Medical Princess

Chapter 31 You Are Not My Biological Mother!

The Old Grandma stood outside the crowd with Nanny Duan, looking at the crowd around her while frowning, then slowly walked over and asked. "What happened?"

"Old Grandma, everyone in your house is bullying me!"Qi Rongzhi immediately cried when she saw Madam coming over. She was not afraid of Mrs. Qin, but she was afraid of the Madam.

"Falling into the pond? Come on, why don't you take Miss Qi to change clothes, why are you still crying here?" The Old Grandma had never liked Qi Rongzhi and looked indifferent when seeing her crying.

Under such situation, she should change her clothes first then talk about it.

Nanny Duan then asked someone to hold Qi Rongzhi to change clothes. She also felt cold and knew that it would bad for her if she continued to do so, this she got up quietly and was taken away with tears falling down from her face.

"You all come here!" The Old Grandma looked at Mrs. Qin coldly and walked towards the pavilion after finished her words.

Mrs. Qin then hurriedly followed.

Qin Yuru and Qin Wanyan also followed to the pavilion. Nanny Duan then asked other irrelevant people to stay away.

"What exactly happened?" The Old Grandma sat on the stool made of stone and said while looking indifferently at Mrs. Qin.

"Mother, I don't know about it. People said it was because of Wanru since Miss Qi was already in the water when we were here." Mrs. Qin said with confusion, but trying to lead it to Qin Wanru.

"What does it to do with Zhuozhuo, I heard that she was the last one to be there, and Yuru was slapped by Miss Qi and couldn't even speak for herself, what's going on?" The Madam stared at Mrs. Qin and said.

"I••• I really don't know, I came late•••" Mrs. Qin was a little panicked. She didn't expect that the Old Grandma had already knew about it before she was there. So it was somewhat far-fetched to blame it on Qin Wanru again this time.

Mrs. Qin secretly bite her teeth because she was going to deal with Qin Wanru with Qi Rongzhi. It was out of her expectation that Qi Rongzhi would attack her and Yuru like a crazy dog.

"Grandma, I don't know why Miss Qi hit me, obviously she was looking for my sister." Qin Yuru helped Mrs. Qin since she saw Mrs. Qin was speechless after being interrogated.

"You don't know? Is this backyard not managed by you? It has been a while since the thing happened, you still don't know about it, do you usually manage things like this?" The Old Grandma ignored Qin Yuru's crying and still asked Mrs. Qin while staring at her.

"Mother, I•••" Mrs. Qin was asked to be panicked, she then rolled her eyes and shirked, "Thought I was there late, I still know about what basically happened. I just didn't check into it. So I dare not to talk about it casually since I don't know if it was right or wrong!"

"Why did Miss Qi come here?" The Old Grandma ignored her words and asked with her eyes squinted.

"She••• she said she was here to have fun with Wanru." Mrs. Qin suddenly said since she just admitted that she basically knew what had happened.

"She could find Wanru in her yard, why was she there?" Old Grandma kept asking.

"She heard that Wanru was there in the garden, so she followed." Mrs. Qin sorted out her sentence and said carefully.

Qin Wanru squinted to hide the coldness in her eyes, and stood quietly aside to listen to Mrs. Qin's answer. Like herself, Old Grandma had never liked Qi Rongzhi.

"She was an outsider and just came with a servant, how did she know that Zhuozhuo was in the garden and the exact position?" The Old Grandma said with a terrible expression on her face.

The question made Mrs. Qin speechless since it was of course the intention of her and Qin Yuru that Qi Rongzhi came here to look for Qin Wanru. But she dared not to say that in front of the Old Grandma.

"I heard that Miss Qi was with my big sister, I don't know why she would suddenly come to find me to the garden. On the way there, a nanny of mother's even showed her the way." Qin Wanru raised her head and showed her clear and cold eyes, while pointing at the nanny hiding behind Mrs. Qin.

The faces of Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru had changed after hearing this. The nanny was just recognized by Qi Rongzhi, so they dared not to deny.

"Sister, Miss Qi wanted to have some time with you after she talked to me just for a while. I thought that you were good together, so I told her you were there." Qin Yuru pretended to be wronged more and said as if she couldn't wait to tell the truth.

Old Grandma was so calm and she knew that she was panicked.

"Old Grandma, when Miss Qi asked me, I just saw the Second Miss on the way, so I showed her the direction. I didn't plan to do something evil, it's just a coincidence!" The nanny suddenly explained after she was hinted by Mrs. Qin.

"When did you see that I had good time with Miss Qi? Do you mean the last time when she slapped me because of a flower or she pushed me to the floor just because of a box of powder? Did you mean 'good' by saying that Miss Qi had fights with me?" Qin Wanru said calmly.

What she said was so straightforward and made Qin Yuru speechless, who just looked at Mrs. Qin with panic.

