Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits

Chapter 13 - : Key Acquired! (1)

Chapter 13: Chapter 13: Key Acquired! (1)

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Upon seeing what had happened, the listless young man became more energized instead. He took out his phone and swiped the screen a few times. He said, “Your ability…”

“On the night of the 1st of March, at Middle Jiefang North Road.”

“On the night of the 6th of March, at Songfang Harbour.”

“On the night of the 19th Of March, at Langui Street.”

“And last Friday, at Dongxiao South Street…”

“Do you remember these dates and locations?”

Mo Zhaolong clutched his stomach as he stood up—his face full of anger and irritation. He said, “I don’t know, and I don’t remember.”

“Sigh, if only you knew, it’d be much easier for me. That just means that there’s another person who has similar abilities as you in Lianjiang City.” The young man in a black vest scratched his head and said, “Please understand the hard work of us civil servants…”

“Understand my foot!”

Mo Zhaolong knew he was running out of time. He did not know when the police would arrive, and he needed to escape before that. Regardless, with his ability, it would be easy for him to continue living his carefree life in a small town or a small city somewhere else.

Mo Zhaolong stared at the man in the black vest with an icy cold gaze. Putting up with the pain, he ran towards the man and pointed at him. Nothing changed in the air. Instead, the man in the black vest stepped abruptly to the side, then charged towards Mo Zhaolong once again!

“You think I’m scared of you?!” Mo Zhaolong knew in his heart that the closer the other party is, the greater the likelihood of being affected by his ability. He would then have no difficulty in es…ca…ping…

With a dull thud, Mo Zhaolong saw the man in the black vest swing a punch right into his diaphragm. He knew it was a fatal blow, as he would pass out due to the rapid blood accumulation and hemorrhage in his chest due to external trauma suffered by the heart…

“Done.” After knocking Mo Zhaolong out, the young man in the black vest promptly took a few steps back. He waved his hand in front of his nose as if he were trying to disperse a bad odor in the air.

He saw that there was only one man still in the large room on the first level who was looking on. He shouted, “Hey, who is that?”

Ren Suo looked at the young man and pointed to himself.

“Yes, yes, you. Wake those unlucky guys up…Never mind, just drag them to the side and leave them be, so they don’t block the way. Don’t worry, this isn’t a virus. They’ve just lost consciousness. It’ll be fine.” The man said, stifling a yawn, as he picked his phone up to make a call.

Ren Suo scratched his head. The man in the black vest was obviously in the civil service too, and he seemed to be of high rank. Regardless, dragging the men to the side was no challenging task. Hence, Ren Suo naturally conceded and abided by the man’s instructions.

He deduced that the black vests that the men were wearing, were of relatively good quality as they felt strong to the touch and yet not rigid. After pulling the men to the side, Ren Suo looked at Mo Zhaolong who was still lying motionless on the floor. He noticed that Mo Zhaolong’s heartbeat was fading away gradually. However, he still felt a peculiar attraction to him.

The young man in the black vest was still on the phone. Without further ado, Ren Suo walked in large strides towards Mo Zhaolong and started pulling him away.

As soon as Ren Suo touched Mo Zhaolong, Ren Suo’s body twitched, and he heard a voice coming from deep within his heart.

The voice sounded exactly like Ren Suo himself.

“A key has been found.”

“The key is in a state of unconsciousness. Starting to retrieve the key.”

“The key has yet to form fully. 39 seconds is required to retrieve the key. Do not remove physical contact. 38, 37, 36…”

Ren Suo was stunned, and he stood rooted to the ground as he listened to the countdown in his head. Just then, the man in the black vest ended his call and turned back towards Ren Suo. He lashed out at Ren Suo with a stern expression on his face, “What are you doing!?”

Ren Suo was greatly taken aback but continued holding onto Mo Zhaolong. He stammered, “You…you asked me to…”

“I asked you to move those guys to the side, not him!” The young man in the black vest walked towards him and said sternly, “He is a criminal!”

“Cri…criminal?!” Ren Suo was genuinely shocked. He questioned, “Didn’t he just want to skip the blood test and not have his blood drawn and his blood sample collected?”

“Draw his blood…Oh, I understand why now.” The young man’s voice was cold. He said, “He’s actually quite smart then. At least, he knows that having his blood drawn poses the highest risk of exposing himself…”

“Oh, by the way, how did he make those men unconscious?” Ren Suo asked, who quickly found something to talk about as he heard the countdown reach 10 seconds.

“Hmm?” The young man took a glance at Ren Suo and said, “If you are eligible to know, you will know…Hand him over to me now, I will—”

“Xiao Long, Xiao Suo!”

At this moment, Director Ye scrambled down the stairs from the second floor, panting heavily in a bid to catch her breath. She said to the young man, “Hello, I am Director Ye Jiamin from Xianlin Road’s street office. You are from the newly-formed National Security team…”

“I am Li Dan from the newly-established branch 18 of the Ministry of National Security,” explained the man in the black vest who then presented his work permit to Director Ye. He pointed at Mo Zhaolong and said, “We will now be in charge of this man. We will inform you about the details of the charter and give you notice later on.”

Director Ye was shocked. She looked at Ren Suo, who was still conscious, and said, “What about Xiao Suo…”

“He is just a passerby,” Li Dan said in a relaxed tone.

At this point, the countdown timer finally ended. Ren Suo immediately stood up and said, “In that case…Leader, I’ll carry on with my health examination.”

Ren Suo put his hand out towards Li Dan as if he had no control of his limbs.

Li Dan was slightly surprised but still shook hands with Ren Suo. Ren Suo felt like he was touching a cool piece of jade.

Li Dan turned around to wake his colleagues and said, “I am not a leader.”

Ren Suo quickly handed in his examination form and said to Director Ye, “Director Ye, I’ll be leaving now.”

Director Ye nodded her head but was laden with anxiety. She said, “That should be all for now, if there is anything, I’ll let you know immediately.”

After a short pause, Director Ye looked at Ren Suo and said, “I think it’s best you stay in Lianjiang these few days. Do you understand?”

It was clear that Director Ye thought Ren Suo had something to do with what happened to Mo Zhaolong. Ren Suo shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Sure.”

Ren Suo immediately rode the subway home. He activated the Mini Worlds Gaming Console with its controller. Bursting with anxiety, his hands were turning clammy and sweat was breaking out on his forehead.

When the countdown timer ended just now, Ren Suo heard the voice say: “You have retrieved a key. Proceed to the safehouse inventory to inquire.”

When he shook hands with Li Dan, he heard the voice say:

“A key has been found.”

“The key is on high alert; unable to retrieve the key.”

At that time, Ren Suo was extremely afraid that Li Dan would notice something and arrest him, just like how he did to Mo Zhaolong. However, nothing had happened.

In the safehouse inventory in the game, there was an odd-looking, greyish-white key amongst the displayed items.

[1-star Sleepy Key: +10% chance of receiving additional sleepy-type rewards.]


Ren Suo immediately linked the key to Mo Zhaolong. Was this key formed based on Mo Zhaolong’s baffling ability?

There were only two items in the safehouse inventory: One was the key, and the other was the treasure chest. It was obvious what Ren Suo decided to do next.

[You have used a ‘1-star Sleepy Key’ to activate the treasure chest.]

[You have received the ability ‘Fighter Novice’.]

[You have received the ability ‘The Lure of Sweet Dreams’ from the key’s special effect.]

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