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Chapter 1852 Huo Yao Was A Variable

Chapter 1852 Huo Yao Was A Variable

Rope ladder came down from the chopper and five men quickly jumped off.

As the men approached them, Xie felt very tense and worried. In fact, he felt even more worried now than when they encountered the first wave of attacks.

"Are you from the Huo family?" asked the first man politely as he approached Xie.

ƥαṇdα-ηθνε|·ƈθm Xie looked at the man in front of him. The man looked young, cultured, refined, and was roughly in his late twenties. He was smiling at Xie and did not seem hostile at all.

At this moment, Xie suddenly recalled his conversation with Miss Huo. She mentioned that she would send help. Was it them?

They had arrived in a combat chopper. Miss Huo was really… Xie was starting to find everything inconceivable. After going into a daze, he finally nodded. "And you are?"

"My name is Huang Yin." The man introduced himself. He glanced at Councilor Ding leaning against the car and spoke in an apologetic tone, "Sorry for not getting here in time. I have a doctor on the chopper. Why don't you bring your injured men up first for treatment?"

As the man spoke, he raised his hand and gestured at his men to help carry Councilor Ding and the other casualties up the combat chopper.

They moved nimbly even as Xie remained in a daze. By the time he snapped out of his shock, he was already on the chopper.

"Don't worry. Only Mr. Ding has suffered serious injuries and the rest of your men are okay." Huang Yin sat across from Xie.

Xie nodded and responded in gratitude. "Thank you, Mr. Huang."

"You're welcome. We're friends, so don't worry about it." Huang Yin nodded.

When Xie heard him say they were friends, he went into yet another daze.

After a few minutes, the chopper arrived at a private landing pad in Sangry Town.

Councilor Ding was sent straight to the hospital for surgery after getting off the chopper. After making all the necessary arrangements for Xie and the others, Huang Yin quickly went back to report to his superiors.

Xie was about to make a call to Huo Yao when she called him first.

"Are you safe already?" Huo Yao was still in the car. Zhuo Yun drove quickly, so they were quite close to Sangry Town by now.

Xie nodded and said hurriedly, "We're safe. Councilor Ding is still in surgery. You don't have to worry, Miss Huo."

Huo Yao stopped frowning. "Good. Give me your GPS location. I'll be there soon."


After hanging up the phone, Xie sent his GPS coordinates to Huo Yao. He contemplated briefly and quickly called Huo Changfeng to report the situation.

Those people were targeting Miss Huo. They probably did not want her to become the heir.

Someone from the Huo family must have paid the assassins. It had to be an inside job.


Meanwhile, on the elders' end.

A serious look emerged on Huo Qing's face after answering a call.

The Eldest Elder looked at him. "What's wrong?"

"The mission failed." Huo Qing tossed his phone aside frustratedly. He did not expect their plan to fail today.

The Eldest Elder frowned. "Why?"

"Miss Huo wasn't with the car fleet. Some men went over to stop the assassins and managed to save everyone, including Councilor Ding," said Huo Qing.

"Who would dare to interfere in our family matters?" The Eldest Elder put down the teacup looking imposing.

"I don't know either." Huo Qing narrowed his eyes. "But it's clear that we can't let Master Jinfeng's niece continue staying alive for long."

She was a major variable. If they did not get rid of her, it might ruin their painstakingly made plans.

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