Medical Princess

Chapter 15 Is This Related to Me?

"Qin Wanru, you want to go out to fetch Fenghua glass light?" Prince Chen said in a mild tone and raised his black eyes with his customary elegance. He turned over and coughed weakly and sickly.

One day was enough for him to know Qin Wanru.

Of course, Qin Wanru knew that the so-called gentleness was actually an illusion.

"Yes, I hope that the prince can help!" Qin Wanru requested sincerely though she was nervous. If there is anyone in the house who can persuade father to let me go, he must be prince Chen in front of me.

"Is this related to me?" The young man raised his beautiful eyes and looked at her with his head tilted. His smile was still elegant but his tone was a bit of ironic.

"It is the Fenghua glass light that the prince wants." Qin Wanru said respectfully with her fist clenched. It seemed that she did not see the irony in his eyes.

"I wanna see whether you can go out on your own or not!" Prince Chen narrowed his eyes at the same time. The original pale face immediately seemed to be evil because of this expression. He was no longer a beautiful young boy. "If you cannot go outside your own house, you don't need to fetch the Fenghua glass light!"

"Well...Prince did not care about the previous things?" Qin Wanru exulted and asked cautiously.

"How come! Am I so agreeable?" Prince Chen sneered with his eyes turning dark, which lowered Qin Wanru's head.

"Go. Fetch me the Fenghua glass light. Qin Wanru, I will promise you another benefit!" Prince Chen said lazily.


"What! You don't like it?" It seemed that the handsome face showed gloom.

"Yes, all by the prince!" Qin Wanru said with her teeth set.

"There is one right sentence said by him was right. I've been grown up here. Since I can't go out, maybe I can slip out."

"Moreover, I'm looking forward to the benefit he has promised to me as a prince."

"Come back as soon as possible!" Prince Chen waved his hand. Qin Wanru glanced at him secretly. Now, he seemed to be happy. His facial expression changed so fast.

She held her fist tightly, bowed respectfully and left. Then she stood outside the door, frowned. She heard a sinister and smug laughter inside the door and she clenched her thin lips unconsciously.

Prince Chen inside was deliberate.

"Her ladyship, how can we go out?" Qing Yue entered the door just now and dared not to lift her head. Now, after they left the room, she felt relieved but also became worried.

"Go to the old place!" Qin Wanru said firmly with a long breath exhaled.

"But... but the old lady does not allow you to go again!" Qing Yue said in a hurry. On hearing this old place, Qingyue was nervous.

"Don't be afraid. Nobody will know if both of us keep it as a secret. You go to let people prepare a carriage firstly. When I leave the yard, let's go to Jingxin Monastery," Qin Wanru ordered. Now, there was only this method.

"Yes, I will go right away. Her ladyship, be careful!" Qing Yue was worried and said it again before leaving the courtyard of Prince Chen with Qin Wanru in different directions.

" fact, it is just a hand-picked effort," Xiao Xuanzi, the eunuch of prince Chen, whispered cautiously after Prince Chen laughed with his brows when he saw the pitiful girl.

"I'm sick so I can't lift my hands!" The beautiful young boy in Gaochun was indifferent, and then stood up with interest. "Let's go out and see. It's so boring that staying in it all time."

"Prince, you'd better have a good rest. This time that doctor will come here. If you can treated by him, it's likely that Prince will recover!" Xiao Xuanzi persuaded his master in hurry on hearing that his master wants to go out. His master is not in good health so he cannot go out as he wants like others.

If his master was sick again, he couldn't pay for it even if he used his own life.

"Let's go and have fun!" The teenager said, ignoring Xiao Xuanzi and walking outside.

Xiao Xuanzi dared not to stop when he saw him out. He took the cloak of Prince Chen on the screen on his one side and chased it out. When he arrived at the door, he was followed by two guards.

There was a swing at the corner of the garden, which was hanging on a big tree. There was a row of green vines on one side with purple flowers, which were very beautiful. Green leaves were blown by the wind and the buds were about to bloom.

Here was where Qin Wanru liked to come most. The swing was made by people ordered by her. The green vines were also planted by her. The little corner of this garden almost belonged to her but she was not allowed to come again by the old lady after falling once from the swing.

And here was the place where she and Qing Yue called the "old place".

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