Medical Princess

Chapter 14 Fenghua Glass Light

"You want that Fenghua glass light?" marveled Mrs. Qin.

"Yes!" Qin Wan blinked and nodded.

"You really want it?" Mrs. Qin asked again.

"I really want it!" Qin Wanru said with resignation. Actually, it was not what she wanted, but Prince Chen who wanted it. Even if she did not ride on his coattail, she dared to offend him.

Since a Fenghua glass light could satisfy him, why not giving it to him!

"Why does Prince Chen want the Fenghua glass light? His role is so extravagant. He must have seen all the good products, so why does he want my Fenghua glass light? There must be something to do with it."

"Fenghua glass light is certainly precious. As a prince, what treasures cannot he own?"

Now look at grandmother's behavior, Qin Wanru gained a deep understanding that this Fenghua glass light was probably not simple. But she did not want to ask!

"Grandmother did not have the Fenghua glass light!" Seeing Qin Wanru was persistent, Mrs. Qin sighed and waved, letting the rest of the room go outside.

"Why grandmother did not own it?" After all the people went outside, Qin Wanru asked curiously.

"A few days ago, I gave it to the master of Jingxin monastery. I planned to donate it, but when I thought it was inappropriate, I let her help me keep it for a while. I was supposed to redeem it by sesame oil money but I did not redeem it!"

Mrs. Qin said evasively, looking at Qin Wanru with heavy eyes.

"Grandma doesn't like the Fenghua glass light? I think it's very beautiful!" Qin Wanru turned her head and asked inexplicably, "Based on what grandma has said, you do not want the Fenghua light glass. Or, say, the Fenghua light glass is a hot potato?"

"If it is true, it's better to give it to prince Chen as soon as possible."

"There is something in the hands of ordinary people that will make trouble."

"I don't like it very much! I will recall something when I look at it!" Mrs. Qin said, shaking her head and sighing, "Since Wan'er likes it, you can take a hundred liang to the monastery as sesame oil money tomorrow and bring this Fenghua glass light by the way!"

There was something that Mrs. Qin actually wanted to avoid, but it seemed that there was a destiny. The thing belonging to someone could not been taken.

Mrs. Qin did not want to say more about this. After saying this, she cared about Qin Wanru's injury again and let people serve her.

Qin Wanru said nothing that night and when she woke up the next day, she felt that the wound was not so painful. After Qing Yue served her to get up, she went to wish old grandma good morning. Old grandma gave her a hundred liang and let her go to the monastery.

Jingxin monastery was small outside Jiangzhou city with few people coming here. It was said that the master was enlightened but still lived here. Old grandma liked her very much and used to come here to worship the Buddha when she went outside the city.

Qin Wanru was intimate to Mrs. Qin who had come here for more times. Qin Wanru had followed her every time, so she was also very familiar with Jingxin monastery.

So she was only accompanied by Qingfeng and went outside.

However, she was blocked by two mammies at the Chuihua door.

"Her ladyship, the lady and the general said that at this time, no one could go out so as not to make trouble!" The mammy said.

Qin Wanru frowned.

"Her ladyship has orders from her old grandma to go to Jingxin Monastery. Get out of the way." Qing Yue who was behind Qin Wanyue stepped out and said.

"According to the lady and the general, it is better not to travel, especially lady Wanru," the two mammies said firmly. It seemed that they were respectful, but they just pretended to be respectful.

"Everyone knows that lady Wanru is not born by the lady. She is even not favored by the lady. Moreover, it was ordered by the general. They repeated that lady Wanru should be kept watched on. Even if she was allowed to go outside by the old lady, she had to get permission from the general."

Therefore, the two mammies got clout.

"How dare you are..." Qing Yue was furious because they did not obey what the old lady said.

"Let's go!" Looking at the two tough women, Qin Wanru pulled the sleeves of Qingyue. She turned back and left. It was reasonable to come across with it. "Even if I have gotten the permission from old Grandmother, I am afraid that it will make old grandmother grow apart from father."

She could only rely on old grandma. She should never make old grandma grow apart from father to the extent that was out of control.

However, she had to go out. She thought about it and immediately turned in the next arch and walked to the backyard...

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