Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2734

Chapter 2734: Celestial Level

The blue lotus that was originally in her body appeared under her for some unknown reason, the blue lotus was in full bloom, and the lotus seat emitted a soft blue light…

A little blue lotus appeared between her eyebrows with a soft blue light and formed a lotus imprint. The edge of each petal of this blue lotus floated with a gold light. The gold and blue light that emitted made her already delicate and beautiful face look even more elegant, as beautiful as an otherworldly fairy. At one glance, people would lose their minds.

Several contract beasts stared blankly at this scene and watched the surrounding aura gradually dissipate. After they recovered from their shock, Old White finally cheered happily: “That’s amazing! Master has advanced! And she has become beautiful again!” As he spoke, his saliva flowed out and he sucked it back in again.

The breath in her body calmed down, and Feng Jiu slowly opened her eyes. Her strength had gone one step further, from the peak stage of Immortal Emperor level to the Celestial level. She could feel that her mood had changed a little.

She stretched out her hand and looked at it, and saw that her skin that had been scratched earlier had healed. It was white, jade-like and flawless. When she stood up, she saw that her clothes were tattered and hanging on her body. Upon seeing this, she smiled lightly, turned around, and changed into another red robe.

“Master, Master, you’ve become beautiful again!” Old White was the first to run forward to look at her.

“Congratulations Master, you’ve advanced again.”

“Congratulations Master for breaking through and to become a Celestial strong exponent.”

“Congratulations Master.”

Congratulatory words came from the mouths of the contract beasts. They looked at their Master with joy and faint pride in their hearts. Only Silver Ingot was a little worried and anxious.

It had not been contracted yet. Now that Master had advanced again, would Master not want it?

For a while, its heart became uneasy.

Feng Jiu walked slowly to the spirit spring and looked at herself in the reflection of the water. Wearing the red dress made her look even more outstanding and charming, especially with the golden edged blue lotus between her eyebrows which was lifelike and it made her look even more extraordinary.

Her fingers caressed the blue lotus between her eyebrows. As soon as the thought entered her mind, her brows burned and the golden edged blue lotus disappeared. She moved her fingertips and a cluster of flames jumped up with a whistling sound. The flames danced between her fingers and she felt the steady stream of spirit energy in her body. The feeling was different from before.

“So this is how it feels to be a Celestial strong exponent. It is indeed a class of its own.” Her voice was soft and unhurried, as if it came from the sky, ethereal.

“Master?” Several contract beasts looked at her, then they saw her brows move slightly and she turned around and sat down cross-legged again.

“Don’t disturb me.” Feng Jiu closed her eyes after she instructed them, and this time, it was the breath of spirit energy that surged in her but the breath of profound energy…

When they saw that she was about to advance again, the beasts backed away quickly. They squatted and watched her from a distance. Their Master had only just advanced to the Celestial level, and now if she were to advance again, it would be the advancement of her profound energy.

After a day in space, Feng Jiu advanced again. Her profound strength jumped from Martial Divine level to the peak stage ofProfound Mystical Cultivator level. After her advancement in cultivation level, she didn’t rush to go out, but researched the usefulness of the golden lotuses and the lotus seeds in space. Finally, she turned on the furnace and refined medicinal pills. It wasn’t until the time for the Immortal Ascension Ladder to appear drew closer did she find a time to come out of space.

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