MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks

Chapter 716 - Dimension

Chapter 716: Dimension

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Just as Li Yi was about to leave the Fluttering Snow Continent, he caught a glimpse of an interesting duel while passing through the Twilight Forest.

On one side was his student, the Assassination Archer, Fang Jie while on the other side was the rising star of the Fluttering Snow Alliance, the Dwarf Wizard, Black Wing.

Fang Jie was in the Fluttering Snow Continent on a quest when he encountered Black Wing in Twilight Forest. As both belonged to different camps, it was normal to engage in battle when they met.

At first, Black Wing had not taken Fang Jie seriously. To put it blatantly, he looked down upon Fang Jie. Recently, he was at the height of his success, too many famous experts had died at his hands. He had never heard of a nobody and small fry like Fang Jie.

Black Wing rubbed his palms to release a Frost Arrow. He used Flash and Ice Spear after the Frost Arrow was fired to take Fang Jie to kill with one hit. However, he never expected what came next.

Faced with Black Wing’s ambush, Fang Jie stood there motionless, allowing the Frost Arrow to penetrate his body. It did not do any damage to him. The Ice Spear followed next, piercing his body yet it still did not cause any damage…

With the ambush a failure, Black Wing leaped to the back and unleashed a Blizzard Spell.

Pck tsh bp la! Pck tsh bp la!

A sky of frozen arrows came raining down, with Fang Jie as the target.

Black Wing’s move was intense as it left the opponent no time to breath. His always triumphant tactic was, unfortunately, a miss this time.

Fang Jie stood stationary in the middle of the Frost Arrow shower. His body seemed to have no substance as countless Frost Arrows penetrated his body, yet he received no damage.

Black Wing’s attacks did not bother him.

“Ten Miles Frozen!”

After the Blizzard, Black Wing activated his Territory Skill to freeze the area of fallen ice.

Fang Jie of course, was not spared from being frozen.

Only, the damage value Black Wing expected to appear above Fang Jie’s head did not emerge.

5 minutes later, the iceberg started showing signs of melting but Fang Jie, who was in the center of it, was unscathed. His face stared through the iceberg straight into Black Wing’s eyes.

“F*ck me!”

Black Wing glared back at him. The iceberg required a large amount of Territory Power to maintain. With his current ability, the longest he could maintain it was 8 minutes. Once this time limit was over, the iceberg would disappear, completely wiping out his Territory Power.

Black Wing was shocked. “Is this the work of Territory or equipment? Could it be Weisheng’s Tear?”

[Weisheng’s Tear (Unknown Quality)]

[Special Accessory]

[Equipment Level: Level 10] [Special Effect: All attributes increased by 10%.]

[Special Effect: Recover HP every second based on user’s level.]

[Special Effect: User can automatically enter ‘Invincibility’ state by standing still (for more than 5 seconds). Duration of Invincibility is unlimited, and during this period, user cannot use any class skills. Furthermore, all attacks dealt to user would receive the ‘Silence’ penalty. (Effect only works on players)]

The information on Weisheng’s Tear came to Black Wing’s mind, creating more doubt than clarity.

It did not seem right. Territory Power suppressed all powers. Weisheng’s Tear may have extraordinary effects but when up against Territory Power, its power would be diminished. What… What the hell was going on?

Black Wing could not wrap his head around it.

Whilst he was still recovering from his shock, Fang Jie, who was trapped in the iceberg, smiled drily, and took large strides towards his direction.

The iceberg seemed nonexistent as it did not impede Fang Jie’s advance. He walked out of the iceberg and stood in front of Black Wing.

Fang Jie raised his Purple Quality Bow, nocking arrows and drawing the bowstring to aim at Black Wing.

Crippling Shot!



Black Wing was paralyzed by shock when Fang Jie made his move. He had even forgotten about his Protection Crystal. He took the attack head-on, losing a large portion of his HP.

“Repelling Arrow Skill!”

“Chain Arrow Skill!”

“Bp! Bp! Bp!”

Fang Jie’s continuous attacks finally caused Black Wing to come to his senses and activate his Protection Crystal to block the attack.

“Frost Rising Star!”

Black Wing raised his staff to spread a pale blue frost from beneath his feet. Fang Jie who was at a close distance was hit.

Tst —

With frost creeping through it, Fang Jie’s body became intangible once again, dodging Black Wing’s attack.

Fang Jie’s Purple Quality Bow was lifted high and nocked with an arrow, it was directed at Black Wing.

Black Wing blurted, “WTH is going on? Why can’t I hit you, but you can hit me?”

“Bp! Bp!”

Chain Arrow Skill was fired, striking the Protection Crystal, and crushing it.



Fang Jie continued with his attacks. A stark contrast to Black Wing who was defenseless against them. He could only glare at Fang Jie, thinking of ways to fight back.

