Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2128 - Spread Out

Chapter 2128: Spread Out

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“Chuhui, thank you for saving the Family Patriarch.” The few clan elders thanked him.

“He is my younger brother, of course I will save him, there’s no need to thank me.” Zhuo Chuhui replied. He looked at Zhuo Zhenglin and said: “Go and deal with your matters first! I will return to the West Manor.” Saying that, he walked back to the West Manor immediately without giving them a chance to stop him.

When they saw him leave, Zhuo Zhenglin and the clan elders glanced at him, then walked to the East Manor. They had a lot to discuss about today’s events.

After everyone had left, Feng Jiu, who was still standing in the corner of the street, smiled to herself and then walked forwards to return to the West Manor.

However, the news that Zhuo Chuhui had saved the Family Patriarch and defeated the Hou Family elder quickly spread through the manor. Soon, the Senior Patriarch also heard the news..

Upon learning the news, everyone in the Zhuo Manor was shocked and found it unbelievable. After all, the one who lived in the West Manor had lived in seclusion all these years and the Family Elder was always ordinary, how could he suddenly be described as a powerful and strong man? He even saved the Family Patriarch? It was just unbelievable.

However, as this was witnessed by many people, even those who doubted it, had no choice but to accept the truth.

After they had finished discussing the matters they needed to deal with, having decided that their businesses needed to be more attentive, and they needed to send someone to keep an eye on the Hou Family, the clan elders looked at the Family Patriarch and one of the elders said: “Family Patriarch, how do you think we should deal with the West Manor?”

“What do you mean?” The Family Patriarch looked at them and asked: “What do you want to do?”

“That’s not what we meant, we just meant shouldn’t we invite the West Manor Family Elder to come here and have a discussion? With his strength, if he can contribute to the Zhuo Family in some way…”They were interrupted before they could finish speaking.

“He is my elder brother!” He frowned at the old man who was talking and said: “What do you mean his strength could be used by the Zhuo Family in some way? Just because of his strong strength he has to contribute to the Zhuo Family?”

Zhuo Zhenglin snorted coldly: “Don’t forget how you have all prevented me from entrusting my elder brother with important tasks over the years! At the beginning, he was not allowed to intervene in any matter, just because he saved me today he should be allowed to work for the Zhuo Family?”

“That’s not what we meant…” Everyone said, sighing.

Zhuo Zhenglin stood up and looked at everyone: “Back then, he didn’t intervene with any Zhuo Family matters, today, he will also not intervene. However, just because he doesn’t intervene, doesn’t mean that he will stand by and do nothing when the Zhuo Family is in trouble. Just like today, if I encounter danger, or the Zhuo Family encounters a crisis, he will help. I believe that he will always do so.”

He looked at everyone and said: “I just hope that after today, everyone will not continue to treat him like an outsider.”

Everyone was speechless for a long time when they heard this. Finally, they replied: “We understand.”

“I am going to my mother’s place, everyone can go back first!” Saying that, he walked out.

Upon seeing the Family Patriarch leaving, everyone looked at each other, then left one by one…

In OId Madam’s courtyard, she was sitting on a soft chair listening to the middle-aged woman talking about the affairs of the manor today.

“Just at that very moment, Eldest Master saved Second Master and defeated the Hou Family elder, solving the crisis for the Zhuo Family.”

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