Qi Rongzhi was like a natural enemy to Qin Wanru. They could never have a peaceful time together, of course Qin Yuru had always been stirring up troubles.

"Wanru, though Miss Qi is terrible, she's still a guest, how could you talk about her like this!" Mrs. Qin scolded her with a serious expression.

"So mother you mean that I should take the initiative to get to be beat every time Miss Qi found trouble for me, and I had to compliment her for what she did so she could come next time to hit me again?" Qin Wanru's eyes looked extremely cold, "Mother, I really can't believe that you are my biological mother. You actually let an outsider hit me again and again and asked me to laugh about it. Am I really your daughter?"

What she said made Mrs. Qin speechless, not to mention that Old Grandma was still sitting here. The so-called biological mother, was just something lied to Qin Wanru.

Old Grandma snorted, but did not speak.

"Sister, how could you talk to your mother like this, she had to compromise for the sake of the whole family, do you really think that she was willing to do so!" Qin Yuru hurriedly helped Mrs. Qin to argue after seeing she was speechless.

"Since we are both your daughters, why didn't you ask my big sister to be beat to please Magistrate Qi?"

Mrs. Qin blushed after hearing it.

If she was really the biological mother of Qin Wanru, then she was just being partial. But if she wasn't, then it was so evil to torture the daughter of someone else.

Qin Wanru kept leading the conversation to this topic, because she wanted Mrs. Qin to clearly tell everyone that she was not Qin Wanru's biological mother.

If she was not, then everything Mrs. Qin would do in the future would be unfair to Qin Wanru.

"It••• it was because of your father that I asked you to make compromise with Miss Qi!" Mrs. Qin suddenly explained.

"Mother, I don't know why I have to make compromise with Miss Qi, since my father and Magistrate Qi are on the same level. They are not the superior and subordinate so he doesn't have to do that. Even if my big sister had broken the marriage contract with First Young Master of the Qi Family, Magistrate Qi did not say anything. Not to mention the quarrels between me and Miss Qi, how could that affect father."

Qin Wanru coldly denied Mrs. Qin's lie.

Her voice was very cold, revealing some chill, neat and straight to the center, which was totally different to how cute and weak she appeared to be right now.

Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru could not respond to what Qin Wanru just said.

There was nothing Magistrate Qi could not bear if he had no problem with Qin Yuru withdrawing the marriage engagement, which meant that people in General's Mansion didn't have to compromise with people from Magistrate Qi, not to mention to ask his own daughter to get beat to please the Young Madam of the Magistrate Qi.

"You•••what do you mean, are you accusing mother right now? How could you be so reckless!" Qin Yuru lifted her head suddenly and looked at Qin Wanru angrily.

Qin Wanru still stared at Mrs. Qin, as if she didn't see Qin Yuru's angry face and ignored what she just said.

Everyone was quiet right now.

They were waiting for Old Grandma's decision.

"Mrs. Qin, how do you explain?" Old Grandma lifted her head after a long while and looked at Qin Wanru while sighed as if she knew about something.

Qin Wanru was relieved when she heard Old Grandma sighed, which meant that she agreed.

"Mother, I••• I have nothing to explain, it was all because of General•••" Mrs. Qin was really nervous about it after she heard what Old Grandma said.

"Though Wanru was not your biological daughter, but what did you say about it then, you said that you would treat her as your own daughter. But look at you now, what have you done?" Old Grandma said slowly while looking at Mrs. Qin's face with blame.

"Mother, I•••" Mrs. Qin was panicked when the truth was revealed in front of Qin Wanru. She used to treat herself as Qin Wanru's biological mother and she lied about that she would not hurt her.

Though the lie was revealed, it not only meant that she could not talk about it from now on, but meant that what she said was all fake to coax Qin Wanru.

Mrs. Qin didn't expect that Old Grandma would tell the truth in front of so many people in such a straightforward way without any mercy, thus she was in full panic and chaos.

"Mother, you really are not my biological mother, but just the biological mother of my sister!" Qin Wanru said it word by word. She was not surprised, and looked at Mrs. Qin calmly.

As if it was in her expectation.

Why was it expected, because she had guessed it early, or already knew it based on their usual behaviors.

No surprise, no heartache, as if she was talking about things of somebody else, so she just revealed slight sadness around her eyes, which reminded people that she was just a child, who had not received any love from her biological mother but tortured and sabotaged by Mrs. Qin.

"Come here, Zhuozhuo, you still got Old Grandma!" The Old Grandma waved towards her while feeling sad.

Qin Wanru bit her lips and walked over. Old Grandma reached out to hold her and patted on her back, and she comforted her. "Zhuozhuo, thought you are not loved by your biological mother, you still are the biological granddaughter of your grandma!"

After the Old Grandma finished, Qin Wanru suddenly cried•••

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