Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1225 - She Is The New Deputy Director Of The Association

Chapter 1225: She Is The New Deputy Director Of The Association


“Even if you are a smart mouth, it doesn’t change the facts.” Deputy Chairman Qin sneered coldly. “Just because you claim ownership over the pills, doesn’t mean you necessarily made them.”

“I agree.” Huo Yao nodded with ease. Her face was completely calm. “In that case, I suggest getting the cheater to step forward and make the pills now.”

Fu Cheng lost his cool. If he had to make more pills, he would definitely get caught. He clenched his fists tightly as he looked at Huo Yao. “Are you joking? I have already made those pills. I don’t see why I should refine any more pills. If anyone has to prove themselves, it should be you, right?”

Chairman Wang glanced at Fu Cheng mildly. “Huo Yao is the deputy director of the association. Is that good enough for you?”

The moment he finished his sentence, a furor broke out.

Fu Cheng was not alone, the other leaders of the association were equally stunned.

“Deputy chairman? Chairman Wang, when did we have a new deputy director?” asked one of the leaders of the association quizzically.

Also, it was a young woman no less.

Chairman Wang had already sent someone to bring over the documentation of Huo Yao’s membership. He handed it to the leaders for a look. “Although she is an honorary deputy chairman, she has the same amount of authority as any other deputy chairman.”

Deputy Chairman Qin took the document from Chairman Wang. The document was dated last month. He raised his head and looked at Chairman Wang. He said, “Why didn’t we know anything about the new deputy chairman? Don’t you think it sounds a little far-fetched? Why did you produce some random paperwork at a time like this?”

No random outsider could suddenly be made deputy chairman. It was simply ridiculous.

“Far-fetched?” Chairman Wang picked up the pills on the table and asked. “Could any of you make pills like this when you were 20 years old?”

Deputy Chairman Qin threw the paperwork on the table. He laughed and said, “Enough, Chairman Wang. Even if you are determined not to let Fu Cheng win, you didn’t have to say the pills were made by some random person. Did you have to make up a tall story about some honorary deputy chairman? Do you think we are dumb?”

The moment he finished his sentence, the leaders of the association felt awkward, but none of them expressed their opinion.

They didn’t want to offend either party.

Chairman Wang looked at Deputy Chairman Qin. Chairman Wang did not get upset and simply said unhurriedly, “Deputy Chairman Qin, are you saying that I don’t even have the right to invite someone to join the association?”

Deputy Chairman Qin pursed his lips. “That is not what I meant. You naturally have the right to invite anyone you want. I was just saying you should have at least discussed the matter with us before giving someone such a high position. If you allow people like her to join the organization, what would the other people think? Would they be able to take it lying down?”

“Why don’t you finish reading her application before you speak, Deputy Chairman Qin? You should really take a look at her position and authority first.” Chairman Wang remained composed.

Deputy Chairman Qin did not read the application. He simply shrugged and said sarcastically, “Since you are the chairman, you can do anything you want. Does it make a difference whether I read the application or not?”

He instantly made it sound as though Chairman Wang had abused his authority.

Chairman Wang went quiet.

Huo Yao slowly looked at the pillboxes on the table and picked up the one with Fu Cheng’s name on it. She opened it and glanced at the pills inside.

Huo Yao smiled.

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