Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2129 - Idea

Chapter 2129: Idea

The middle-aged woman paused when she spoke about this, she looked at her Master and then continued: “So everyone in the Manor is discussing this matter right now. However, I heard that Eldest Master went straight to the West Manor when he came back, he didn’t go to the East Manor.”

When the Old Madam heard this, her eyes moved and she sighed lightly: “So he has that kind of strength and he’s even hid it from his own mother. It’s my fault, I know that I’ve been selfish to ask him to stay in the Zhuo Family, especially when he has such outstanding abilities and strength.”

“Eldest Master is filial, he listens to everything Old Madam says, and as the eldest brother, he followed Old Madam’s words and stayed in the Zhuo Family to look after you.”

The middle-aged woman smiled and said: “Although Eldest Master has hidden his strength for so many years, when Second Master was in danger today and the Zhuo Family faced a crisis, he stepped forward to help and resolved the matter. Eldest Master always has the Second Master and the Zhuo Family in his heart.”


A voice came and the middle-aged woman stepped aside while the Old Madam looked at the person approaching.

“You’re here!” The Old Madam said and motioned for him to sit down.

“Mother, I have come to tell you something.” Zhuo Zhenglin said while looking at her.

“What is it? Tell me!”

“I assume you already know about what happened with elder brother!”

“Yes.” The Old Madam nodded and motioned for him to continue.

“Actually I wanted to tell you today that I would like elder brother to go out and set up his own manor.” As soon as he had said this, his mother’s expression became solemn and as she sat upright.

“What did you say?” The Old Madam asked in a calm voice.

Upon seeing this, he braced himself and continued speaking: “Mother, you already know of elder brother’s strength. I think that with his strength, it is beneath him to stay in the small West Manor. Since his own children have grown up now, and after today’s incident, I want to discuss with elder brother about him setting up his own manor outside.”

“No!” She refused without even considering it. Her tone was absolute and there was no room for discussion.

“Mother, I know what you are thinking. But this isn’t fair to elder brother at all. He has such outstanding and powerful strength, you can’t stop him from spreading his wings and flying and keep him here in this small West Manor.”

The Old Madam’s expression wavered slightly upon hearing this: “Your elder brother will not agree.”

“Yes, elder brother won’t agree to this because he only listens to you. If you don’t agree then he will never agree. It is precisely because of this, that’s why I’ve come to you first Mother!”

He looked at her and said: “Do you know how elder brother has spent the last few decades in the Zhuo Family? Mother, you should know that better than anyone else. I never suggested this before because I was afraid that elder brother’s strength was not outstanding enough and he would encounter problems if he set up his own Manor on the outside. However, it is obvious now that elder brother has the abilities and strength, so Mother, why won’t you agree to it?”

The Old Madam didn’t speak and only closed her eyes in silence.

“Mother!” Zhuo Zhenglin called.

“Go back!” The Old Madam said slowly.

“Mother, think about what I’ve said! I will discuss this matter with Father.” He said, then turned and left.

On the other side, in the West Manor.

Due to the West Manor having very few servants, gossip was rare and no one knew about the discussions that were going on in the East Manor. Compared to the lively East Manor, the West Manor was the same as before, tranquil and quiet.

When Feng Jiu entered the West Manor and saw the quietness and tranquillity here, she couldn’t help but smile knowingly. The East and West Manors were truly two different worlds.

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