Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits

Chapter 14 - Key Acquired! (2)

Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Key Acquired! (2)

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[Fighter Novice]

[Grade: 1-star ability, Prerequisites: A complete, upright physical body of primates.]

[Effect: When equipped, the player will automatically be proficient in typical fighting styles and techniques. The player’s body will be equivalent to the result of having been through 100 fights and experience a physiological reaction equivalent to 1000 days of training. Upgrades are also applicable.]

[Remarks: ‘The head, elbows, knees, head, legs, and shoulders are the most primitive form of weapons used by humans.’]

[The Lure of Sweet Dreams]

[Grade: 1-star ability, Prerequisites: A pair of hands.]

[Effect: When equipped, the player can hypnotize at his discretion any intelligent and willing target. The method of hypnosis varies based on the time and location, but both hands are required to do so. The required time varies between 30~300 seconds. If successful, the target will fall into deep sleep.]

[Remarks: ‘I shine in the battle zone, and yet I can’t sleep well at night’. The Bald Hitman is resistant to most types of drugs which would affect the brain’s functions. In the countless sleepless nights, he needs his trusty pair of hands, which he understands the most, to put himself to sleep.’]

After reading the descriptions of the two abilities, a message popped up: [Do you wish to equip the item/ability?]

Upon confirmation, the screen jumped to the Equipment page. The left of the screen read [Game Characters], and on the right read [Equipment].

The list of [Game Characters] was empty, except for one option: [Naisser_Ren]. Apart from the name, Ren Suo also saw how the [Naisser_Ren] looked like. He was practically Ren Suo himself.

The [Equipment] list was subdivided into [Abilities], [Props], and [Backup].

“If I am right, when ‘Naisser_Ren’ is equipped with an ability, I will very likely gain that corresponding ability…”

Ren Suo recalled the voice he had heard when he touched Mo Zhaolong. It was obvious that the Mini Worlds Gaming Console was seemingly attached to his body. If he were to equip the game character with an ability now, it was very likely that it would be reflected in his body as well.

However, Ren Suo realized that he could only equip the character with one ability. There was only one box in the [Abilities] column.

Ren Suo excitedly tried to equip the ability [Fighter Novice] and set [The Lure of Sweet Dreams] as the backup.

“If I’m right, I would no longer be someone who does not know how to fight. Instead, I would be a novice fighter who has been training for 3 years and fought hundreds of battles!”

Which teenage boy going through his high school years wouldn’t have longed for himself to be able to wield the sword proficiently and have immeasurable might to shape the world as he wished? Today, our strongest warriors are troops and fighters who are well-versed in a multitude of war tactics. If we look past the weapons these warriors use, the best power available to the masses is to learn many different fighting techniques.

Yet, laziness and the lack of tenacity hinders these teenage children in their quest to achieve that power they crave for.

Ren Suo did not know what kind of fighting techniques he would acquire, but he knew that it would be way better than the moves executed just by his natural instincts.

Ren Suo stood up and paced around in the living room, awaiting the moment an unknown entity ‘X’ would impart knowledge into his brain.

What will that feel like? Will my head hurt? Or will it feel good acquiring such a large amount of knowledge? …

15 minutes passed by, but nothing happened.

“…” Ren Suo decided to test himself. He looked at the white wall beside him, lifted his fist and punched towards the wall—

There was something!

Ren Suo felt his waist moving down slightly and his lower body gripped firmly onto the ground. His shoulders and waist were operating in a way that he could not fathom. From within his body, an enormous strength emerged, as his entire body weight transferred onto his fist—

“What the f***!”

Ren Suo hollered in pain as he crouched down onto the floor while staring at his fist. It had turned so red that it actually started appearing a little purple.

He looked back at the white wall. It was sparkling clean and looking as if it were mocking him, “Hmph, dumb human.”

Ren Suo now believed he really did acquire the [Fighter Novice] ability, although it would only take effect when he needed it. The only problem was that Ren Suo’s current physique was not that of a fighter, but that of a typical person who did not train regularly!

[Fighter Novice] would indeed enhance one’s fighting skills. However, as Ren Suo’s physique was only that of an average person, the ability would merely allow him to subdue a few hooligans. He still stood no chance against opponents who possessed weapons.

“I should just equip my avatar with another ability,” said Ren Suo as he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly before closing his eyes gently.

According to the game’s instructions, he would now be able to change the equipped abilities without turning on the Mini Worlds Gaming Console.

Just as he had expected, when he calmed down and focused hard, he could naturally feel the presence of the [Equipment] list.

The [Props] column was empty, while [Fighter Novice] was in the [Abilities] column, and [The Allure of Sweet Dreams] was in the [Backup] column. With a conscious change that he performed in his mind, [Fighter Novice] and [The Allure of Sweet Dreams] swapped positions while turning grey at the same time.

After a cooldown period of 10 seconds, [The Allure of Sweet Dreams] had been equipped.

According to the game’s description, the [Abilities] column equips invisible skills that enhance the player’s knowledge, whereas the [Props] column equips physical items which boost the player’s strength. On the other hand, the [Backup] column equips other abilities and props which can also be equipped as and when the player desires later on.

“How do I use the ability [The Allure of Sweet Dreams]?”

The ability appeared to be a hypnotic skill, but how could Ren Suo use this skill when he did not seem to have any knowledge of hypnosis in his mind?

Ren Suo read the description of the ability again. He realized that the prerequisite was a pair of hands, similar to what the effect description had mentioned. He looked at his hands, immersed in thought.

“How…how do I use my hands?” He wondered.

For humans, our pair of hands are mainly used to touch and perform tasks. Ren Suo could not think of any other way to utilize the hands.

Instead, as he looked at his hands in boredom, Ren Suo realized his hands trembled in a unique way. He then tried to use his fingers to draw intriguing patterns and shapes in the air…

Ding dong ~ Ding dong ~

The doorbell rang. Ren Suo, who had been dozing off on the couch, let out a muffled groan as he awoke and wiped the saliva off the corner of his mouth.

“I’m coming…”

It was yet another deliveryman at the door. The games “Unparalleled Spirits 8” and “Cursed Devils 2”, which he had ordered together with his “Hell 4PRO” game console, had arrived.

Although it had been three days since he unboxed the “Hell 4PRO” game console, Ren Suo had not activated it before.

He looked out of the window and realized that it was already the morning of the next day. It dawned upon him that he had fallen asleep on the couch while playing with his fingers yesterday!

Ren Suo felt energized and rejuvenated. He seemed to understand now that this was the effect of the ability [The Allure of Sweet Dreams].

It was such a good sleep.

Ren Suo put the new game discs and the “Hell 4PRO” game console aside. The “Hell 4PRO” game console had been something which he longed to have for many years and he no longer had the intention to ask for a refund. There was a chance that he might have the time to play the games in the future.

For now, however, he had a new love—the Mini Worlds Gaming Console.

“Mini worlds of endless fun await!”

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