Miracle Throne

Chapter 27: Family Meeting

South City.

In front of the Meng family’s home, there were carriages pulled by strange beasts.

The luxurious beast-driven carriage had a Dragon Eagle designed flag undulating on top of it.

Meng Ying Ying carefully stared at the Dragon Eagle flag: ”This is the sign of the Zhong Zhou institute!”

Chu Tian curiously asked: “ What is Zhong Zhou institute?”

“You don’t even know this? You really are a country bumpkin!” Men Ying Ying did not let the opportunity to look down on Chu Tian slip by. Zhong Zhou institute is the largest institute in the area. The conditions for enrolment are extremely harsh!

Only twenty thousand people have ever been accepted, and amongst them are masters whose talents have reached unbelievable heights ~ their status seems to be universally admired.

Student organisations and guilds have much in common - they are both semi-official organisations set up with the support of the kingdom itself. The state treasury funds them each passing year to support their development. Of course, this support is not unconditional, and these organisations need to be able to prove their worth in the eyes of the state.

The guilds create scientific research which makes them valuable. One example is the pharmacist guild that study a variety of medical compounds and formulas every year; moreover, the talisman guild constantly create a variety of new talismans, which increase the kingdom’s subtle influence in culture.

Each university emphasises on the cultivation of martial art talents. Each year, plenty of geniuses are sent to the military department, especially to help cultivate real soldiers, and this increases the military strength of the kingdom.

Culture and military.

Each complementary to one another.

Arriving at the Meng family home, there were a group of strange and familiar faces, six aunts, four uncles, sister-in law. all of them relatives. Meng Ying Ying’s return drew the attention of the people inside.

“It is Meng Ying Ying. We don’t know what she has become”

“Haven’t seen her for years; it seems she grows more and more beautiful.”

“What is the use of her good looks, she is rubbish. She is only dependent on her elder sister, otherwise how could she have retained her status?”

“That’s right! If there was no Meng Qing Wu to support her, would she still have a dignified life as a young miss? I’m afraid that when she marries to another family, she can only be a concubine!”



Everyone privately discuss amongst themselves.

None of them could hide and hold back the disdain within their eyes.

Meng Ying Ying was skeptical of the situation. Why were all her relatives here when they normally weren’t in contact with these relatives. She decided to look for her sister and make things clear.

“The ambience felt odd”

“Doesn’t matter!”

“This doesn’t concern him at all!”

Chu Tian changed his clothes, then went to rest, his buttocks unwarmed.



A clear sound came from the clock, this was the signal for people to gather.

“Is it time for dinner?”

Chu Tian hurriedly ran.

In the hall, there was a huge round table. There were around two hundred thirty people in the hall, and everyone was sitting with a serious expressions.

“Where’s the slave? Hold it!” A sharp mouthed monkey faced middle-aged man stopped Chu Tian. His slit eyes spewed disdain, and he casted a brief glance at Chu Tian’s crude costume. With an ear piercing shrill he said: “ With your status, do you think you can enter this place? Get lost!”

Chu Tian wasn’t angry, he just laughed and said: “Who are you, and are you qualified to stop me?”

“You don’t even know who I am, and you dare to come here as a slave?” the monkey face middle-aged man flew into rage: ”I am a shareholder of the south province chamber of commerce, how can a slave dare speak to me this way? Simply unforgivable! Come everyone! Slap his face a hundred times!

The middle-aged man seems to be deliberately making a spectacle for Meng Qing Wu.

It wasn’t that he wanted to make Chu Tian life difficult, but that it was mostly to display his strength to Meng Qing Wu.

Unfortunately, this guy doesn’t seem to have much luck.


A loud slap resounded!

This so-called second uncle immediately fell over.

Chu Tian beamed with a smile, his behaviour undergoing an immediate change, and the second uncle lay beneath his foot: “You fucking!”

Not to mention a wretched man like you!

Would Meng Qing Wu dare to even speak to me like this? If she did I would probably hit her butt on the spot as usual!

“You….. You hit me! “ half of second uncle’s face was swollen as a large loaf of bread. His eyes were wide in fear, spitting out several broken teeth, and he hurried for help “ this dog slave is crazy! Big brother help me!”

With an embarrassed smile, Chu Tian said: “This arm has an ailment, naturally there is a condition reflex. It always reacts whenever I see bastards like you. It’s always hard to suppress it, and it truly is embarrassing…. Oh no, it has lost control again.


Another slap.

Chu Tian showed no mercy.

Second uncle was knocked out directly

“Brazen slave!” A wizened middle-aged man slaps the table, then suddenly stands up and angrily looks at Meng Qing Wu: “Meng Qing Wu, is this how you discipline your people?”

A white clothed youth stood up, and with a smile handsome smile, he said: “Father, do no be angry. Cousin is the only female in family who is in the chamber of commerce. It is inevitable that some slaves need to be repeatedly suppressed, so this small matter should not be bothered with.”

Middle-aged man snorted:” Yi Er, you seem to know how to speak for her, but look at what the chamber of commerce has turned into!”

“Younger cousin was bad in managing this, so I will act on her behalf to handle this matter.” the handsome white clothed youth named Zhao Yi leisurely flung the door open, glanced at Chu Tian then coldly said “ What are you looking at? Drag this vicious slave immediately, break his legs, abolish his cultivation, then expel him from the Meng family!”

“Don’t overdo it!” Meng Qing Wu voice snapped: “ When all is said and done, I am the president!”

Father and son named Zhao glanced at each other in dismay.

A relative spoke:” Fine, you are Meng Qing Wu, my family was humiliated, but seem to openly favour this arrogant slave outsider! Such tyranny. No wonder the south city chamber of commerce has ended up this way!”

