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Chapter 1202 - Chapter 1202 The Mother and Son’s Conspiracy

Chapter 1202 - Chapter 1202 The Mother and Son’s Conspiracy

Chapter 1202 The Mother and Son’s Conspiracy

“Father, what should we do now?” Shao Hua’an asked anxiously.

“Your mother has made such a scene… I don’t know what to do for a while… If it goes on like this, the security of our mansion will be in trouble, and your sister’s matter…” Shao Jing sighed and was very annoyed. “Your mother should have just stayed in the yard. Why did she suddenly come out and say such things to me?”

“Father, did you go to see Mother before?” Shao Hua’an had an idea.

“Your Fifth Sister went to see her and said something to her,” Shao Jing said.

“Fifth Sister must have said something to make Mother at a loss.” Shao Hua’an’s eyes flashed slightly.

“Even if she had told your mother the news of your sister’s death, your mother shouldn’t have said that I killed your Eldest Uncle,” Shao Jing said with a frown.

In any case, it was Madam Jiang who said this, and Shao Wanru couldn’t take the blame. Moreover, Madam Jiang didn’t have a good relationship with Shao Wanru. It was impossible for her to listen to Shao Wanru’s words and deliberately frame Shao Jing.

There was silence in the room. After a long while, Shao Hua’an raised his head and said with some struggle in his eyes, “Father, shall I go to see Mother?”

“It’s best for you to go and see her. I made such a scene with her before. If I go at this time and something happens to your mother again, it will make me appear suspicious.”

Shao Jing looked at Shao Hua’an with a kind look and said, “Everything I have will be yours. My title of nobility and everything else I have will be yours only. I’m so old, and you’re my only son. It’s impossible for me to have another son in the future!”

Shao Hua’an fell silent again with a trace of deepness across his eyes. He suddenly clenched his fists and lowered his head without saying anything in response to what Shao Jing said. He was speechless for a moment.

Shao Jing whispered again in a deep voice, “I know… it must have been hard on you. But if we don’t do this… we can only let them investigate it. You know what the officers of the Ministry of Justice can do. If Prince Chen keeps using this as an excuse, it will be difficult for the Marquis Xing’s Mansion to get away… If something happens to me, you won’t get my title of nobility, and your sister’s matter won’t be settled.”

Shao Hua’an shook his head and said with difficulty, “Father… but…”

“Hua’an, I know what you want to say, but it’s all your mother’s fault. If she had stayed in the mansion, nothing would have happened,” Shao Jing said. He reached out to rub his eyebrows again and continued, “I don’t want things to end up this way either.”

“Are you sure, Father? Didn’t you say that you wanted to marry that E’niang and make her a secondary legal wife?” Shao Hua’an raised his head and glared at Shao Jing angrily. It was unknown where his anger came from.

He didn’t ask about the affairs of the mansion, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t know anything.

A man could only have one secondary legal wife. Since Madam Jiang was his secondary legal wife, who had been degraded, Shao Jing couldn’t marry another secondary legal wife. If he had to marry another woman, he could only make her his legitimate wife. However, E’niang wasn’t noble enough to be his legitimate wife no matter what.

His original legitimate wife was now his secondary legal wife, and his original mistress was now his legitimate wife. If Shao Jing really makes this happen, he would lose his official title, and even his title of nobility in the Marquis Xing’s Mansion might be removed.

“Didn’t you know that?” Shao Jing looked at Shao Hua’an calmly and said, “For the sake of your sister, we can only do this.”

What he said seemed to reveal the unbearable scene in Shao Hua’an’s heart. He threw all the teacups beside him to the ground with hatred. The teacups made a sound of breaking, making the room particularly quiet and oppressive.

Shao Jing was not angry at his son’s rebellious behavior. He stood up, patted Shao Hua’an’s hand, and said, “Hua’an, think about it. Make your decision quickly. I’m going to see your grandma now. She must have been frightened!” Then, he strode away. When he reached the door, he turned his head and reminded him, “Hurry up. It’s not good to be late!”

After that, he went out. When he walked out of the door, she heard a bang in the room, as if something had fallen down.

The servants were so scared that they didn’t dare to move. Why did the Eldest Young Master, who used to be gentle and elegant, lose his temper when the Marquis had just gone out?

Shao Jing also heard the noise, but he didn’t stop. No one could let him stop, not even Madam Jiang and Shao Hua’an.

Old Madam had already gotten up and asked her servants to check the door several times. Seeing Shao Jing coming over, Nanny Yu hurried in to report and then stood outside the door.

The mother and son talked inside the room, and Nanny Yu outside the door lowered her head. It seemed that she was watching the movement for them outside, but in fact, her heart had not calmed down yet.

She had guessed what Old Madam and Marquis Xing were up to, but she didn’t dare to remind Princess Chen.

In fact, Nanny Yu didn’t want to see the conflict between Princess Chen and Old Madam develop to this point. As early as the first time they met, Nanny Yu had thought that Princess Chen had a good character.

However, Madam Jiang didn’t like Princess Chen. She had plotted against her again and again, and even the Third Madam had taken advantage of that. The First Miss, who looked gentle, had been scheming in secret and acted viciously. She was even more vicious than Madam Jiang.

