Miracle Throne

Chapter 28: Big Cousin Brawl

Isn't it bad enough for an Uncle to steal the property of his niece, now he’s forcing her to marry his son?

Exactly what kind of mind can think up such an idea!

This cousin is quite remarkable. He approaches the whole business of marrying his cousin with a clear conscience. I did not think there was anybody in the world more shameless than me?

"Shut up! What right have you to meddle in our family's private affairs?" Zhao Yi always coveted his beautiful cousins. With the current troubles of Nan Yu Commerce, this was his chance to force them to marry him. Who could have imagined that he would meet Chu Tian, a thorn on his side: "You are nothing but waste that relies on your mistress for a breath of life!"

Chu Tian smiled mockingly, “I will not speak of other matters for now, at least I have a sense of honor, unlike some dressed up animal (idiom for “brutal person”).

Zhao Yi eyes flashed murderously: "A slave is a slave for life. Killing you would only be like crushing an ant. You think that just because you have my cousin’s favor, you can act in this undisciplined way?

Chu Tian eyes narrowed, his eyes flashed.

People familiar with Chu Tian will understand that when he has that look on his face, it signals a dangerous time.

Meng Qing Wu could bare it no longer: "Zhao Yi, you have gone too far!"

Zhao Zhang He turned to his son, said: "Why do you have a rivalry with a servant, do you not find it demeaning? Sit down, talk this matter out."

"No more talk!" Meng Qing Wu declared resolutely: "I would never agree to such a ridiculous thing, this is the end of the meeting, everybody please leave!"

Zhao Zhang He stood up, unyielding: "for the sake of the development of Nan Yun Commerce, but also for the future of you sisters, Yi-er (“My son Yi”) is your best choice. We did not come to negotiate. Even if you resist it is no use.

TL: Nan Yun is the same as South Cloud, we just reverted it back to chinese because it sounds better for us now.

"Zhao He is right!"

"Nan Yun’s recent performance let us down!"

"Unite in marriage with the Zhao’s once more, or Nan Yun Commerce must pay out!"


Meng Qing Wu clenched her fists tightly. Her face brimmed with anger.

Zhao Zhang turned a blind eye to this, said:. "Yi-er, please get things ready, this matter is about to come to a close."

"Thank you, father," Zhao Yi couldn't contain his happiness, said: "I will arrange a beautiful wedding, and take Qing Wu as my wife."

Here, nobody respected Meng Qing Wu's wishes.

From the beginning, the discussion was not negotiable!

Do you not agree? OK, ah, everybody gather around for a divestment, just call out the Talisman Workshop! Who does not know that this Talisman Workshop is the lifeblood of the South Workshop Talisman Cloud Chamber of Commerce! Who does not know the unequalled importance your Meng Qing Wu regards the business of her parents?

Meng Qing Wu stared around the room with angry tears in her eyes in state of near collapse. Fortunately, did not let my sister come, otherwise, knowing her character, I fear the situation would have been out of control sooner. She looked beseechingly at Chu Tian beside her. The current situation is hard for her to resist. This guy has a lot of bad ideas, can he remedy this situation?

Chu Tian obtained authorization through Missy's knowing glance, in that case, so let it be!

Chu Tian stood up and roared: "Everybody, get lost!"


Meng Qing Wu was stunned.

Like a strangled duck, in a moment, everybody stared in collective silence. Does this person not know how a servant is supposed to act? He dares speak to them in that tone?

An angry relative stood up: "You ......"

With matchless cruelty, Chu Tian swung up a fist, the relative did not get a chance to say more. His jaw was dislocated and he screamed and moaned. For good measure, Chu Tian kicked him and sent him flying a few meters into the air.

Hit him!

How dare he hit him?

This concerns the losses of the pharmaceutical market, Nan Yun Commerce will sink into a debt crisis, these people are resisting now. This abdication is purely on the basis of Nan Yun Commerce not having the means to pay up!

Chu Tian clenched and unclenched his palms. "This grandson does not want a broken Talisman Workshop right? You give it to them and consider it settled! In short, help get rid of this trash as quickly as possible!