Meng Qing Wu flatly said: “How I manage the south city chamber is my own business.”

Chu Tian scratches his head: “It’s rather embarrassing, was I mistaken on whether or not I can come here? I can leave if you want!”

“Chu Tian, coming here wasn’t a mistake, come and sit here!” Meng Qing Wu eyes stared at him. She thought, can’t you see I’m in trouble, yet you don’t come to help me and even consider running away. You are extremely lacking in loyalty.

This person, Chu Tian, is the one that has been making waves over the past few days in South City.

Everyone else was exposing a weird colour on their faces.

Chu Tian directly stepped over second uncle, and strutted to the seat right beside Meng Qing Wu and then crossed his legs. He listened to Meng Qing Wu introduce her relatives on by one: a middle aged man named Zhao Chang He with a Fu Manchu moustache who was Meng Qing Wu”s eldest uncle, and the handsome white clothed man’s eldest cousin.

With simple and crude clothing, a lowly person seemed to pretend to be someone important and was sitting right beside Meng Qing Wu.

The young white clothed man, Zhao Yi, had eyes that flashed with jealousy.

In order to gain the upperhand, Zhao Chang He said: “ Meng Qing Wu, we left you to operate independently at the South Cloud Chamber of Commerce. What was the result? You are clinging on the medicinal industry which is inevitably bound to fail, and this has resulted to the chamber of commerce suffering losses that almost lead it to sink into a debt crisis!

“Zhao Chang is right!”

“Six years ago, we invested at a crucial moment on the chamber of commerce. It is only through our support that it stands to this day, yet you rewards us with this? You have failed to live up to our expectations, and you have severely disappointed us!”

“You have to be held responsible!”

“South Cloud Chamber Commerce’s loss is your fault!”

One after another, people started to add to the noise, Meng Qing Wu face wrinkled: ”Regarding South Cloud Chamber of Commerce’s affairs, I will write a report for you to look over. The matter is more complicated than it first appears….”

“Don’t say anymore!”

“We aren’t here to see you make excuses!”

“I can’t bear to watch Chamber of Commerce’s suffering. Before it’s too late it be better to separate.

“Our demand is not unreasonable. You split the items from the talisman workshop then auction it out. Afterwards, let us equally distribute the profit. This will be sufficient!”

Both relatives and shareholders clamoured to divide the chamber of commerce. Manufacturing talismans were the foundation of the Chamber of Commerce. They wanted Meng Qing Wu to take out the talisman factory, but this was like requesting to pump out the lifeblood of the Chamber of Commerce.

Meng Qing Wu faced turned increasingly ugly, enduring the anger, she coldly said: “ Father and Mother have just been in an accident, yet you are ridiculously using excuses to demand payment. In order for me to maintain the overall situation, I admit there was no way to verify the breakdown of shares in the investment funds for the Chamber of Commerce. In these six years, your dividends, have I given even less than one cent? You people did not even lift a finger yet you expect to reap the benefits and are still unsatisfied. Now the Chamber of Commerce is facing a little turbulence, you rush to separate yourself from it, don’t you feel ashamed?

A sharp voice retorted: “It turns out, Meng Qing Wu, you didn’t have the ability to take over the Chamber of Commerce!”

Another voice resounded: ”Yes, the Chamber of Commerce in your hands will sooner or late collapse. I propose that Zhao Chang He instead became the president of the Chamber of Commerce in the south!”


“I also agree!”

“We must not let her continue to serve as President!”

“We have shares in the company, and she is losing our money!”

“Gentlemen. Ladies!” Zhao Chang He quickly stood and comforted the people, “Everyone be calm. Although in these six years Meng Qing Wu has not given any great merit to us, there have also been no missteps these past years. This we can recognise, yes?

“No merit is in itself already excessive!”

“There is no need for a mediocre person to stay as president!”

Zhao Chang sighed: “I understand everyone’s feelings. Southern Cloud Chamber of Commerce has stumbled for so many years. Everyone has great sentiments towards it, and we could not bear to see the decline of the Chamber of Commerce; however, the Southern Cloud of Chambers is founded by Meng Qing Wu’s father. As her uncle, how could I possibly have the heart to replace her?”

It is really ridiculous!

You know the South Cloud Chamber of Commerce was created by my father?

Meng Qing Wu was in no hurry to speak because she had a deep understanding of her uncle. She was deeply aware that behind these hypocritical courtesies was a real attempt to steal her position.

Zhao Chang: ”A women doing business without backers will inevitably suffer. You aren’t considered young anymore, and you should just find a person to marry.”

Meng Qing Wy dryly said: “I don’t agree.”

“Of course, Meng Qing Wu’s talent is considered first-class. Naturally, she wants a man who is the same, and I’m afraid that it isn’t easy.“ Zhao Chang waved his hand, “Yi Er, you marry Meng Qing Wu.”


Chu Tian immediately choked on their words.

Zhao Yi’s eyes happily flashed: “ Father, please. Rest assured, I would take care of my cousin for life!”

Meng Qing Wu angrily stood up: “Who are you to decide this!”

“I am your Uncle!” Zhao Yi is a student of Zheng Zhou institute! Is this not enough?” Zhang Chan gave a wide smile: ” Marry”

Meng Qing Wu with a sullen face said: “My sister is still too small, and I will not leave her.”

Zhao Chang seeming to have guessed that Meng Qing Wu would say this, so he said: “Meng Ying Ying is sixteen years old, just give her to Yi Er as a concubine. You two sisters serve one husband, so there is no need to separate! You know she has no talent or skill, and this arrangement is also good for her.”

Sisters marrying their cousin?

What the fuck is that!

Chu Tian couldn’t hear any more of it, “ Your mother! You make me feel sick!”

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