Medical Princess

Chapter 29 Both Scheme, Irritate and Provoke

Qin Wanru was running, running hard, but she could not find a way, and she was lost!

It was bottomless darkness in front of her, and some people were chasing behind her with heavy breathing, as if there was a knife behind her. But she just couldn't see the direction and she didn't know where to escape.

Someone was calling her. It seemed to be very far when she first heard it, but it seemed to be right to the ear when she heard it again. She wanted to run over as if the sound gave her guidance, but she heard the screams of others before she had time to run over, she subconsciously turned back and saw nothing but blood···

"Ah!" She screamed and sat up.

"Young Madam, what happened to you, did you have a nightmare again?" Qing Yue rushed over, and saw Qin Wanru's pale and sweaty face while picking up the gauze. Her face was pure white like snow, but the lips were bright red, and some black hair were dripped with sweat on her cheek. Even if she was young, she still looked charming and unparalleled.

Every time she slept, Qin Wanru would have a nightmare. Even if it was just a nap in the afternoon, she was still awakened by nightmares.

"I want to drink water!" Qin Wanru reached out to touch her forehead and said with a dumb voice. She slightly frowned. Was that dream real? She felt like it was true, because there was something she had forgotten when she was reborn, which had been repeating in her dreams.

"Young Madam, here is some warm water!" Qing Yue quickly went to fetch the water from the table, and passed it to Qin Wanru after testing the temperature.

Qin Wanru drank a little, and slowly woke from the nightmare. "Has Qi Rongzhi come?"

It was now the afternoon. Since Mrs. Qin had told father, then she would not let her wait for such a long time.

"She wasn't here for so long. It was said that she was not persuading your sister in her yard and said that First Young Master of the Qi Family had forgiven her. She also asked people to bring gift!" Qing Yue said. When Miss Qi came over, she made a huge noise, which had startled everyone in the mansion, and now everyone was talking about what a generous person the First Young Master of the Qi Family was.

"Help me to dress up!" Qin Wanru calmed herself and moved the quilt, getting off the bed.

Qing Yue answered and went out to prepare for the bath water. Seeing that the Young Madam sweated so much, the simple grooming was certainly not enough.

After Qin Wanru taking a shower and sitting in front of the dressing table, Qing Yue said while helping her dry her hair, "Young Madam, Madam had sent someone to ask if you were awake when you were taking a shower, she asked you to accompany Miss Qi if you woke up."

"Did you say that I was taking the shower?" Looking at herself in the mirror, Qin Wanru asked.

"I did, but Madam still urged you to hurry up," Qing Yue indignantly said, "there is nothing good every time Miss Qi came over, and you almost fell from the attic last time. She always thinks about to hurt you and had beat you for several times, but Madam and your sister just didn't care about it."

Qin Wanru was silent, and there was hatred in her eyes. She was so stupid in the last life that she always believed in what Qin Yuru and Mrs. Qin said and believed that Qi Rongzhi was not intentional.

She remembered that once Qi Rongzhi made her fall into the lotus pond, so that she had a cold illness after that, which made herself to be loathed by others when she was in discussion of marriage with people.

Of course, the rumor that she might not be able to have children because of the illness was released deliberately by Mrs. Qin.

Mrs. Qin clearly knew that Qi Rongzhi did not like herself and had trouble in getting along with her, she still deliberately invited this Miss Qi to come back. The purpose was self-evident.

So no matter what happened between Qi Rongzhi and her at this time, they would inevitably ask her to be tolerant, after all they owed to Qi's family based on what just happened.

Qin Wanru slightly squinted, watching Qing Yue skillfully dried her hair and coiled her hair with a simple hair clasp.

"Come on, let's go see the grandmother!" Qin Wanru had an idea while squinting. Qin Yuru and Qi Rongzhi had been scheming together to fight against her in last life. In this life, she would stop them from being together from now on and let them fight against each other, which she liked to watch a lot.

Qi Rongzhi was not a reasonable person, she would remain no pity when she became extremely arrogant and vicious. One of her features was that she would attack anyone when she was irritated, and would not care about who it was, just like a crazy dog!

"You don't go to accompany Miss Qi?" Qing Yue was stunned and didn't understand.

"Why? Isn't she accompanying big sister right now!" Qin Wanru shook her head, stood up from the stool and walked outside. As soon as she was outside the room, she saw Nanny Yu and couldn't help stopping.

"Young Madam!" Nanny Yu rushed to Qin Wanru with excitement when she saw her and saluted to her.

Qin Wanru slightly bore with her hand and softly said, "You don't have to be so polite, Nanny Yu, have you recovered?"

"Yes, yes, it's almost well!" Nanny Yu kept nodding. In fact her body was actually not fully recovered, but thinking of that Qin Wanru had no people available here to use, she hurried to get over here.

"Since you are almost well, you can be with me again. After that, the things in the yard should be managed by you, and I have already spoken with my grandmother about it!" Qin Wanru had tears in her eyes, because she knew that Nanny Yu must worry about her so much that she had to ignore her body and got over here. Nanny Yu did the same to her in the last life.

After they killed Nanny Fang, Qin Wanru had already told her Old Grandma that Nanny Yu would be in charge of the management of her yard from then on.

