Medical Princess

Chapter 30 Chaos, Disputes at Lotus Pond

Qin Wanru did go to the garden, and went towards the lotus pond.

The lotus pond was a good view in the General's mansion. As long as it was not winter, lotus pond was always the destination to people when they came to the mansion. Although it was not big enough as ten kilometers, it was not small in scope. It was already the autumn, and the leaves were somewhat withered. However, lotus leaves still could be seen here in the pond.

A few lotus flowers fell on the green lotus leaves, and the withered flowers were still enjoyable.

Qin Wanru went to the pavilion of the lotus pond.

The path of the pavilion expanded on the lotus pond. There were several rooms in the innermost, and there was an octagonal pavilion on the outside of the house.

People could enjoy the scenery of the lotus pond in the pavilion, or invite several friends to chat here. There was still a place to rest in the room. The leftmost one was filled with some books. They could just enjoy the scenery while reading by opening the window of the room if they were not in the pavilion.

The destination of Qin Wanru was the octagonal pavilion.

Sitting in the pavilion, people could see the shore far away, and they could also see people in the pavilion from afar. Since it was far away, they just couldn't see clearly.

Qin Wanru went to the pavilion and got on it, and she stopped in a few steps. She stepped hard on the floor since a board was loose because of the time. It was the spot where a servant girl fell into the water a few days before, thus it was unintentionally stepped to be looser by people.

At that time, she happened to pass by. She immediately screamed at Qing Yue to ask someone to help when she saw her fell into the water. After that, everyone went to pay attention to the girl, leaving Qin Wanru alone to check the place, who happened to find out that there was a loose board here.

She was going to tell Mrs. Qin when she got back, but it was out of expectation that it was delayed since she was reborn after that.

When stepping on it, it was really loose. Qin Wanru then stood behind the wooden board, holding Qing Yue's hand of Qingyue, and stepped hard on it a few times more. She found out that the board was not just loose, and one side would go up if she gently put her foot on the other side of the board.

Qin Wanru was very satisfied with the position under her foot. She stood still, and walked carefully towards the pavilion. Qing Yue also carefully followed. They went to the pavilion one after the other. Qin Wanru then asked Qing Yue to open the window of the room next to the pavilion after she looked around.

"Are you going to read a book here? Is it too windy?" Qing Yue said while opening the window. The wind near the pond was indeed strong, and it was chilly when it blew in gusts.

"No, just take a look, let's go!" Qin Wanru smiled and walked outside after she had arranged everything.

Qing Yue could not understand what Qin Wanru was thinking about, but she still listened to her and followed.

They went to the pavilion one after the other and stopped at the loosened board, then secretly went back.

After getting on the shore, Qin Wanru casually walked and soon met a nanny, who stopped while seeing her and Qing Yue walking towards this way and saluted. "Where are you going, Second Miss? Madam was looking for you just now!"

"I have something to do in the pavilion, you go to tell my mother that I'll be there soon!" Qin Wanru said with a smile.

"Yes, I'll go to tell Madam right now!" The nanny was originally to find out where did Qin Wanru go, so she immediately answered and turned to report to Mrs. Qin.

Walking halfway, the nanny met the ill-disposed Qi Rongzhi.

Since Qi Rongzhi couldn't find where Qin Wanru was and saw a nanny coming towards her, so she asked her to come to her. "Did you see your Second Miss?"

"Yes, Second Miss said that she has something to do in the pavilion, which was over there near!" The nanny recognized Qi Rongzhi and answered quickly while pointing with her hand.

"Already there?" Qi Rongzhi was overjoyed. She was still trying to think of some method to lead Qin Wanru there, and she was already there by herself, which was so good.

So then she could make a coincident and push Qin Wanru into the water. Even if something bad happened, people would not talk too much about it since the General being so impolite to withdraw from the marriage of her eldest brother.

Qin Rongzhi was so excited that she couldn't help walking faster towards the pavilion. She was afraid that Qin Wanru had left when she got there.

On the edge of the lotus pond, she saw that the window of the inmost room was wide open after she turned the corner. Qin Wan must be there at this time.

She walked fast to get to the pavilion, even faster than her servant. She was even faster when she got on the pavilion. Since there is nobody near the lotus pond now, so there was no one to rescue her.

She walked fast to get to the pavilion, even faster than her servant. She was even faster when she got on the pavilion. Whilst she couldn't predict that she lost the balance since she stepped on something loosened. She wanted to grab something to hold still, but it was too late and she just fell into the water after she turned up a board by stepping on it.

Qi Rongzhi struggled with panic in the pond.

"Help, can somebody help our Young Madam? Help!" The servant following her was startled and loudly screamed after seeing Qi Rongzhi fell into the pond.

It was coincident that two nannies heard the scream and rushed there. One of them could swim, so she jumped into the water to save her.

