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Chapter 717 - God of Massacre Clan

Chapter 717: God of Massacre Clan

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In his past life, Li Yi had completed the Luo Lan Empire Glory Quest Series, but he was not the first. By the time he got to it, there were at least tens of thousands who had completed and turned in the quest.

Anyone could accept and do the Luo Lan Empire Glory Quest Series but only the first player who completed the quest series would receive a Glory Equipment Set. In other words, there was only one Luo Lan Empire Glory Equipment Set. Subsequent players who completed the quest would only obtain a decent Epic-level class equipment set.

The first player to complete the Luo Lan Empire Glory Quest Series in his past life was the Dark Paladin, Ghostly Walker. He was the first Emperor of the Pantheon Continent.

After the completion of the Luo Lan Empire main quest, the legendary Emperor’s Capital would emerge (Although there was no King in the Eastern Continent in his past life, the appearance of the Luo Lan Empire main quest triggered an NPC King in the Eastern Continent) and the first player who entered the Emperor’s Capital and sat on the throne would become the first Emperor of the land.

In his past life, Ghostly Walker, dressed from head to toe in his Glory Equipment Set took a seat on the throne and became the first Emperor. However, his reign was short-lived as within a day, he had stepped down.

The reason for Ghostly Walker’s abdication remained a mystery and this mystery was never unraveled despite years of speculation.

This incident was ranked number four on the Top Ten Unraveled Mysteries list.

King of Pantheon has been in service for three years and Ghostly Walker, his past life’s first Emperor had yet to join the game. The task Li Yi was executing at the moment, in comparison to the timeline in his past life, was a year early.

Li Yi was confident he would be able to finish the Luo Lan Empire Glory Quest Series before Ghostly Walker made an appearance in the game. The reason was simple. He has done this quest before so it would not be any harder to do it again.

If he still could not be the first player to complete the Luo Lan Empire Glory Quest Series despite having a year’s head start, he might as well smash his head against the wall.

After making his rounds in the Fluttering Snow Continent and Ninth Continent, the remaining progress went by quickly. Li Yi was Chief Executive of Invincible Continent with the special ability to teleport anywhere within the nation. With this awesome boost, his visit to all the NPCs within the nation went by incredibly swiftly.

In just three hours, Li Yi had done all the required visits, pushing the quest progress to 99%.

With just one 1% of progress left, the Luo Lan Empire Glory Quest officially kickstarted.

The last percentage could be completed by searching for a special NPC in the North Pole Continent, a survivor of the Luo Lan Empire, Alenod the Smart.

Alenod the Smart was a rare Elite Monster that only showed up in the North Pole Continent. Prior to players accepting any quests related to the Luo Lan Empire, it was considered a monster that could be killed by players.

Before making his way to the North Pole Continent, Li Yi went to the Auction House and spent 50 Gold Coins to purchase large quantities of fish bait. He then teleported to the Abyssal Canyon and headed for the North Pole Continent.

Onyxia flew at full speed for two hours straight before reaching the border of the North Pole Continent.

“Head down.”

With Li Yi pointing below, Onyxia let out a bellow and flew downwards.

Onyxia may have an unpredictable temperament but she had been in a lighter mood lately, showing less resistance towards Li Yi’s orders. Basically, whatever she was asked to do, she did.

Onyxia landed in a snowy field before she could disperse at the wave of Li Yi’s arm. Li Yi carefully searched the snowy field as he wandered around.

Li Yi was currently at 13% in the progress for the Evil God Summoning Scroll. When he was at 11%, he needed 1,000 Exceptional Snow Lotus, which he bought in the Auction House. When he was at 12%, he needed 100 Ruby Diamonds, which he bought in the Auction House as well. When he was at 13%, he had to collect 1,000 Chilling Essences which were quest items. The items could only be found in the North Pole Continent and could not be purchased. As he had been held up by several matters recently, Li Yi had not been able to make it to the North Pole. This time, he decided to kill two birds with one stone and complete this task along with the Luo Lan Empire quest.

A swirl of chill as thick as a thumb rose in the snowy area in front of him, lasting for a second before disappearing.

Li Yi quickly headed to where the chill rose from to bend over and pick up.


[You’ve found 5 Chilling Essences in the snow.]

With the System Notification, 5 Chilling Essences were placed into his Quest Item Pack.

The art of searching Chilling Essence in the snow was a skill. Fortunately, Li Yi had with him a support tool that would multiply the production of Chilling Essences. It would take him quite some time to collect 1,000 Chilling Essence if he had to collect one at a time.

“This is the God of Massacre Clan’s level grinding zone. Scram if you don’t want to die!”

While Li Yi was engrossed in the search for Chilling Essences, five Warrior players stood before him, preventing him from advancing further.

