Medical Princess

Chapter 27 Irritation, Old Jealousy

"It was not a very interesting thing. We were just young at that time." Qin Huaiyong said it bitterly, and found it was harder and harder to swallow the delicate snack in his mouth.

"Were you just as young as me right now? And innocent?" Qin Wanru became more and more curious, "Father, can you talk about what happened between you and Aunt Shui when you were young, what did you play at the time?"

"It's been so long, I can't remember it!" Qin Huaiyong didn't really want to say something happened back then. Thinking about what happened in the past few days, he just felt guilty and sad.

"Just say something, father, I want to hear it. Next time when I visit Aunt Shui, I could tell her about these things. Maybe she would be happy then. I heard that she has been in a bad mood recently, and moved to the family temple to live alone there!" Qin Wanru said it sadly.

Seeing the little daughter's cute face, even though Qin Huaiyong had kept a lot in his mind, he could only be relieved. He then sighed and put the snack in his hand on the plate. "Your Aunt Shui was still young at the time. She looked quite quiet, but she could be really crazy than anyone else when she was really in the mood to play···"

"What is General and Wanru talking about and being so happy?" Mrs. Qin's voice suddenly appeared at the door.

Qin Wanru looked back and saw that Mrs. Qin was really here.

"Mother!" Qin Wanru, who was laughing like a blooming flower, immediately looked like an eggplant that was frosted. She stood up and put on a stiff smile. She then gave a salute to Mrs. Qin and consciously moved towards Qin Huaiyong, seemed to be intimidated.

"What are you doing here?" Seeing that the little daughter was scared by seeing Mrs. Qin, Qin Huaiyong asked in an unpleasant way.

"What do you mean? So Wanru can come, but her mother couldn't? Is it because I disturbed your talking?" Mrs. Qin said it with jealousy.

Mrs. Qin felt unbearable and hateful when she saw the vivid expression on Qin Huaiyong's face when she came in. She had suspected that there was something between Shui Ruolan and Qin Huaiyong for a long time, but they were too careful with it and never revealed anything in front of herself.

"Mother, me and my father were talking about Aunt Shui when she was young!" Qin Wanru gently laughed and talked again about the topic that made Mrs. Qin extremely jealous, "My father thought that Aunt Shui was very cute at that time!"

The more Qin Wanru talked about, Mrs. Qin was more sure about that there was something between Qin Huaiyong and Shui Ruolan. The hatred in her heart seemed to grow like roots, and it was still spreading. She always felt so much chest distress that she could barely say anything.

"Mother, father likes Aunt Shui, do you like her too? Is it because you like to eat the same dishes as her?" Qin Wanru said with a smile and raised eyebrows, it seemed that she was in a really good mood.

Qin Wanru being so happy made Mrs. Qin think of Qin Yuru, who was just crying. She only felt hurt as if her heart was burning. The little girl who should have been in trouble had escaped, instead, something bad happened to her own daughter, how could she accept it?

The thing that Qin Wanru mentioned about the dished also made her shocked. Since it was the topic she didn't want to talk about, so she slightly smiled, as if she didn't hear what Qin Wanru just said, and changed the topic.

"We can talk about your Aunt Shui later, I want to tell your father about the things happened in Magistrate Qi's mansion. Since you are here, Miss Qi will come to the house tomorrow. You are the master, so you can accompany her to have some fun."

Miss Qi was Qi Tianyu's sister, Qi Rongzhi.

Sure enough, Qin Wanru sneered that Mrs. Qin actually brought Qi Rongzhi, who was not a good person. When they were in the last life, Qi Rongzhi and Qin Yuru were always in collusion. They not only sabotaged Qin Wanru, but also tried to hurt her again and again. Qi Rongzhi was even related to the thing that almost killed Qin Wanru.

Qin Wanru felt hard to even breathe when she was hurt, but seeing Qi Rongzhi proudly laughed in the crowd.

Qin Wanru wanted to find her. Since she was here, then it was even better!

"Why someone from Magistrate Qi will come over?" Qin Huaiyong frowned and said as if he had a headache, because he didn't want to have any contact with Magistrate Qi.

"They said that because Qi Tianyu said something terrible of Yuru being pregnant that day, so they send Miss Qi to come over and apologized. It should be the First Young Master of the Qi Family coming over, but it might be bad··· for them to meet right now." Mrs. Qin delicately said.

"What's to apologize since it was already happened. It shoud be us to apologize!" Qin Huaiyong said.

"What are you talking about? Since Magistrate Qi being so generous, we have to show them our temperament and unravel the matter. Do you really want some grudge between you and Magistrate Qi because of this thing?" Mrs. Qin smiled because she knew what Qin Huaiyong liked to hear.

Sure enough, Qin Huaiyong eased up a bit. Since he had spent so much effort in stopping Magistrate Qi from pursuing this matter before. If he could make him feel calm and sincere, it would be better.

"Sister Rongzhi will come? It's great, she used to be really close with big sister and kept saying that she wanted to be in a family of hers. She will definitely comfort big sister!" Qin Wanru smiled with a surprised look.