It was lucky that the board was placed near the shore and the nanny rescued her in time. Qi Rongzhi was saved, but was still fainted after that.

Some other people also heard the scream and went there. Someone reported to Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru immediately after found out it was the Young Madam in Magistrate Qi' mansion.

Mrs. Qin was startled after she heard that Qi Rongzhi fell into the water, so she came right away with some people. In the halfway, she met Qin Yuru, thus the two of them walked there together.

Qi Rongzhi came to her sense after they were there.

"Sister Qi, what happened to you? Are you okay, how can you be so careless." Seeing Qi Rongzhi being drenched, Qin Yuru hunkered and said anxiously.

Suddenly Qin Yuru was slapped so hard on her face that she could not keep balance and sat on the floor. She looked at Qi Rongzhi with surprise.

"Did you try to hurt me? Was it not to only hurt my brother and you also want to hurt me, you bitch! I'm going to kill you!" Qi Rongzhi was humiliated and ashamed, so she just attacked anyone in front of her and said with hatred. She wanted to hit Qin Yuru again, but was stopped by people around her this time.

Mrs. Qin came to pull Qin Yuru up. She looked at her red face and stood in front of her, and said while with a blue face, "Miss Qi, what do you mean, why did you hit Yuru?"

"Why don't you ask your precious daughter, who asked me to come to the pavilion and told me it was a good place. I thought that she really wanted to make up with my brother, it turned out that she still held the thought of hurting people!" Qi Rongzhi was never a person who would suffer loss.

Since she fell into the water with no reason and got herself to be so embarrassed, she had to directly take it out on Qin Yuru.

She was always arrogant, and Qi Tianyu usually made compromise to her. Qi Rongzhi liked Qin Yuru because she listened to everything she said for the sake of Qi Tianyu.

"Do you have any evidence to say that?" Mrs. Qin frowned and got angry since her daugher was hit by her.

"Of course I have the evidence, she was the one leading me here to find Qin Wanru. If it wasn't for her, I would not be here!" Qi Rongzhi arrogantly said. She could not accept the fact that there was something happened to her today. She also thought that all people of the General's Mansion wanted to hurt her when she thought that she was almost drown to death.

"Wanru was here? It was Wanru who led you here?" Mrs. Qin softened her voice and pointed to the window on the pavilion, "since you were here for Wanru, then just go to find her, Yuru didn't know anything, how could she hurt you!"

She was so evil and trying to transfer the blame to Qin Wanru.

"I led Miss Qi here? How could mother say that I had led Miss Qi here since I haven't met her?" Qin Wanru's voice suddenly spread in the crowd.

People all turned round and saw that Qin Wanru slowly walked towards them with Qing Yue.

"What happened here? Did Miss Qi fall into the water?" Qin Wanru understood right after she walked over and saw that Qi Rongzhi was drenched.

"Qin Wanru, did you lead me here deliberately?" Qi Rongzhi went angry when seeing Qin Wanru was here. She tried to get up by holding her servant and hit Qin Wanru. Compared to Qin Yuru hitting Qin Wanru, Qi Rongzhi had done it a lot and got used to it.

Anyway, what she did in the past was water under the bridge and Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru would not say anything about it since they thought that they were just being naughty and it was just children's game. So the attack was almost inadvertent.

Qin Wanru was prepared and stepped back a little, and slightly smiled. "It's so ridiculous for Miss Qi to say that. How could I lead you here since I haven't met you? Didn't you know how you were here, and you forgot who it was! A servant fell into the water here a few days ago, the person who led you here didn't tell you to be careful?"

What she said reminded Qi Rongzhi, who rolled her eyes and found out the nanny. She pointed at her and screamed. "It was her, she said that Qin Wanru was in the pavilion, whose nanny is this?"

No one had thought that Qi Rongzhi did find out someone, even Mrs. Qin couldn't help looking at the nanny.

The nanny was upset when people all stared at her. She waved her hand and said hurriedly, "Miss Qi, you just asked me, I didn't know about it so I just answered when you asked, I didn't mean to lead you there."

"She's with my mother, could it be my mother who led you to the pavilion?" Qin Wanru looked at the nanny and gently spoke for Mrs. Qin.

"It was indeed you who want to hurt me! Qin Yuru told me that I could find Qin Wanru here, so Mrs. Qin's nanny showed me the way. Well, well! I have long thought that you and your daughter didn't have good hearts. You had hurt my brother then, and now you want to do the exact thing to me. I··· I'm going back and ask my father and brother to talk about it with you! You are so vicious!"

Qi Rongzhi automatically linked all things happened to her after she knew that the nanny was with Mrs. Qin. She felt like it was a trap for her so she became really angry that her voice started to tremble.

She had also hit Qin Yuru because of anger before, and she was a bit guilty. But this time she was so assured and bold with justice and loudly scolded them.

"What on earth happened in here?" Someone coughed outside the crowd and asked with a low voice.

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