"Young Madam, you can rest assured, I will help you take good care of everything in the yard!" Nanny Yu said and was moved since she knew that her master would think highly of herself again.

"You can have a rest in the room on the other side. If there is anything to do, just let someone else do it. If Madam asks someone to urge me again later, just tell them that I go to Old Grandma for something!" Qin Wanru still stopped and ordered even if she wanted to directly leave.

"Young Madam, please feel relieved, I understand!" Yuxi nodded.

Qin Wanru left with Qing Yue and stopped for a while at the entrance of the yard. She did not go to the Old Grandma's yard. Instead, she took the other direction, which was the location of the garden of the mansion.

It was not long before she left, a nanny hurriedly came into the yard. Someone brought her to Nanny Yu.

"The Second Miss hasn't gotten up yet? Young Madam Qi has been here for so long. Madam asked her to be faster, since it is not good for the guest to wait!"

The nanny was unpleasant because it was the second time she had been here to pass the message, of course she was not happy.

"The Second Miss has already gotten up, but she is at the Old Grandma's now." Nanny Yu looked at the nanny with no expression and told her according to Qin Wanru's instructions.

"What do you mean? Didn't I just tell her to accompany Miss Qi, what is she doing at Old Grandma's at a time like this?" The nanny rolled her eyes and unpleasantly said.

"The Second Miss told me so, I don't know either!" Nanny Yu threw up her hands and slightly coughed twice after turning her head away.

"Then I'm going to tell Madam first, tell the Second Miss to stop wasting the time if you see her again!" The nanny helplessly said since she knew that she couldn't get anything by asking.

She then came out from Nanny Yu's room after she finished her words, and angrily rushed out of the door, but she stopped when she was in the yard. In a short while, a young servant came out of the door and looked around, whispered to the nanny after she found no one was around. "The Second Miss did not go to the Old Grandma, I saw her go to the garden!"

The young servant also pointed the path with her finger.

The path was definitely not the way to the Old Grandma's yard.

The nanny was so pissed that she even laughed. It was clear that the Second Miss didn't want to see Miss Qi, and deliberately avoided her. She then snorted and turned to report to Mrs. Qin.

Mrs. Qin sneered again and again when hearing that Qin Wanru actually avoided it, and immediately told people to report the news to Qin Yuru. Of course, it was not reported to Qin Yuru, but to Qi Rongzhi. The personalities of Qi Rongzhi was not so good since she had made a lot of troubles for Qin Wanru when she didn't like her in the past.

She was already picky when everything was fine, not to mention when things were not fine.

Sure enough, Qi Rongzhi was annoyed right away at Qin Yuru's place when she heard that Qin Wanru was avoiding her. She snorted and stood up to find Qin Wanru's trouble, but was stopped by Qin Yuru.

"Sister Qi, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to find Qin Wanru to see if she could still tell me that she went to see Old Grandma!" Qi Rongzhi had always been arrogant, she felt even more humiliated since Qin Wanru didn't welcome her, so she coldly said.

"What if she is really at Old Grandma's when you find her?" Qin Yuru reminded her.

"How is it possible? The person your mother sent just said that she was not there. She clearly walked the other way, which is a long detour to get to the Old Grandma's yard. Does her brain break down so she had to go the opposite direction to find Old Grandma!"

Qi Rongzhi sneered again and again, and she had made up her mind that she would definitely teach her some lesson when she saw Qin Wanru later.

The war had been stirred up and Qin Yuru was of course happy to watch the show. But she still pretended to care about Qi Rongzhi and said, "You are right, my second sister must be going to see the lotus pond. You be careful, she has become a lot more vicious now, and I don't know who had taught her that. I am afraid that you will suffer losses when you were there!"

"I suffer losses? Then she has to have something! Who taught her? Of course it's the lady Shui who looks so weak in the house. I have hated her for a long time." Qi Rongzhi snorted. since before she came, her own big brother had told her that Qin Yuru was sabotaged by Shui Ruolan.

"Then you be careful," Qin Yuru reached out and patted on Qi Rongzhi's hand. She repeatedly urged her as if she was really worried about her, "grandma loves my sister most, so she must be angry if you had a dispute with Qin Wanqu. So if she went to the lotus pond, you should not go there. A servant girl accidentally fell into it a few days ago and almost died. The pond is so deep even thought it doesn't seem to be!"

"I know, I know, Qin Wanru had fallen into it once and blamed me for it!" Qi Rongzhi said it with dissatisfaction, pushed away Qin Yuru's hand, and turned to angrily leave with her servant.

So what, if Old Grandma protected Qin Wanru? She had found some excuses and pushed her into the water a few years ago, and she could do it again now.

Qi Rongzhi almost forgot if Qin Yuru didn't bring it up and now she suddenly thought of it that it was such a good place that but for Qin Wanru's nanny, who knew how to swim, had been watching her and saved her from water right after she was pushed into it by Qi Rongzhi, Qin Wanru was not able to live since then.

So Qi Rongzhi always felt angry when she saw Qin Wanru's face. People used to compliment her when she went out, but now it was Qin Wanru that everybody was talking about if she went in public.

However, a servant just reported that her nanny was in poor health, thus she didn't follow out, which was terrific···

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