Medical Princess

Chapter 19 Xiao Xunzi Who Bore False Testimony

Qin Wanru had entered the room directly this time.

The guards at the gates must have wondered how she got out in the first place. Nevertheless, since the general and wife only instructed them not to let her out, but did not say not to let her in, so they did not dare to stop her.

Although Second Miss was never the mistress's favored daughter, Qin Wanru had always been the one old grandma doted on, and so no one in the Ningyuan Army General's house dared to be rude to her.

Qin Wanru headed straight to the house where Prince Chen was. She was soon summoned into the house after waiting for a bit outside.

Qin Wanru realized that Prince Chen seemed to have changed into a new of clothes within since the last time she saw him.

He was currently clad in a bright red robe, which no man would have carried with grace. Only Prince Chen would have looked so stunningly handsome in such apparel.

However, she also noticed that his lips were paler and overall, he looked even frailer than before.

Prince Chen's comely appearance even aroused a fit of slight jealousy in Qin Wanru.

Supporting his weight on one arm on the table, Prince Chen averted his eyes to Qin Wanru as she entered the room to size her up. The corners of his lips curled up in a teasing smile. Coupled with his glittery eyes, he appeared to be flirting with her.

At least this was the feeling Qin Wanru getting. However, she knew better to fear for her life than to actually believe that he was flirting with her because he fancied her.

In her opinion, no one would be worthy of such a handsome man. At the very least, she remembered from her previous life that Prince Chen had not even gotten married when she died.

"Have you found it?" asked Chu Liuchen with raised eyebrows and deep, sparkly eyes.

"Please have a look, Prince Chen, to see if this was it!" Qin Wanru took the small rucksack from Qin Yue's hands and offered it respectfully to him.

Xiao Xunzi hurriedly took over the rucksack and opened it, thereafter, presented the content from the rucksack to Chu Liuchen by placing it on the table in front of him.

Chu Liuchen held it with his hand and fiddled with it for a while before he nodded and said, "This is it, I guess I'll let you off for disturbing me with all that commotion!"

"What about the other matter which King Chen talked about?" hinted Qin Wanru gently, pressing her lips together anxiously and continued, "We had ventured out on our own without asking for help from anyone else."

She was trying to remind him of the advantage he promised her, although actually, she needed his help.

"Not bad! I could see you actually managed to get out of the house on your own!" said Chu Liuchen, squinting. His pale face told her that was feeling fatigued and he leaned back lazily.

"Are you tired, Master?" Xiao Xuanzi stuttered as he saw Chu Liuchen's exhausted look.

"Indeed I am!" Chu Liuchen nodded. He closed his eyes as the smile on his face faded and then totally disappeared.

Qin Wanru began to blush from rage. She could not believe that he actually forgot about his promise to her.

He was obviously trying to go back on his words. How could a Duke, no, a crown prince go back on his words?

"Let me help you inside, Master, so you may take a rest," Xiao Xuanzi said to his master cautiously.

"That's ... good!" said Chu Liuchen as he touched his head with his palm and slurred his words.

"Then... " Xiao Xuanzi was about to say something when Qin Wanru intercepted and said, "King Chen had promised to rewards me many advantages if I managed to bring you the glass lamp without anyone's help." Qin Wanru's patience was wearing thin.

Qin Wanru could hardly believe that this young prince was so shameless as to pretend exhaustion openly. He was obviously trying to fool her.

"It there such a thing as you claimed?" asked Chu Liuchen, peeping through his half-closed eyes.

"Yes indeed!" exclaimed Qin Wanru as she gritted her teeth. She would not give up pushing him as she truly needed his help. Otherwise, she would not risk her life to press him.

Although she was filled with fear inside her heart, she had to keep reminding herself that she was only a girl, a child, and it was forgivable for her to not behave sensibly.

"I never heard about anything like that," Xiao Xuanzi said in response.

The two were men were apparently ganging up against her in this matter. However, Xiao Xuanzi did look a little embarrassed when he heard the clarity and determination in her voice.

He was especially awkward when he bore false witness in the presence of the real witness.

"You two can argue over this, while I'm going to take a rest," Chu Liuchen said, looking weary on his face. He threw a side-way glance at Qin Wanru and squinted his eyes cunningly and continued, "Are you trying to ask me for a favor?"

"Nothing really," Qin Wanru replied. There was no point she insisted that he kept to his word when Prince Chen refused even to admit that he had ever made any promises! Qin Wanru suddenly came to her sense, that this was Prince Chen after all! She could only put away for angry expression and bowed her head in resignation.

She was a master at disguising after all. In her previous life, she was extremely hard on herself. She was ruthless, able to endure much hardship and smart, in that she knew when to act decisively and when to restrain herself. She was a hundred time better than those girls from the rich families who threw themselves at him.

However, he thought he could perhaps make some provision in his plans for her!

"Well, actually I'm open to negotiations. Tell me what good things I can do for you!"

Qin Wanru, who initially thought there was no hope, perked up and her eyes came to life when she heard his words.

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