Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 685 - Remote Access

Chapter 685: Remote Access

Huo Xiang scratched his head. He was already doing his utmost to think, but…

“My car is either at the company or in my villa’s parking lot. I didn’t lend it to anyone during this time. Hmm… 13th October… How could I still remember exactly where I parked the car on that day?”

The moment Huo Xiang finished his sentence, Tong Yu looked at him in contempt. “Just look at you. Why can’t you remember anything?”

Huo Xiang glanced at Tong Yu. “It happened over two months ago. How can I remember it?

“Humph,” sneered Tong Yu before he took a crisp bite off the freshly peeled apple.

Huo Xiang was waiting to eat the apple. He went speechless when Tong Yu ate it himself.

Why was he barred from eating an apple because he could not remember?

This was simply too much!

Huo Yao looked at Tong Yu and said seriously, “I mean it. Tell your friend to send me the recording. I think I can make it work.”

“Are you good with computers?” asked Tong Yu quizzically in disbelief.

“… A little,” said Huo Yao humbly with her legs crossed.

She raised her brow and continued. “Since your friend is unable to recover it, there’s no harm in letting me try, right?”

Tong Yu felt she made sense. There was no harm in letting Huo Yao try her luck. He pulled out his phone and said, “Sure. Let me call my friend.”

Huo Yao continued eating her apple.

Tong Yu hung up the phone to look at Huo Yao. Before he uttered a word, she said, “I need a laptop.”

“I happen to have one in the car. Let me get it now,” said Tong Yu.


After Tong Yu left the hospital ward, Huo Xiang got off the bed and pulled a chair over to sit down. “Yao, are you a computer expert as well?”

Huo Yao glanced at him before she sighed and said, “Brother Xiang, I will give you some medicine to improve your memory.”

His memory was honestly terrible.

Huo Xiang went speechless. “…”

He could sense that Huo Yao was making fun of him.

Before long, Tong Yu returned with the laptop. The moment he entered the room, he saw the little princess sitting on the stool with bandages on his forehead, holding his cheeks in his palms. Huo Xiang genuinely looked a little silly.

Tong Yu passed the laptop to Huo Yao and asked. “What’s gotten into Little Princess?”

Huo Yao raised her brows slightly. “He’s probably thinking about life.”

Huo Xiang turned his head when he overheard this and glared at her.

Huo Yao smiled and extended her hand to stroke his curly hair before turning on the laptop.

Tong Yu signed into WeChat and got the investigator to send over whatever he had of the dashcam footage.

The file was over several gigabytes in size. Even though the file was zipped, it took a long time to transfer.

“Your laptop’s specs are simply too lousy.” Huo Yao shook her head and could not resist expressing her disdain for the hardware.

Tong Yu touched his nose. “I just got it this year. It is considered to be high spec.”

The moment Huo Yao heard what Tong Yu said, she stopped talking.

After 15 minutes, the file transfer was finally complete.

Huo Yao unzipped the file and opened it quickly before scanning through its contents to see a video file and some accompanying programs.

She raised her head and looked at Tong Yu. “This won’t do. The DAT file is missing. I need to access your friend’s computer remotely. Can you ask him if I can do it now?”

Tong Yu did not know what she was talking about and simply nodded and said, “Let me ask him.”

“Okay,” acknowledged Huo Yao softly as she typed on the keyboard swiftly.

After Tong Yu hung up the phone and was about to tell her the investigator could let her access his computer remotely, she clicked enter. “All done.”

The investigator’s desktop instantly appeared on the laptop monitor.

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