Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1850 - 1850 An Ambush

Chapter 1850 - 1850 An Ambush

1850 An Ambush

Min Yu veered his head and looked straight into Huo Yao’s eyes. He suddenly caught Huo Yao’s drift. “Understood! I will get someone else to check.”

There were probably more implications than they knew surrounding the meteorite. Even Chairman Sheng came personally, so it was not a simple archaeological expedition of the underground palace as thought originally by them.

He naturally knew people would want this meteorite if people thought it was capable of doing something powerful.

However… she had asked him to safely keep something very important to her. This was trust. Min Yu suddenly smiled.

“Uh huh.” Huo Yao nodded and did not continue with the subject. She looked outside the car window and looked at the off-road car driving parallel to them. Something crossed her mind, so she turned her head and asked. “Oh yes. After I left, did anyone from the archaeological team leave as well?”

Min Yu gathered his thoughts. “I think Chairman Sheng went to the side hall. Why?”

Chairman Sheng?

Huo Yao narrowed her eyes and quickly shook her head. “Nothing.”

That silhouette in the underground palace… She certainly hoped she was overthinking it.

Min Yu glanced at her. The black jade in his hand did not get warmer from his touch. He lowered his head looking at it. As he studied the shape of the black jade, he suddenly thought about all the strange things that had happened to Huo Yao.

He felt worried. He had a feeling that the jade might not be good news.

At this moment, Huo Yao’s phone rang, interrupting the silence in the car.

Xie was on the line.

When Huo Yao answered the phone, Xie’s gasping voice could be heard. “Miss Huo, are you okay?”

Huo Yao could hear lots of noise on the other end of the line along with gunshots. She straightened her back slightly. “I’m good. What about you?”

Xie steered the car avoiding the gunfire. The moment he heard what Huo Yao said, he exhaled in relief. “We ran into an ambush halfway and they are coming at us hard. I’m so glad you didn’t follow us. Otherwise, you would have been in danger.”

“What kind of damage have we suffered?” asked Huo Yao.

“They planted a small bomb on the road. Only a few of us survived.” Xie’s eyes burned with fury and his veins were throbbing on the back of his hands as he held the steering wheel. “Councilor Ding also got seriously injured.”

Huo Yao went quiet. Did this mean they deliberately planned this ambush to target her?

She pondered briefly, put on her earpiece, and quickly tapped on her phone.

In a few seconds, she found Xie’s GPS location.

He was roughly 20 kilometers away from Sangry Town and she was even further away. They were probably unable to meet in time.

“Hang in there. I will send help.”

Saying this, Huo Yao changed her phone to computer mode and typed swiftly on the virtual keyboard.

Seeing her do this, Min Yu did not interrupt. He simply told Zhuo Yun to get to Sangry Town as soon as possible.


After hanging up the phone, the car behind Xie bumped into his tail hard with a bang.

The impact was so strong that the car nearly flew.

Xie shook his giddy head and held the steering wheel steady. He turned to look at Councilor Ding in the front passenger seat. Councilor Ding’s waist and stomach were bleeding nonstop from the explosives. Xie gritted his teeth, floored the accelerator, and drove as swiftly as he could.

He did not know what Miss Huo meant by sending help. Owing to the dangerous situation they were in, he was unable to think deeply anyway.

He simply knew that nothing could happen to Councilor Ding. If something went wrong, Miss Huo probably would not be able to finish the test for the candidates.

He could not let an accident like this happen at this juncture.

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