Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2733

Chapter 2733: Three Questions About Heaven

The eyes of the cultivators who had rushed over widened as they stared at the dry lake in front of them in stunned silence. Their mouths were agape like they had duck eggs stuffed in them.

The lake was formed by the condensation of the water in the centre of the island here. It was unknown how many years ago it had been formed. In particular, the lake was deep and there was a Sacred Beast level white python that guarded the golden lotuses, no matter how strong the strength of the people who had tried to pick the golden lotuses, they often died in the lake.

But now, not only the golden lotuses had disappeared, even the water in the lake and the white python had disappeared and all that was left was a large dry hole. How could they not be dumbfounded?

However, there was no one else here besides them, and they had only just arrived. Even if they hadn’t just arrived, they didn’t have the ability to dry up this lake.

For a time, the cultivators stood there with wide eyes and wondered what the hell was going on.

In space, Feng Jiu was still in the middle of advancing. This time, the advancement had been going on for several days. After three thunders fell, the clouds in the sky still hadn’t dissipated.

At this time, the sound of thunder echoed thickly in Feng Jiu’s mind.

“Three questions about Heaven. The first question is, what is the Way of Heaven?”

The words resounded in Feng Jiu’s mind, and the voice went straight to the depths of her heart causing her ears to ache a little.

Three questions about Heaven? The first question was, what was the Way of Heaven?

She tried her best to calm her mind and abandoned her five senses. She ignored the pain in her heart and pondered the question seriously: What was the Way of Heaven? The Way of Immortality, the Way of Longevity, were regarded as the Way of Heaven. But, there was only one Way of Immortality, and the paths and circumstances of each cultivator was different. Different lives had different answers. What was the Way of Heaven? There were thousands of answers, but there was only one answer that was hers!

“With the right path of the heart, competing with Heaven, what is the Way of Heaven? I am the Way of Heaven!”

She listened to her cold and powerful voice, which echoed in the sky. Just as her words were spoken, there was a loud rumbling in the sky, like the sound of muffled thunder, and also like the sound of galloping beasts coming towards her. The sound was imposing and shocking!

The clouds rolled and the thunder continued. The voice in the sky seemed to be silent for a while, then in the next moment, the sound of thunder in the clouds stopped and the sound of thunder came once again.

“Three questions about the Way of Heaven. The second question, why did you embark on the path of immortality?”

As soon as the voice had spoken, Feng Jiu said immediately: “To become the supreme strong exponent! To protect the people I want to protect!”

As soon as she had answered the question, the rolling voice of the thunder rumbled once again, and after a while, it became quiet, and the man’s voice spoke again.

“Three questions about the Way of Heaven. The third question, what is a strong exponent?”

“Strong-hearted, with absolute strength and able to dominate destiny is what a strong exponent is!”

The clouds in her sky dispersed after she had answered and cleared up, the seven-coloured rainbow appeared in the sky above her head like an arch bridge, and there was a faint sound of fairy music…

At this moment, the state of her mind seemed to break through the advancement, and the aura of spirit energy surged in her body. She broke through directly from the peak stage of the Immortal Emperor level to the middle stage of the Celestial level. The blue lotus in her body diffused and repaired her damaged body quickly. Along with the changes of her body, her breath also changed drastically at that moment.

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