Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 684 - Perhaps I Can Recover The Footage

Chapter 684: Perhaps I Can Recover The Footage

Tong Yu put down his coffee cup and said quizzically, “That’s strange. Since someone touched the car two months ago, why did the traffic accident only happen now?”

It was undoubtedly strange to lose an entire day’s worth of dashcam footage, but the car only got into an accident owing to the problematic brakes over two months later. It was simply inconceivable.

“It is probably because your artist doesn’t drive the car often.” The investigator paused before he continued. “We feel that the culprit didn’t blindly damage the entire brake pad. Instead, he did some calculation so that it would not malfunction right away.”

Tong Yu scratched his head as he listened to the investigator.

“This was an intentional homicide. I’m guessing that the culprit knows your artist well, so he was smart about it. He even considered how long it would take for the brake pad to get worn out. If I didn’t get an expert to confirm, he probably would have gotten away with it.”

The investigator took out his phone as he spoke. He swiped through his phone and showed Tong Yu all the text messages he exchanged with a car specialist.

Tong Yu barely knew what he was looking at since he was not an automobile expert. He passed the phone back to the investigator and asked. “Is there anything more you know about two months ago around the time when the footage got erased?”

The investigator shook his head. “We are unable to find out more about the car for now. I was worried you might need an update urgently, so I called you out to tell you what I have found till now.”

Tong Yu sighed. “I honestly need to know about this matter asap. If we do not find the culprit, my artist will continue to be at risk.”

“How is your artist? Is he out of danger yet?” asked the investigator.

Tong Yu did not want to tell anyone about it, so he shook his head and said, “He is still in a coma.”

“That’s too bad. If he wakes up from his coma, ask him if he loaned the car to anyone in the last two months. Hopefully, he can give us more leads,” said the investigator.

“Sure. Continue investigating as best as you can. I will get in touch with you the moment I have any leads.”


The two of them did not continue chatting and quickly parted ways.

Tong Yu thought about what his friend said before driving back to the hospital.

He arrived at the hospital ward 30 minutes later.

Tong Yu told Huo Xiang everything that the investigator had just told him.

Huo Yao had not gone to school for two days. Song Ning and Huo Jinyan were terrified after the traffic accident. Although she only suffered minor injuries, her parents insisted she stay for a few days under observation until the doctor cleared her.

Huo Yao tilted her head sideways and looked at Tong Yu when she heard him. “Were you unable to recover the dashcam footage?”

Tong Yu peeled some fruit for them and said, “That’s right. To be honest, the investigator was being humble. His technical specialist is genuinely a pro. If he says he was unable to recover the footage, he probably means it.”

Huo Yao leaned against the seat lazily with her phone in hand and said, “Can you get your friend to send over the dashcam recording?”

Tong Yu had already pared an apple and handed it to Huo Yao. “Why do you want it?”

Huo Yao took a bite of the apple and said candidly, “Maybe I can help recover the footage.”

The moment Tong Yu heard what she said, he looked at her quietly in disbelief before picking up another apple.

He turned to look at Huo Xiang and said, “Can you think about where the car was on 13th October?”

Huo Yao went speechless. “…”

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