Medical Princess

Chapter 26 Aunt Shui, Because of You

Seeing that she used such a dignified expression and statement to say such a thing, Shui Ruolan was shocked. She stretched out to reach Qin Wanru's hand, took her to the stool nearby and sat down, she also sat down in the opposite side of Qin Wanru.

"Who wants to hurt you and your aunt?"

"Has Aunt Shui stopped to manage things outside and asked Qionghua not to report what happened outside to you ever since she committed to the family temple in the past few days?" Qin Wanru asked.

"She wanted to have some quiet time for a few days!" Shui Ruolan's eyes started to wander.

"Aunt Shui should know about what happened between my big sister and Qi Tianyu. My sister wants to play up to the Duke Yong in the city, so my mother instigated Nanny Fang to tell me that I am the one that Qi Tianyu wants to marry, and asked me to agree. She also told me to hide it from Qi Tianyu, so he could be surprised when he lifted the curtain on my head when we were getting married!"

Qin Wanru said it calmly, as if she was talking about something of others. But the true meaning hid in the words made Shui Ruolan shocked.

She was not Qin Wanru as before, nor a child, so she could understand many things. "How··· how can it be? Qi Tianyu must like your sister. When they were together in the past, they were quite affectionate to each other. If you really marry to him, Qi Tianyu must hate you for the rest of his life!"

"Not just hate, they may ruin me forever." Qin Wanru bowed her head slightly, and hooked her lips because of sarcasm. They had done it in the last life, and they succeeded.

"Then··· then what to do···" Shui Ruolan nervously stared at Qin Wanru, and said with trembled voice.

"I found something wrong, so I asked someone to smash the bridal sedan chair, and found the secret letters between my sister and Duke Yong, then Qi Tianyu believed in me. After the scene got worse, the two families could only break off the marital engagement!" Qin Wanru simply said.

Shui Ruolan finally felt relieved when she found that Qin Wanru was not really fooled. But she suddenly asked with a strange look, "Didn't your father know about it?"

Shui Ruolan could tell that Mrs. Qin was not very good with Qin Wanru, whilst she was just a person who lived in the house of Ningyuan Army General.

"My father··· should know it too!" Qin Wanru lifted her head and looked at Shui Ruolan, biting her red lip slightly. "My father used to love me too, and he should have disagreed with such a thing, but he didn't say anything this time when he looked at the actions of my mother and big sister."

"Why?" Shui Ruolan's face was full of anger. She felt that Qin Huaiyong was not such a person because they were raised up together since childhood. If they were not engaged respectively before, it should be Shui Ruolan who would marry to Qin Huaiyuan.

"Aunt Shui, because of you!" Qin Wanru looked at Shui Ruolan, wished to speak out but stopped on a second thought.

"Me?" Shui Ruolan was stunned for a moment, and did not understand.

"Do you think that things were too coincident? The letter sent by Duke Yong should arrive ten days ago, then something happened to you, and you entered the family temple. After that Nanny Fang agitated me to declare that I should be marrying, she also said that I was the one that Qi Tianyu really liked and wanted to marry. She told me to cry about it in front of grandma when my sister immediately came over and agreed, and my father just stood by and watched!"

Qin Wanru slowly said.

The voice of the girl was a little bit soft, and it seemed to be particularly clear in this sullen family temple. Every single word in the ear, sounded with some unspeakable loneliness.

Shui Ruolan's face was blue, then white, and there was anger aroused between her eyes that she could not control. She didn't feel anything if they remained ambiguous, but once they were clear, she seemed to be suddenly aware of what happened.

"Mrs. Qin plotted against me?" Shui Ruolan suddenly stood up. "Not only that, but also made your father feel guilty, and didn't even want to care about anything of you!"

The latter sentence was not a question, but a direct affirmation.

Thinking of her innocence had become a leverage of Mrs. Qin, she couldn't control the anger at that time, even though she usually seemed to be a quiet person.

Her temper was quiet, and always maintained that way in daily life, but it did not mean that she was obedient. Shui Ruolan was not obedient, and she could be really furious when she was irritated sometimes.

Like right now. She was biting her teeth.

Qin Wanru also stood up, stretched out to grasp Shui Ruolan's sleeve and gently pacified her. "Aunt Shui you don't have to be mad. I have asked Qionghua when I was in the yard that the dishes she had were different from yours. Someone deliberately skimped your dishes."

The evidence was useless to others, but it was useful for Shui Ruolan.

"It must be Mrs. Qin who did this!" Shui Ruolan now understood everything. When she thought that she had been pushed to this dilemma by Mrs. Qin, she was so mad that her lips started to tremble.

"Aunt Shui, if you are planning to be so mild from now, it will only make my mother happy, and after that··· no one will protect my grandmother anymore. You know that my mother has never liked my grandmother, and my father may feel guilty to my mother because of this. So she could do anything she wants in the future!"

Qin Wanru's eyes flashed a glimmer of light. She said gently when looking at Shui Ruolan.

"I won't let her get what she wants!" Shui Ruolan said with hatred and turned and went out by pulling Qin Wanru. "Come on, let's go and see your father and ask for an explanation! And let him see the true face of Mrs. Qin!"

Qin Wanru grabbed Shui Ruolan. "Aunt Shui, wait, my father won't believe it!"

