MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks

Chapter 715 - An Unfortunate Day

Chapter 715: An Unfortunate Day

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[You have failed to infuse your weapon with a new attribute. The Holy Crystal vanishes…]

[Your equipment has lost its Holy attribute…]

Tch tch pst pst…

Li Yi’s palms shimmered with the colors of the rainbow as he infused one Holy Crystal after another into the Wrath of the Stars.

“Boss, how’s it going? Can the bow be decomposed?”

One Big Bun was watching anxiously, staring intently at the Wrath of the Stars.

Countless Purple Quality equipment had been decomposed by his hands, but he had never decomposed an Orange Quality equipment. He was looking forward to trying it.

Fail, fail, fail…

Holy Crystals vanished in Li Yi’s hands and in the blink of an eye, 58 Holy Crystals had been used. However, the Wrath of the Stars’ Holy attribute remained at 1 point.

The first three Attribute Infusions did not matter but once failure struck on the fourth Attribute Infusion, the Holy attribute on the item would be reset to zero.

No matter how Li Yi tried to cushion the blow with other items, he would surely meet with failure on the fourth attempt.

The Demon Tribe Commander Shoes on his feet, +32 Holy attribute.

The Demon Tribe Commander Helmet on his head, +16 Holy attribute.

His other equipment returned to their original form, with only +1 attribute. All his equipment, including his weapon, added together brought his Holy attribute up to 58 points. It was higher than his previous 42 points, but it was a pity his Orange Quality Bow, the Wrath of the Stars remained at 1 point.

Looking at the last 10 Holy Crystals in his hands, Li Yi was filled with helplessness…

The item he wanted to upgrade the most was the Wrath of the Stars. The item that was not supposed to be upgraded succeeded, whereas the item that was supposed to be upgraded continuously failed.

+58 Holy attribute was indeed a high number, but the Wrath of the Stars’ percentage bonus attribute was gone. By the looks of it, it was not a huge loss.

“Boss, can I take a look at the bow?”

“Step aside!”

Li Yi glared at One Big Bun before continuing his mission to upgrade his Orange Quality Bow.

With a flash of a multicolored light, the Wrath of the Stars gained +2 Holy attribute points. At another flash, the Wrath of the Star was now +4 Holy attribute points. At yet another flash, the Wrath of the Stars turned into +0 Holy attribute points. Attribute Infusion failed…

Li Yi stopped what he was doing and let out of sigh. He went out to run around the block, like One Big Bun before returning to upgrade.

[You have failed to infuse your weapon with a new attribute. The Holy Crystal vanishes…]

[You have failed to infuse your weapon with a new attribute. The Holy Crystal vanishes…]

[You have failed to infuse your weapon with a new attribute. The Holy Crystal vanishes…]

The consecutive failed attempts in Attribute Infusion Li Yi left with one last Holy Crystal and by then, the Wrath of the Stars only had +1 Holy attribute points.

“F*ck me!”

Infuriated, Li Yi took off his Demon Tribe Commander Shoes and infused the last Holy Crystal into it.

[You have failed to infuse your weapon with a new attribute. The Holy Crystal vanishes…]

[Your equipment has lost its Holy attribute…]

Tch tch pst pst…

A horrific melody played in his ear as the +32 Holy attribute points on his Demon Tribe Commander Shoes disappeared…

He could drop dead now…

Staring at his white boots, Li Yi did not know how to react. He went too far and he motherf*cking lost it all.

His total Holy attribute was now 26 points. He went from heaven to hell in seconds.

One Big Bun drew near. “Boss, are we decomposing or what?”


Li Yi took out his Aora’s Megasnake Bow and gritted his teeth as he handed it over to One Big Bun.

“Or-or-or-or-orange Quality…”

One Big Bun was in shock but quickly activated Decomposition right to break Aora’s Megasnake Bow into crystals.

A rainbow blaze appeared, and as luck would have it, they were on the receiving end of a Critical Hit.

Critical Hit!

380 God Crystals!

33 Holy Crystals!

With a Critical Hit, the supposed production of 38 crystals added a zero to the end of the number producing 380 crystals!

God Crystals were Advanced-level materials used by every class. Ironsmith Masters would add a little during weapon forgery to raise the chances of creating a divine weapon. It was the same for other sub-classes as well, adding a few God Crystals during item refinery to increase their chances of creating exquisite items.

God Crystals were rare and could only be obtained by decomposing Orange Quality weapons. Its price… was naturally extremely expensive.

As for the 33 Holy Crystals, it was not a result of the Critical Hit but was the normal amount produced when decomposing an Orange Quality weapon.

“At least I got back my money’s worth.”

Li Yi was greatly relieved at the sight of the 380 God Crystals. The decision to have One Big Bun decompose the Megasnake Bow was a spur of the moment. He wanted to continue Attribute Infusion but had run out of Holy Crystals. He thought of the Megasnake Bow because he knew that decomposing an Orange Quality weapon would produce at least 20 Holy Crystals.

The outcome of his spur of the moment decision would either be a loss or recover some of his costs…

The way things were looking, Li Yi was sort of in the middle.

His quest to infusing attributes into his weapon began again…

With 380 God Crystals as backing, Li Yi felt reassured. At least he was able to cut his losses. As for the 33 Holy Crystals, it would be great if he succeeded but if he did not, it did not matter anymore.

With the flicker of rainbow light, his Attribute Infusion restarted.

“Boss, do you still need to decompose? Do you?”

