Medical Princess

Chapter 20 A Seal Which Could Not Be Found

"Can I request that the prince help me get hold of an item?" Qin Wanru said softly, testing the water. She was certain that he had brought with him many men on this trip, given his status. Although there were only a few men here with them, Qin Wanru these were but some of the many men who showed themselves openly. There was bound to be many other men who were secretly watching over the prince.

"What item is that?" said Chu Liuchen, smiling slightly with grace. It looked as if he was not the devil who provoked Qin Wanru to the point of gnashing her teeth.

"A seal." Even Qin Wanru did not fully understand the use and purpose of this seal. What she knew was that Qin Yuru had used this seal to obtain favor from the Old Ladyship of Xing Kingdom, and was subsequently taken into the royal family to be taken care of as an adopted daughter for a period of time.

For this reason, Qin Yuru had used her status to trample Qin Wanru underfoot and even their grandmother was repressed by her.

Qin Wanru did not understand how this seal could be of such great use. Moreover, it seemed to be linked to her in some ways. She only had a glimpse of it when she was pinned down by Qin Yuru in a struggle with her. At that time she was full of rage when Qin Yuru waved it before her eyes to show it off.

"Do you know this is, Qin Wanru? It was said that this seal belonged to you, but now, it belonged to me. In fact, Xing Kingdom's ladyship had been gracious to me all because I am holding to this seal! So what if you have given your all, even your life? What can grandma do to me, now I have the royal family of Xing Kingdom backing me up?"

She remembered Qin Yuru's impudent burst of laughter when the seal fell out of her hand onto Qin Wanru's face, which allowed her to have a glimpse at close proximity. What followed was her head being pinned to the floor, her hair being pulled tightly then forcefully knocked on the floor. She remembered seeing a puddle of blood before her eyes and she fell into complete darkness.

It was all memory but she could almost feel the pain and witness the scene all over again before her eyes. She unconsciously tightened her fists in rage, as she tried to visualize a realistic picture of what happened then...

All of those pain had passed since she had been reborn!

"What kind of a seal? Who is holding on to it now?" Chu Liuchen inquired curiously.

"It's a seal engraved with the pattern of the bluegrass. I suppose it's with my mother. However, I'm not sure where she had hidden it. Please help me get hold of it, Prince Chen!" said Qin Wanru, suppressing the hate in her voice. She then took a deep breath and bowed slightly to the prince as she implored.

She had initially wanted to slowly meet out a plan to lay hold of the seal, but since Prince Chen had agreed to do her this favor, Qin Wanru thought this would be the best chance she could ever ask for. She thought it was not difficult for Prince Chen to locate an item.

She had to lay hold of the seal first in order to severe Qin Yuru's relationship with the royal family of Xing Kingdom. Stripped of the royal family as Qin Yuru's backing, Qin Wanru and her grandmother would not be perpetually repressed.

This had to be settled as soon as possible!

"A seal with the pattern of bluegrass on it! This is rare to come by, I suppose it's a personal seal. Are there any engravings on it?" said Chu Liuchen lazily with a smile, but there was tenderness in his voice.

Were there any engravings? She vaguely remembered there were some, however, her vision was blurred at that time when she was being beaten up bloody.

"Your Highness, I vaguely remember that there were engravings, but what I'm certain is the bluegrass pattern at the middle," Qin Wanru reconfirmed.

"I can help you look for it, but you have to remember, Qin Wanru, that you owe me a favor after this," Chu Liuchen said casually.

Did he not promise to give her some advantages? How did this become favor owed to him?

Qin Wanru knew she had no other choice. The seal was too important to her. It was so important that she was willing to risk owing Prince Chen this favor, to her, it was worth going down this path.

Moreover, taking into consideration the status of Prince Chen, it was highly unlikely that she would be able to help him in any way even if she were to exhaust all her strength. She was certain he would not take this so-called favor owed seriously.

"Alright, I guess this will be a favor I owe you," Qin Wanru had no choice but to nod in compromise.

"Remember to repay this favor!" Chu Liuchen gently reminded her once again, giving her a side glanced as he smiled. However, she thought she glimpsed a solemn yet chilling look in his eyes, and all of sudden, she realized that this agreement was not going to be as simple as she thought.

She could feel a vague sense of wanting to recoil, but she quickly suppressed her panic and reaffirmed him saying, "Yes, Your Highness, I will definitely repay what I owe."

Once these words left her mouth, she knew there was no turning back for her.

"Alright, please sketch the bluegrass pattern for me!" instructed Chu Liuchen, smiling, as he pointed toward the low table by the window.

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