To be in a family meant that Magistrate Qi had planned to to make Qin Yuru a woman of theirs. But now Qin Yuru had made a serious mistake because she made engagement with Jingzhong. Qin Huaiyong went serious again. "She could come, just go back quickly after seeing Yuru, in case they make some troubles again."

"How can they make trouble again? Rongzhi is also a good child, what could happened since Wanru accompanies, you are worrying too much about it!" Mrs. Qin smiled and slyly said to Qin Wanru with a gentle voice, "What do you say, isn't it?"

"Sister Rongzhi's coming is indeed a good thing, but I am afraid I can't accompany her," Qin Wanru said with an embarrassed look, "I have to go to see Aunt Shui tomorrow. I don't know why she lives alone at the family temple. She looked pitiful."

If Qin Wanru didn't secretly keep asking her grandmother about Shui Ruolan, she wouldn't know anything about her. And she knew the rest after her reborn.

What Qin Wanru just said made Qin Huaiyong felt guilty. As soon as he was told about the thing again, his eyes involuntarily moved to the flower-shaped snack.

Mrs. Qin's face went serious and she now regretted the original decision. She thought that there was nothing between Qin Huaiyong and Shui Ruolan, but now she found out that she guessed wrong. Thinking about letting the sophisticated fox in by herself, Mrs. Qin felt extremely upset.

And she knew that it was true by looking at Qin Huaiyong's action.

No, she must not let Shui Ruolan enter the door!

"Your Aunt Shui has always liked to be quiet, and she may be a nun in the future. You shouldn't disturb her. She had asked me a month ago about which temple was better and she wanted to find a place with good geomancy to live. She is poor with no children, but she is also strong, so she wants to build a good reputation of herself!"

Mrs. Qin smiled and her eyebrows raised. She assumed that Qin Huaiyong would not make any requirements since she had said something like this.

When hearing that Shui Ruolan was going to be a nun and built herself a reputation, Qin Huaiyong felt heartache. His hand placed on the table shiverred, and he buried himself in the deep sadness with a stunned look. Was it really what she wanted? Whatever, since he had done something hurting her, so he should just let her be.

"Mother, you might take it wrong? When I accompanied her to buy the powder, she said that she would dress up beautifully every day to please someone who likes her, so she must dress herself up decently." Qin Wanru gently said, as if she didn't see the gloom that appeared in Mrs. Qin's eyes.

Shui Ruolan had been living in the mansion, and rarely went out, whilst the male master in this house was only Qin Huaiyong. So people didn't even need to guess the "someone" that liked Shui Ruolan.

Qin Huaiyong couldn't hide the joy on his face at that moment and looked at Qin Wanru with his sparkling eyes, which made Mrs. Qin on the other side irritated as if she was biting her teeth.

"Father, I just went to see Aunt Shui. Her servant girl Qionghua I just met told me that a few days ago, the dishes of Aunt Shui were especially small, as if mother liked the same dishes as her. She said that many dishes prepared for her that day were just enough for Aunt Shui alone, so Qionghua had eaten her own and had a stomachache, thus she couldn't stay up for Aunt Shui. She wanted me to go to the kitchen and ask them to wash the vegetables more carefully next time!"

Qin Wanru lightly said with her big eyes blinked, which looked very charming. "I don't know why Qionghua told me this since the kitchen is not in my management!"

Qin Huaiyong did not understand first, and suddenly his face greatly changed. He stood up. "What did you say, Qionghua ate her dishes and had a stomachache and couldn't stay up for my cousin?"

"Yeah, Qionghua still cried there, saying that she had made a big mistake. She said that she didn't know why the dishes of Aunt Shui were that small that day!" saying that, Wanru suddenly turned her face to Mrs. Qin with an innocent look, "It must be that mother likes the same dishes as Aunt Shui, so her dished were mostly given to mother. Since mother manages the whole family. she of course needs to eat more!"

Mrs. Qin's expression changed and she felt extremely nervous.

Qin Huaiyong stared at Mrs. Qin with anger. Things couldn't be seen clearly if they lacked connection, so it was easy to see clear everything if the window paper was poked. Qin Huaiyong was very suspicious right now, since he had climbed out of the deaths, so now he just fiercely stared at Mrs. Qin.

"I remember that you always like to eat spicy dishes. When did you like to eat what my cousin likes? She loves to eat vegetables, and you like to eat aquatic products, do you really have to fight with her for foods?"

"Father··· what's the matter?" Qin Wanru looked shocked, as if she did not know that she had aroused Qin Huaiyong's suspicion.

"Nothing, you go back first, I have something to say to your mother!" Qin Huaiyong softly said to Qin Wanru.

"Then I'll leave now, and I'll leave the snack here, mother. Mother, I'll go now!" Qin Wanru looked like she was not aware of what just happened, but still was obedient. She bowed down and left with Qing Yue.

After that, there was a crisp slamming sound of cup in the room, and then something seemed fell to the ground. Qin Qanru's red lips raised coldly. She certainly knew that Mrs. Qin was hard to deal with, but she was determined to uncover her true face bit by bit!

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