Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2732

Chapter 2732: Advancement

She took a lotus seed and ate it only to feel that her spirit energy was multiplied. Her cultivation base that had been stuck at the peak of the Immortal Emperor stage faintly showed signs of advancement. She was shocked to her heart, and so she put away the lotus pod and gave her contract beasts some instructions, then she came to a place and sat down to cultivate.

The aura of the spirit energy surged up in her body, like water flowing into the sea and caused a violent wave in her body. The surging aura of spirit energy expanded her tendons and muscles again and again, and her spirit energy poured into her dantian as every pore of her body was stretched and absorbed the spirit energy in space madly.

It wasn’t just the muscles in her body that had expanded, even the blue lotus in her body was also madly absorbing the spirit energy. If the spirit energy that had burst through her body wasn’t being absorbed by the blue lotus, she was afraid that she would explode and die.

Several of her contract beasts were terrified as they watched her madly absorbing the spirit energy. But they remembered their Master’s instructions and stood far away watching and didn’t approach.

In this part of the universe, the clouds in the sky surged as the spirit energy below surged. Feng Jiu, who was sitting cross-legged, was surrounded by a powerful airflow and coercion, and the visible spirit energy wrapped around her tightly inside. Gradually, the contract beasts in the distance could no longer see her.



Lightning flashed across the sky as if it was about to hit Feng Jiu below. Immediately afterwards, thunder slashed across the sky and landed on Feng Jiu, who was sitting cross-legged. A powerful airflow rushed out from it, and the whistling airblade roared…


A scream escaped Feng Jiu’s mouth. Her red robe was scorched by thunder and there was a faint smell of burning. The powerful windblade seemed to linger on her body and ripped open her robe then pierced her skin. Blood seeped out and shocked them all.

The blue lotus in her body was spinning, it gradually grew in size and petals bloomed piece by piece. The faint blue aura and pure spirit energy permeated her body, but it didn’t heal the wound on her body.



Another lightning flashed and thunder rumbled and fell down on Feng Jiu. In an instant, screams escaped her mouth again.

Feng Jiu’s sweat was mixed with the blood on her body. The thunder on this day was different from the previous ones. Everytime the thunder struck, it made her skin, flesh and bone suffer severe pain. The skin on her body was cracked, and the sparks shot down by the lightning scorched her flesh. The pain was unimaginable.

Of course, the most uncomfortable thing for her was that her muscles and veins in her body were being stretched inch by inch. It was as if someone was slashing at her bones with a sharp knife and axe.



The third thunder fell from the sky and when the strong force fell on her body, she spat out a mouthful of blood. Her body was shaky and she seemed to be drifting into divine consciousness and entered an ethereal place…

Outside, those who rushed to the heart of the island came to the heart of the lake to take a look and saw that the surroundings were calm as usual, as if nothing happened. However, when their eyes fell on the dry lake, they couldn’t help but exclaim.

“God! What the hell is going on here? What happened to the lake? And the golden lotuses in the lake?”

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