"Ask Qionghua to check in the kitchen, she will eventually find evidence!" Shui Ruolan said.

"Miss, Second Miss, I'm back!"Qionghua's voice suddenly came from outside the door. They both turned back and saw Qionghua walking in with excessive panting.

"Anything found out?" Shui Ruolan urgently asked.

"No, the woman in the kitchen asked for leaving, going home for something!" Qionghua said while gasping and shaking her head.

"When did she go?" Qin Wanru was not surprised on the result, since Mrs. Qin would not be so stupid enough to leave a clear evidence.

"On the second day after Miss's accident, she said that she had something happened in her family, so she asked for a long vacation. I don't know when she will come back. The biddy didn't come with the Madam as dowry, she is just an ordinary lady in Ningyuan Army General's mansion!" Qionghua took a breath and replied.

Did it mean that they could find nothing! They never thought that Mrs. Qin could did it so perfectly.

"Aunt Shui, don't be mad, just sit down," Shui Ruolan asked Shui Ruolan to sit down on the stool again. She picked up the teapot on the table and poured a glass of water and pushed it in front of her. "Aunt Shui you should make sure what you should do first? Will you stay silent and longer care about me and my grandmother, and just let it go of what my mother did to sabotage you?"

If she really lived quietly in the family temple, and been loyal to the Buddha, then she would stop paying attention to the everything in this world, whether it was right or wrong, she just would not care about it.

Shui Ruolan had been feeling so chaotic in the past few days that she didn't know what she was going to do, so she directly came to the family temple. But in fact she was not sure about it, and she could say nothing after being forced by Qin Wanru.

She picked up the tea at hand and took a sip, while tightly frowning.

"This··· let me think about it···"

It sounded that she was avoiding it that Shui Ruolan did not know what to do till now. What happened that night made her feel ashamed and uncomfortable, and it was one of the most important reasons that she was hiding in the family temple.

"If Aunt Shui really thinks that you are able to act this way, then what I said today would be in vain. As for how my mother deals with me and my grandmother, or how she forces my father to compromise by using this, it's none of your business. You just need to be a quiet monk!"

Qin Wanru did not allow Shui Ruolan to escape at this time, so she provoked Shui Ruolan again.

What Qin Wanru said was hurtful, since Shui Ruolan was raised up by Old Grandma since she was a little child, so Old Grandma was equivalent to her mother, how could she bear to see her being pushed so hard by Mrs. Qin, not to mention Qin Wanru and Qin Huaiyong, who she raised as her own daughter and son.

It was still hard to think about the time and feelings when they were young.

"I am going to find her!" Shui Ruolan went angry and said it with a cold voice after she had the deliberation.

"You don't need to be hurry to go to her. She will come to find you, you just need to wait!" Qin Wanru stopped her and said with confidence.

Coming out from the cold and clear family temple, Qin Wanru went to the kitchen first, picked a few hot and delicate snacks and put them in a small dish. She then asked Qing Yue to follow out by taking the food basket and went to Chuihua Gate!

At the gate, they were stopped by the biddy who guarded the door.

"Our madam is going to find the General in the study." Qingyue stood up and raised her voice.

Seeing that, the biddy did not dare to stop Qin Wanru and gave way. Because although the Madam banned young madam from going out, she did not stress that young madam could not go to see the General.

However, the biddy was still worried after she let them go, so she quickly turned and went to report to Madam as soon as Qin Wanru walked in the Chuihua Gate.

Qin Huaiyuan's study was located at the right corner not far from the Chuihua Gate, in which he usually dealt with official business. For the convenience of entry and exit, he deliberately set the study room at the corner of Chuihua Gate.

When Qin Wanru went to the study, Qin Huaiyong was working. Hearing that Qin Wanru came over, he immediately nodded and allowed her to get in.

Qin Wanru took the food basket from Qing Yue's hand. She personally brought it to the study room and placed it on the table in the side and then gave a salute to Qin Huaiyuan.

Qin Huaiyuan waved his hand, indicating that she didn't have to be so polite.

"Father, this is the snack that just cooked in the kitchen, I think it tastes good, so I specially take a few pieces to let you have a taste!" Qin Wanru got up and took out a small dish from the food basket and put it on Qin Huaiyong's table with smile.

The snack was made to be very delicate with flower-shaped molds. There were some dotted smashed ormosia on it, and the fragrance of the snack and the smell of ormosia were very pleasant.

Qin Huaiyong looked at the flower-shaped snack and lost in thought for a while.

"Father, would you like to have a taste of it?" Qin Wanru gently pushed the snack to Qin Huaiyong while smiling.

Qin Huaiyong did not actually like this kind of sweet thing, but after listening to Qin Wanru, he couldn't help tasting it, so he reached out to take a bite and chewed it slowly.

"Father, is it good?" Seeing Qin Huaiyong really listened to her, and took a piece to eat, Qin Wanru happily smiled.

"It's delicious!" Although the taste was insipid, but seeing her little daughter being so expectant, he slightly smiled and nodded.

"I knew that you would like to eat. My grandmother used to say in the past that this flower-shaped mold was invented by you and Aunt Shui when you were childen. So you must like something else made by this mold!" Qin Wanru said it in a childish way and goggled her eyes, "Father, did you particularly like to do something interesting with Aunt Shui?"

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