Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1851 - 1851 Unknown If They Were Friends Or Foes

Chapter 1851 - 1851 Unknown If They Were Friends Or Foes

1851 Unknown If They Were Friends Or Foes

Only two off-road cars remained out of the entire fleet of cars. Both of them were driving swiftly toward Sangry Town. Both cars were bulletproof and they were marred by lots of dents by now.

The cars might get totaled at any time by those cars hot on their tails.

For Xie and the others, their safest bet was to enter Sangry Town.

Now, they were slightly over ten clicks away from Sangry Town.

The cars behind them were simply following too closely. A few minutes later, a car rammed into Xie’s tail again. Broken glass flew inside the car, grazing his ear and red marks appeared almost instantly.

After he managed to dodge the guardrails and steadied the vehicle, the car in pursuit stopped in front and cut off the escape.

Xie cursed softly, smashed the steering wheel with his fist, and had no choice but to stop the car.

The passengers in the cars opened the doors. They got off carrying lethal mid-range firepower weapons, aiming them at their heads.

It was very clear they would fire if anyone moved.

Xie looked out of the window at the black muzzles looking tense.

“Get out of the car.” A cold, powerful voice could be heard.

Xie slowly raised his head and looked at the man approaching him. He could sense a strong murderous aura radiating from him. They were clearly professional assassins. Xie remained unafraid and did not get off the car right away.

He moved his hands slightly as they sat on his waist.

The man approaching the car seemed to know what Xie was doing. He laughed softly, raised his gun, and fired a shot nonchalantly. With a thud, his subordinate sitting in the backseat got killed instantly.

Xie’s eyes turned dark. He did not expect them to be so ruthless.

A few seconds later, Xie removed his hand from his waist and opened the car door to get off.

Councilor Ding was still conscious sitting in the front passenger seat. Just as he was about to call Xie, someone forcibly pulled him out of the car as well.

“Where is she?” After Xie got out of the car, the man trained his gun on Xie’s forehead.

Xie knew who he was referring to, but he was completely unthreatened by the gun and laughed coldly. “Don’t you think we have a backup plan?”

“Oh really?” The man spun his gun barrel and asked mildly. “Have you forgotten that this is the only route to Sangry Town?”

The man made it clear enough. Even if Xie had a backup plan, as long as they kept the road secured, the target would show up sooner or later.

Xie looked at the man coldly and said nothing.

After making eye contact briefly, the man could tell that he could not squeeze any intel about Huo Yao’s location from Xie, so the man decided to stop wasting time. He smiled as he slowly pulled the trigger. “Better luck in your next life then.”

Xie squeezed his fists tightly, but he did not hear any gunfire as expected. The loud rumble of a chopper could be heard overhead and the wind made their hair go messy.

In an instant, a cold hard bullet shot through the air firing straight at the man about to shoot Xie. Before the attacker was able to react, he had already slumped to the ground.

The remaining assassins surrounding them dropped dead with single shots, one after another. The rest of the assassins still inside the cars noticed something wrong, so they took off without even getting out of their vehicles.

Xie raised his head looking at the black combat chopper in mid-air.

A few men stood from the open cabin doors. Since they were some distance away, it was impossible to see their faces clearly, but they clearly gave off powerful auras.

Xie did not immediately feel relieved and happy about escaping death. Instead, he looked at the men warily.

It was unknown if they were friends or foes.

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