"Brazen slave, you dare incite disharmony within the clan, establish conflicts and cracks within the family. It is a simple thing to have you executed!" Zhao Yi thoughtlessly stood up and declared, "Father, I wish to lay him to waste!"

Zhao Zhang He made no motion to stop him, he felt the need to teach Meng Qing Wu a lesson, and coldly said: “Lay him to waste? What is the use of such a person to us? Go, kill him!”

Meng Qing Wu anxiously cried out: "You don’t dare!"

"Cousin, you are quite silly! I express my affection for you and you do not cherish it! This wicked slave has committed many evils, yet you protect him in every possible way! If this guy is left to remain with the family, sooner or later he will bring us harm. For brother, for you, for the family, today I kill him! "

"Die, scum!"

Zhao Yi raised his right leg high, combining his force to a single sharp point, like a giant axe he swung it down to strike at Chu Tian’s skull. Deliberate, with no effort spared, it can be said he had full intent to kill. If Chu Tian were to receive a direct hit, he would undoubtedly be slain!


Chu Tian raised his right arm, striking upwards - Chongxiao fist!

Like a rocket his fist propelled forwards. There was a violent collision between the two forces that set a burst of wind through the hall. There was nothing to make of the aftermath save the sound of bone cracking *click* *bang*, then came the shrill screams.

"Ah -!" Zhao Yi fell heavily to the ground, his right leg twisted in a strange state, his bone shattered, "My leg!"

"A mere 5th rank of the body refinement realm made himself invincible!"

Chu Tian’s superiority is not only in his fighting skills and martial arts ability, but also because he soaked in the spring of life. Dragon blood tempered his body, significantly increasing his physical strength. Although, his dantian is cultivation level was inferior, what embroided pillow can compare to this?

A sixteen-year-old boy, with one punch destroyed a Zhong Zhou student’s leg?

The relatives faces flushed in a color of panic.

Now who is garbage.

“Zhong Zhou institute only has garbage like you, it should just be closed down!" Chu Tian lifted Zhao Yi into the air, struck him several times with a myriad punches, fresh blood splattered, broken teeth piled on the floor. "Didn't you want to kill me? You will be the one lain to waste!"

Zhao Yi cried in shock: "Stop!"

Zhao Zhang He lunged at them in rage: "You beast, how dare you!"

Chu Tian struck Zhao Yi in the abdomen. Zhao Yi's strength drained is completely gone. His power dissipated, dantian vanished into the air. From then on he became an ordinary human being!

Zhao Yi has been lain to waste!

In this way showed his unwavering fierce temperament, he said he would abolish his cultivation then he did, with complete ruthlessness.

Meng Qing Wu could not have foreseen this outcome, nobody could have.

While the Zhao clan is not a particularly prestigious house, they still carry a certain amount of influence in the City. Even though Zhao Yi is a distant relative, Chu Tian still pummeled him. Word will spread across the city, the whole house of Zhao will be angered.

Nan Yun Commerce will surely completely break ties with the Zhao clan!

"How dare you harm my son," Zhao Zhang He, in shock and anger, suddenly rushed forward with boths fists, "I'll kill you."

Chu Tian sneered: "With you? Fuck Off!"


Only one foot!

Zhao Zhang He was pushed back, rolling several feet across the floor. Zhao Zhang He's dantian is a little bit better than Zhao Yi's. However, he is dismissed by a mere 5th rank's abilities, he doesn't even need to attain 6th rank, Chu Tian does not care!

Chu Tian disdainfully looked at the crowd from the corner of his eye. Everybody felt like they were in a cave of ice. They felt that they were not standing in front a young boy, but a devil with bloodstained hands.

"Weren't you all so arrogant just a moment ago?"

"Did you not wish to have me killed?"

"Daddy is looking for more death, why don't you give me death?"

Give me death?

He speaks such words!

This guy is very frivolous and rendered everyone completely stunned. This young man turned out to be a quite a terror!

Meng Qing Wu trembled, not knowing whether to be happy or to despair. What Chu Tian did was something she never dared to do, but always wished to do. The Zhao Clan is her mother's family, she did not wish to thoroughly break ties with that house, however, Zhao Zhang He was indeed an intolerable bully.