One Big Bun stood beside him, asking excitedly. Decomposing the Megasnake Bow had sent blood rushing in his head. It was a shame it only lasted for a short time though. He had just started to savor it before that wonderful feeling disappeared.

He really wanted to try it one more time…

“Leave me, leave me, leave me…”

Li Yi waved his arm to chase One Big Bun away so he could fully concentrate on Attribute Infusion…

“Collecting Blue Quality and above treasure maps. Message if you have, I’ll take as many as you have!”

“Collecting Gold Quality quest scrolls on behalf of Brother Nine. You know, money’s no object. Message if you have them!”

“Purchasing unlimited rubbish Holy equipment! Please message if you’re selling!”

“Trading Warrior Apex DEF armor for Warrior Apex ATK armor. Please message!”

“Trading Arcane Wizard’s Level 105 Purple Quality weapon for Summoner’s Level 105 Purple Quality weapon. A rare opportunity. Don’t wait, people. Come one come all.”

The World Channel was filled with all kinds of purchasing notices. This was a chain reaction caused by the opening of the new Foreignland map.

“Trading All classes’ Tribe Commander equipment for Archer’s Tribe Commander equipment. Message me for condition and equipment attributes.”

Li Yi would shout in the world channel every once in a while. Similar to other players, he needed equipment.

However, each time he did so, there would be a few jealous players who would troll on him in World.

As Apex equipment was extremely popular, Li Yi asked for Commander Tribe equipment instead. Apart from him, nobody else had amassed large quantities of Commander Tribe equipment.

Li Yi shouted endlessly for a few days yet did not receive a single item. It was not that nobody was willing to trade with him, it was simply that nobody possessed Commander Tribe equipment.

As for Apex equipment, Li Yi had not taken a fancy in them. The Apex equipment he looted were either gifted to others or decomposed by One Big Bun.

Exhausting all the Holy Crystals he owned, Li Yi once again was in anguish.

Using the 33 Holy Crystals from decomposing his Megasnake Bow had disastrous results. All his equipment was left with a single Holy attribute point. Adding up his equipment, it totaled up to a whopping 12 Holy attribute points…

He had gone from a high point of 58 to his current total of 12 points. Li Yi tested it by hitting a dummy but was immediately depressed. Compared to before, his ATK had dropped quite significantly. If he were to bump into the Fluttering Snow Alliance, he presumably could not defeat Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut, let alone fight one hundred men.

In any game, equipment played a crucial role while skill was secondary. This applied in King of Pantheon as well. No matter how great a technique or skill, they would be stopped by an opponent with godly equipment.

With his Attribute Infusion a failure, Li Yi went to the Auction House in search of Holy Crystals. There was ample supply but the asking price forced him to put aside his thoughts of Attribute Infusion.

A Holy Crystal was worth 10 thousand Gold Coins. This was the current price in the Auction House.

While other players had not yet mastered Attribute Infusion, Holy Crystals were already a popular item. Using 5 Holy Crystals during equipment refinery would add the Holy attribute into the said equipment. With this alone, Holy Crystal’s price skyrocketed.

It was understandable. Li Yi had purchased over ten thousand Gold Coins worth of Holy equipment yet only managed to decompose over 30 Holy Crystals, and that was because he was lucky. If luck was not on his side, it would have been less than 10.

Exiting the Auction House, Li Yi teleported to the Abyssal Crevice and summoned Onyxia to fly to the Fluttering Snow Continent.

Learning the keyword, Luo Lan Empire from Aragon was a start. If he wanted to activate the Glory Quest Series, he needed to visit many NPCs to collect bits and pieces about the Luo Lan Empire until the whole story was completed.

In the trading area of Iron Wall City, Li Yi unleashed his Territory light barrier to defend against thousands of the Fluttering Snow Continent players while he had a conversation with White Elf Sascha. He learnt from her that it was during the rule of the Luo Lan Empire’s first emperor that the Demonic Tribe was forced to retreat from the Pantheon continent.

In the slums of Iron Furnace City, Li Yi visited Orc Elder Mather and learnt that the Luo Lan Empire ruled the Pantheon continent for over three thousand years.

In the Castellan’s residence of Hurricane Fortress, Li Yi visited the Dwarf NPC Vladdin and found out that the Luo Lan Empire’s royalty held a mysterious power and used this very power to defeat the Demonic Tribe.

In a single day, Li Yi toured all the major cities in the Fluttering Snow Continent and by the time he made it to the God-queen’s incarnation, Carulla in the Celestial Capital, his progress in learning the secrets of the Luo Lan Empire was at 33%.

Anything to do with learning secrets from NPCs was mostly done in opposing major cities. Naturally, Li Yi met with quite a bit of resistance. However, without an expert like Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut in his way, normal players did not stand a chance against him. Hence, he managed to sail through the progress in the Fluttering Snow Continent.

Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut and her guild’s elites were occupied in Ancient-level dungeon, Deathwing. This was no secret. Li Yi was given this information while he was in Demonic Forest. Counting the days, it had been ten days.

Li Yi could not say with certainty whether Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut could take down Deathwing dungeon. He only knew that at the current equipment level, forcefully defeating Deathwing, even if it was a success, would mean paying a high price…

This was what Li Yi found strange. It had been ten days yet Deathwing’s first kill had not been announced. It was a telltale sign that Fluttering Snow Purple Water Chestnut had not succeeded. After an attempt this long, shouldn’t she just give up?

Could it be… that there was a reason she must tackle the dungeon?

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