Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1224 - No One Trusted A Young Apothecary

Chapter 1224: No One Trusted A Young Apothecary

Huo Yao and Min Yu followed the security guard and entered the association before long.

Assistant Wang finally veered his eyes after they had gone quite a distance.

Even though he knew the new deputy chairman was very young, he could not help feeling astonished when he met her in person.

After composing himself, Assistant Wang looked at Mi Wei and said politely, “Mr. Mi, this way, please.”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged Mi Wei. After walking behind Assistant Wang for a couple of steps, he asked casually. “Who was that young lady?”

“She is a member of the association,” replied Assistant Wang without going into detail.

The young woman reminded Mi Wei of someone. He smiled and said, “She is very young.”

Assistant Wang nodded. He felt equally impressed and said, “Uh huh. She is the youngest person in the association. Also, she was the one who made the pills in question.”

Assistant Wang felt relieved they had stored the medicinal pills in the collection room separately. Otherwise, it would be impossible to prove Fu Cheng was lying.

Mi Wei was surprised to hear this. He did not see the medicinal pills in person earlier. Since everyone spoke so highly of them, he was certain they were very impressive.

Considering her young age, she was quite the apothecary.


Before long, Huo Yao arrived at the Apothecaries’ exam location.

When Chairman Wang received the call from Huo Yao, he was so excited that he was unable to stay seated. Since other people were present, he forced himself to stay calm. After Huo Yao came closer, he finally stood up and wanted to greet her. However, he caught sight of the young man behind her and instantly swallowed his words.

She had mentioned that she would be coming with a friend. He did not expect her friend to be someone from the Min family.

Chairman Wang automatically turned serious. He greeted Huo Yao before acknowledging Min Yu. “How do you do, Young Master Min?”

Min Yu nodded. “Hi, Chairman Wang.”

Chairman Wang had not seen Min Yu in almost a year. The last time they met, it was to treat Min Yu’s illness. Since a lot of other people were present, it was not the right time to bring it up. He simply greeted them before leading him to a seat.

Other than Deputy Chairman Qin, no one else had ever seen Min Yu before. Everyone was surprised to see Chairman Wang treating Min Yu so courteously.

Young Master Min? Was he from the Min family?

Was he from the Min family residing in the capital?

No one dared to keep looking at Min Yu. Min Yu had an imposing aura, so it gave them the nerves looking at him. They quickly turned their attention to Huo Yao.

“Is she the one who made the medicinal pills?” asked Deputy Chairman Qin first. He had already recovered from his shock of seeing Min Yu.

“That is right.” Chairman Wang took the medicinal pills his assistant had retrieved from the collection room and continued. “I could tell the pills were not made by Fu Cheng because I had already received these pills half a year ago and placed them into storage.”

Deputy Chairman Qin squeezed his fingers gently as he glanced at Huo Yao.

He said mildly, “I trust Chairman Wang. However, she is simply too young to be an apothecary. I can’t help feeling doubtful.”

He was implying that even if Chairman Wang wanted to pretend someone else had made those pills, he should have found someone who looked the part.

Huo Yao looked at Deputy Chairman Qin sideways. She simply smiled and said, “Are you jealous that I am better than you?”

Deputy Chairman Qin felt insulted. No junior had ever spoken to him with this lousy attitude.

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