She looked upon Chu Tian's powerful figure, looked upon Chu Tian's frivolous profile, and her eyes betrayed a trace of confusion which was slowly replaced by a firm, resolute expression.

Chu Tian ...... Thank you!

Meng Qing Wu let loose a drop of crystal tear.

Zhao Zhang He with pale face and tearful voice denounced: "Meng Qing Wu, you cruel and unscrupulous person... To think I founded Nan Yun Commerce with your parents, toiled and labored to establish it. Now your wings have grown hard, the way you treated us father and son... You infidel, you are an unfilial, unjust beast!

"Infidel? Unfilial? Unjust?" Meng Qing Wu smiled sadly, anger flickering in her beautiful eyes. Now that we have come to this it is no longer time to keep face. "I have years of suspicions to ask of you!"

Zhao Zhang He stared blankly.

Meng Qing Wu asked in an almost icy voicy, "Six years ago, my parents were in a caravan with a shipment of very valuable goods. The whole operation was kept very, very secret. Halfway through the journey the caravan was ambushed. Almost everybody was killed, all except you. Why were you the only survivor?"

Zhao Zhang He hoarsely shouted: "Do not try to mislead us, that incident was a Mo Shu (Devil Magic) raid!"

"Mo Shu raid? That was just the excuse you provided. It was precisely your testimony that convinced people to believe such a thing. But what is the truth? You know the truth in your heart! You were the one who sold the route to the Xie Clan! Admit it!"


Zhao Zhang He shuddered.

She always knew!

Perhaps, Meng Qing Wu was always afraid of giving herself away. Who knew that she kept her feelings hidden all these years. This woman is very deep!

Meng Qing Wu only had suspicions, she did not have evidence. But after seeing Zhao Zhang He's reaction, she was almost sure, her guess was right after all!

"Trouble for Nan Yun Commerce did not end there. The system operator division quit, the material suppliers gave us difficulties, the shops were harassed, the factory was destroyed. At this time, you brought over somebody to help cut up the family property, you demanded stock from the business, you made deliberate attempts to completely drive Nan Yun Commerce to the ground. Is this what you call filial? Is this fidelity? Justice? Zhao Zhang He, that was not you!"

Zhao Zhang He's face turned blue and white, "You dare frame me!"

"This is the Talisman Workshop contract, I can give it to you! There is only one condition, from now on we sever all ties. We no longer have any relationship!"

Meng Qing Wu threw the contact onto the floor.

A relative hurried to pick it up, scanned it.

"Very well!"

"Meng Qing Wu!"

"Wait for your punishment! We depart!"

Meng Qing Wu is willing to hand over the systems operator? The Talisman business is the foundation of Nan Yun Commerce! Nevertheless, a quarrel is better than a loss of profits!

These people are mercenaries, they only seek profit, family means nothing to them. Zhao Zhang He is of no use to us now, let us reap the benefits and disown him as soon as possible.

Chu Tian yelled after them: "Go slowly!"

Everybody turned to each other with a look of horror.

Chu Tian flashed a demonic grin. "Don't you people understand, I am telling you roll, listen carefully. Now ROLL!"

TL: (This could be pun, "滚 gun" is a crass way to say leave, "like get out" but it also means "roll")


"You intolerable bully!" (this is an idiom)

Everyone was livid.

"All the times you abused other people, did you not feel like intolerable bullies?" Chu Tian coldly replied. "I will count to three, whoever isn't out by the time I say three will never stand up again. One! Two!"

"I'm rolling!"

"We're rolling!"

The terrified crowd, including the Zhao father and son pair, sprawled on the floor and rolled to door in flurry. Chu Tian, this fearful person, did not even bat an eye to the wasted man that is now Zhao Yi. Now that all this has been said, we will indeed let events come to pass!

Meng Qing Wu watched the domineering clan, rolling out of the hall like obedient dogs. Her heart surged with emotion. "Now I have lost everything."

Chu Tian smiled: "Nonsense, you have me, that’s plenty enough!"

Meng Qing Wu ,upon hearing those suggestive words, turned up her nose and quickly turned away.

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