The Protection Crystal required a high amount of Territory Power to maintain and when it was attacked, his Territory Power fell rapidly. Unleashing Ten Miles Frozen had already exhausted most of his power and now Fang Jie’s consecutive attacks had left him hanging by a thread.


With his Protection Crystal smashed, Fang Jie swiftly fired another three shots at him.

Black Wing collapsed to the ground. Even until his death, he did not understand how Fang Jie had done it.

Why was it that he could hit him but not vice versa?


Fang Jie never gave him an explanation. After he defeated him, rather than camping him, Fang Jie summoned his mount and went on his way to complete his quest.

Li Yi watched as this took place before happily rubbing his Reusable Teleportation Stone to return to his nation.

Black Wing may not have known what hit him, but Li Yi knew it well. Fang Jie did not have Weisheng’s Tear. The reason he could do this was because of his advancement in Territory.

That guy, unknowingly… became stronger.

Fang Jie’s Territory Skill was called Dimensional Shift.

He was able to travel in and out of the iceberg with ease because of Dimensional Shift. Black Wing was not able to touch him because of the absence of his actual form in this dimension. What Black Wing saw was just a projection of his body. When it was Fang Jie’s turn to attack, he shifted his body back from the other dimension and dealt damage to Black Wing.

If Black Wing mastered Territory Release like Li Yi had, he probably would have been able to restrain Fang Jie. Unfortunately, he did not, so he died not knowing how to fight the dimensional shifter.

In his past life, Fang Jie became the Archer God of the Eastern Continent mostly because of his Territory Skill, Dimensional Shift.

Li Yi returned to the Celestial Capital and took a short break before heading to the Ninth Continent.

With all his visiting in the Fluttering Snow Continent completed, it was the Ninth Continent’s turn.

Compared to the Fluttering Snow Continent, visiting in the Ninth Continent was a breeze. Due to the alliance between Li Yi and Brother Windcloud Nine, battles between the two continents were rare. The treatment Li Yi received there now was completely different than when he first traveled there.

He did not meet resistance in the first major city, progressing with ease, but when Li Yi headed to the second major city, the situation changed.

The second major city, Bright Moon City was under the control of Reigning the World. While Li Yi and Brother Windcloud Nine were allies now, he had a hostile relationship with Reigning the World.

When Li Yi appeared in the square, players flooded in from all directions. A confrontation was inevitable.

Releasing his Territory made it so that normal players were no threat to Li Yi. There were Territory Masters in Reigning the World. Guild Master Night Moon, Vice Guild Master Princess Huaiyu, Vice Guild Master Roc, etc. had all achieved Territory.

However, compared to Li Yi’s their Territory was lacking. Territory Power was powerful due to its most prominent feature, its suppressive power.

If one’s powers were not strong enough, they would be completely suppressed.

Li Yi’s level 28 Territory was higher than all Reigning the World’s Territory Masters combined. Furthermore, he was in possession was Random Teleportation Scroll so when he ran out of Territory Power, he could simply escape. There may be many people hunting him, but the most they could do was defend against him. They could not harm him.

However, Li Yi was frustrated by the constant encirclement wherever he went. Even the NPCs he was looking for were blocked by the players. This caused him to take longer than he had expected.

Reigning the World was persistent, tailing Li Yi wherever he went. No matter what he did, he could not lose them.

He thought the Ninth Continent was going to be a breeze, but it seemed to be more of a challenge than the Fluttering Snow Continent.

After an afternoon of struggle, Li Yi finally made it to the seventh NPC, but he had a long way to go before he could complete his visiting in the Ninth Continent.

Luckily for Li Yi, Brother Windcloud Nine had caught wind of what was going on, and though Li Yi did not request for help, it was in Brother Windcloud Nine’s nature to put an end to it.

Brother Windcloud Nine contacted Night Moon to ask her to stop. Alas, Night Moon ignored his demands.

Infuriated, Brother Windcloud Nine had Sister Nine to close down the teleportation doors in all major cities. This way, Reigning the World would not be able to assemble quickly and challenge Li Yi.

With the teleportation doors shut down, the Ninth Continent’s National Channel was fuming. King of Pantheon had a huge map. Without the teleportation doors, traveling was torturous. A place that could be reached in seconds now took up to seven or eight hours of travel.

“Reigning the World was determined to kill our ally in spite of my requests, attempting to disrupt the peace between our two continents. I did not wish to close the teleportation doors, but I had to do so to maintain the peace. If you have a bone to pick, it’s on them.”

Brother Windcloud Nine’s announcement turned Reigning the World into a target of hostility.

“Those motherf*cking idiots, always causing trouble.”

“How despicable, sh*theads.”


With all the major cities’ teleportation doors shut, Li Yi took the opportunity to visit the NPCs. He encountered less resistance, easing his task greatly.

It was late at night when Li Yi finally completed his progress in the Ninth Continent. The secrets of the Luo Lan Empire progress was now at 66%.

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