who didn’t dare to struggle anymore and could only leave with the officials of the Ministry of Justice.

When Madam Jiang said those words before, they were having a big fight at that time. At first, no one took what she said seriously. But now, after calming down and thinking about it carefully, they looked at Shao Jing with some doubts. If what she said was true, the Marquis Xing’s Mansion would probably get into big trouble.

This was especially true for Shao Jing’s branch. This matter would not only be about a couple fighting fiercely.

When Shao Jing returned to the mansion, he felt that his feet were floating. Standing in the mansion, he only felt that everything in front of him was dark. Only by supporting himself with a tree could he stand firm.

How could things become like this? It was just a small scheme to let Madam Jiang die in Shao Wanru’s hands. How could it be involved in what had happened back then?

That matter had been deeply buried in his heart. He had never mentioned it to Madam Jiang. If the matter of killing his brother was exposed, he would be doomed.

When he sneaked to the border that year, he didn’t tell Madam Jiang because he was on guard against her. They had been husband and wife for so many years, so Madam Jiang must have had some speculations. But those speculations remained only guesses. Shao Jing had never thought that Madam Jiang would suddenly try to perish with him in front of so many people.

In order to hide what had happened at that time, he even secretly tried his best to prevent Yan Xi from entering the capital city. He was afraid that when Yan Xi entered the capital city, his father would also send people over. After that, his being at the border at that time would be exposed, which would arouse the suspicion of Rui’an Great Elder Princess.

“Madam Jiang, it’s all Madam Jiang’s fault…”𝐟𝓇𝒆𝐞w𝐞𝙗𝓷o𝘷𝐞𝒍. c𝐨𝒎

Gritting his teeth, he calmed down. He had to find a way to prevent Madam Jiang from destroying him.

A servant girl came over in a hurry. When she saw Shao Jing standing there with his eyes slightly closed, she hurried forward and said, “Your Grace, Old Madam wants to see you!”

Shao Jing opened his eyes and said, “Tell her that I’ll be there in a minute!”

“Yes, Your Grace.” The servant girl did not dare to say anything else and turned around to report his words.

Shao Jing closed his eyes again. He then turned around and went to Shao Hua’an’s study. When he arrived at the study, he asked the servant to guard the door before striding in.

“Father!” Shao Hua’an, who was reading a book, hurriedly stood up and bowed when he saw Shao Jing coming in.

“No need for the courtesy. Take your seat!” Shao Jing sat down on one side and waved to the servant who served Shao Hua’an, indicating that he should leave.

After the servant left, Shao Jing held his head and said, “Your mother made trouble at the gate just now and tried to fight me to the death. She also said I killed your uncle and Infanta Qinghua.”

“What?” Shao Hua’an didn’t understand and said in astonishment, “Wasn’t Mother in the backyard? How did she manage to make trouble at the gate? And what nonsense did she say?”

“I don’t know how your mother sneaked out of Marquis Xing’s Mansion and went to the front gate to make trouble. Prince Chen was here today. When he heard her talking nonsense that I had hurt your Eldest Uncle, he called the officials of the Ministry of Justice over!” Shao Jing lowered his head and said listlessly, “Your mother is trying to kill us!”

“Father… what… what should we do?” Shao Hua’an was shocked. This time, he finally heard it clearly. “She said that Father hurt Eldest Uncle? How could she say that casually? And it even alarmed the Ministry of Justice.”

“Go to the Ministry of Justice later and ask about your mother. Tell her not to make trouble anymore. You know what happened to Ru’er. She thinks that she can’t have a mistress’s daughter take away what Ru’er was supposed to have, but I… but I…” Shao Jing pinched the space between his eyebrows and said with a headache, “I don’t know who provoked her to say that. How could she leave you alone… Your mother is really crazy!”

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