Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 686 - Footage Was Recovered

Chapter 686: Footage Was Recovered

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Tong Yu looked at the laptop screen and noticed that it was clearly not his desktop. He was taken aback before he said, “Are you remotely accessing his computer?”

It seemed as though the investigator had yet to touch the computer!

Huo Yao nodded expressionlessly. “Uh huh!”

She had already tapped on the dashcam footage’s source code.

Tong Yu scratched his head. He did not know why, but it felt as though Huo Yao’s remote access seemed a little different from the kind of remote access he knew about.

Even Tong Yu’s investigator was stunned by what Huo Yao had just done.

Moments after hanging up the phone and before he was able to give remote access to his computer, his laptop screen changed and the monitor turned black as an unknown code jumped across it.

Since the investigator did not know about the coding, he called his in-house computer expert over to check it out.

“Oh god! This is the work of a pro!” His computer expert adjusted his spectacles in shock.

Even though he was not a high-ranking hacker, he was pretty good at it. Yet he could barely understand the code jumping across the screen. Moreover, this person was typing so swiftly that he was unable to keep up!

This person was incredibly fast!

“What’s going on?” The investigator was at a complete loss as he pointed at the computer and asked.

“I think someone is fixing the code,” said his in-house computer expert swiftly with his eyes glued to the screen.

The investigator asked him in surprise. “What do you mean you think?”

The in-house computer expert cleared his throat awkwardly and said candidly, “This person is far better than me. I barely know what he is doing.”

“Does this mean this person will be able to recover the dashcam footage completely?” asked the investigator.

The in-house computer expert nodded after contemplating briefly. “I think so.”

Considering how fast this person was able to type the code, he was probably one of the top 30 hackers in the country. Maybe even top 20… or the first?

As he contemplated, words appeared at the center of the screen: [File recovery in progress…]

There was a progress bar below the text.

In less than 20 seconds, the progress bar had hit 100%.

Was it all done already?

The computer screen reverted to normal and a new video file appeared on the desktop.

The in-house computer expert picked up the mouse and tapped on the file. “It genuinely could be recovered…”


Meanwhile, Huo Yao disconnected remote access after copying the recovered video file onto Tong Yu’s laptop.

Huo Xiang and Tong Yu were completely dumbstruck. They looked at the computer screen for a long time until Huo Yao tapped on the footage dated 13th October. They finally managed to compose themselves.

Tong Yu pursed his lips and pointed at the footage playing on the screen. He asked Huo Yao in a disbelieving voice. “Don’t tell me this is the missing footage?”

Huo Yao acknowledged nonchalantly. Since she found the footage to be too slow, she made the footage play five times faster.

Tong Yu did not know how to describe how he felt at this moment. He recalled telling Huo Yao that the investigator’s computer expert was unable to recover the footage, so it was probably lost for good.

It was genuinely a slap on his face.

“You certainly live up to your name as a straight-A student. I can’t believe you are even a computer wizard. I am thoroughly impressed!” commended Tong Yu from the bottom of his heart.

Huo Yao glanced at Tong Yu before she went back to looking at the footage.

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