Nanny Yu didn’t believe that Old Madam didn’t notice all of this. Even though the First Miss had been humble and obedient in front of Old Madam again and again, Old Madam couldn’t be deceived to the extent that she knew nothing.

But Old Madam really trusted Madam Jiang and the First Miss that she pressured Princess Chen again and again.

Nanny Yu was actually an outsider and also an insider. She carefully hid her thoughts and helped Old Madam do things. In fact, she always felt that Old Madam was wrong, ridiculously wrong.

After Princess Chen returned to the mansion, Old Madam should have been very kind to her. She was a girl who had lost her parents and had been missing, so shouldn’t her grandmother take good care of her? Moreover, she had saved Old Madam’s life. Nanny Yu thought that it was really heartless of Old Madam to do what she was doing.

This also reminded Nanny Yu of something secretly. Old Madam trusted her very much at the moment, but maybe she would die in Old Madam’s hands in the future. Old Madam didn’t look like she cared about the past.

Nanny Yu had been keeping an eye on Princess Chen. The more she contacted her, the more flustered and scared she became. Princess Chen was obviously not some weak Miss. If someone targeted her, she would not cry in vain but stretch out her sharp claws and give her opponent a hard slap.

She was indeed a ruthless girl.

Old Madam and Marquis Xing had a good discussion about what had happened today, but now there was such a big mistake, which even placed the entire Marquis Xing’s Mansion into the teeth of the storm.

Old Madam and Marquis Xing had figured out what to do next cautiously. They thought that they had planned it out, but they didn’t expect that it was within Princess Chen’s expectations.

At the thought that she had become so powerful at such a young age, Nanny Yu thought that if she kept working for Old Madam, she would either be pushed out by Old Madam to take the blame or be killed without leaving a trace. Princess Chen had clearly threatened her before.

She struggled inwardly and looked up at the slightly closed door. “Old Madam is now my master. I’m unwilling to betray her, but is Princess Chen in the wrong? She’s not at fault at all. It’s Old Madam and the entire Marquis Xing’s Mansion who should be blamed.

“Even if Princess Chen wants to destroy the entire Marquis Xing’s Mansion, so what?”

Thinking of this, Nanny Yu trembled and hurriedly lowered her head again. “That’s impossible. The Marquis Xing’s Mansion will belong to the young inheritor in the future. He is Princess Chen’s younger brother. Princess Chen wouldn’t be so cruel.

“Then, what should I do? Should I still help Old Madam?” Nanny Yu stood at the door with her eyes full of darkness. She was in a dilemma.

In terms of reason and feelings, she was more inclined to support Princess Chen, but she couldn’t bear to betray her current master.

Nanny Yu moved forward a little. She could not hear what they were talking about inside from the distance before. After taking a few steps closer, she vaguely heard Old Madam’s and Marquis Xing’s voices. Nanny Yu’s face turned slightly pale. She had never been so close to them before. Every time they did not want to be disturbed, she would stand outside and guard, and she would stay far away from the door.

But now, she had overstepped the boundary.

She looked around and found that no one noticed that she was too close to the door. When Old Madam and Marquis Xing were discussing something inside, no one dared to look over, let alone take the initiative to get closer to them. Of course, no one could find that Nanny Yu was much closer to the door this time than before.

“Second Brother, will there be trouble?” Old Madam’s trembling voice came from inside.

Hearing the news from outside, Old Madam almost fainted. If it was really confirmed, the entire Marquis Xing’s Mansion would be doomed.

“Mother, it’s Madam Jiang’s fault now.” Shao Jing’s voice was calm.

“Madam Jiang is so useless. Instead of talking nonsense at the gate, she might as well die soon so as not to get us harmed.” Old Madam cursed with hatred. She really hoped that Madam Jiang would die soon. At this time, she hated Madam Jiang so much that she completely forgot that her previously most trusted daughter-in-law was Madam Jiang.

“Mother… I’m afraid we’ll have to trouble Nanny Yu with this,” Shao Jing said in a low voice.

“What do you mean?” Old Madam rolled her eyes and asked him, glancing at the door. Nanny Yu was standing outside the door now, but Old Madam was not afraid that she would hear their conversation. Nanny Yu had always been well-behaved and could not get close to the door. Old Madam had deliberately tested it. Nanny Yu could not hear them clearly from where she was standing.

“Ask Nanny Yu and other servants to prove that Princess Chen has visited Madam Jiang,” Shao Jing said.

“What’s the use of doing that now? So what if she has gone to see Madam Jiang? Does she have the power to make Madam Jiang talk nonsense? Everyone knows that they don’t get along well with each other!” Old Madam said impatiently. The most important thing at the moment was to deal with Madam Jiang. She would deal with Shao Wanru later.

Shao Jing clicked his tongue, slammed the corner of the table, and said, “Mother, that’s not what I mean. I’ll just ask those people to prove that Madam Jiang became so crazy and talked nonsense because Princess Chen provoked her and told her about Ru’er’s death, which drove her crazy. That’s why she said such lunatic words.”

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