“The God of Massacre Clan…”

Lifting his head to peer at the five Warrior players, Li Yi realized they were all unfamiliar faces. From their attire, their levels should be around the 90 range and from the global average level, they were obviously alt-account players.

“Scram if you don’t wanna die. If you take one more step, you’re dead meat!” The leader, a youngster with a narrow face was waving the sword in his hand.


Li Yi nodded and instead to moving forward, he switched to a different spot to find Chilling Essences.

It was not that he was afraid of these five alt account players, he was simply too lazy to pick a fight. Chilling Essence quest items mushroomed everywhere so he could still collect them regardless of the direction he went.

“‘Fraidy cat, he ran away.” The Warrior with a narrow face burst out laughing.

Another answered, “We should have ganged up on him and killed him.”

The narrow-faced Warrior spat in contempt. “Kill him, my ass. Have you forgotten what the boss told us? It’s hard enough for us to get to the North Pole, if we were to accidentally die, it won’t be easy coming back here.”

“Well, it’s that person’s luck if they die,” The other was not willing to back down.

“Stop pretending, let’s get to work.”


[You’ve found 15 Chilling Essences in the snow.]


[You’ve found 9 Chilling Essences in the snow.]

Li Yi’s decision to switch directions had brought fortune, as in just half an hour, he had picked up 232 Chilling Essences. At this rate, he would surely complete this task in another two or three hours.

“This is the God of Massacre Clan’s level grinding spot. Leave if you do not wish to die!”

Just as Li Yi was focused on harvesting Chilling Essences, an unfriendly voice was heard again. This time, a huge fireball was hurled towards his feet, prompting him to lift his head up for a good look.

A human Wizard in a Light Equipment Set was standing in the distance with the top end of his staff in flames. It was apparent the huge fireball had been cast by this person.

“Leave, if you don’t wish to die!”

The Wizard in a Light Equipment Set waved his staff.

Infuriated, Li Yi waved his arm to summon his Lightning Leopard before continuing his search for Chilling Essences. He did not spare another look at the Wizard.

“So, you wish to die?”

The Wizard in a Light Equipment Set swung his staff to create a huge fireball. He then pointed towards Li Yi’s direction.

Szh szh…

The Lightning Leopard made a mad dash towards the Wizard, raising its paw to strike.

Pft! Pft! Pft!

In just three swipes, the Wizard in a Light Equipment Set was clawed to death by Lightning Leopard before he could even use his shield.

With Li Yi’s level and equipment way above his, Li Yi did not even have to lift a finger to kill him.

“You’re dead meat for killing a member of the God of Massacre Clan!” Lying on the ground, the Wizard in a Light Equipment Set declared threats.

Ignoring him, Li Yi kept his head low searching for Chilling Essences.

In about 5 minutes, the earlier 5 Warriors who were in Li Yi’s way ran over. The Lightning Leopard pounced forward and took care of them easily.

With a killing spree already underway, Li Yi did not hold back and left his Lightning Leopard to do his bidding while he engaged in digging up Chilling Essences.

This nonentity, the God of Massacre Clan sure had a lot of people around here. After the deaths of their seven men, more people came to join in the fun and in a short moment, there were over a hundred corpses lying in the snow.

It was the work of the Lightning Leopard without the participation of Li Yi.

This group of people talked the talk but did not walk the walk. The person with the highest level was the Wizard in a Light Equipment Set while the remaining were in the Level 70 and 80 range and could not survive a single swipe from his Lightning Leopard.

Li Yi walked further away but this time, nobody dared to follow behind him. With a single pet capable of defeating over a hundred men, no one was stupid enough to provoke him.


[You’ve found 17 Chilling Essences in the snow.]

[Congratulations! You’ve collected 1000 Chilling Essences.]

Time went by, and eventually, a melodious notification rang in Li Yi’s ear, prompting him to stop on his tracks.

Finally, the quest was completed.

Li Yi inspected his surroundings to ensure nobody was following before placing the Evil God Summoning Scroll on the ground. He recited hymns as he infused 1,000 Chilling Essences into it.

The Evil God Summoning Scroll successfully upgraded after it absorbed all 1,000 Chilling Essences.

With that, the scroll’s progress was at 14%. The next upgrade requirement was 10 Rainbow Diamonds.

Indeed, the difficulty in upgrading gradually increased every 5 and 10 increments. 10 Rainbow Diamonds. It looked like he had to put aside the scroll progress for now.

Storing the Evil God Summoning Scroll, Li Yi checked the map before summoning Onyxia to head Northwest.

With the scroll upgrade a closed book for now, he went on his way towards Alenod the Smart.

Alenod the Smart randomly spawned around North Pole Continent so pinpointing it was not as easy, even for Li Yi. Based on his past experience, he went to check out a spot Alenod was known to have a higher percentage in spawning at.


Li Yi had just mounted Onyxia to take flight when his friends panel started blinking.

Opening it for a look, it was from Qian’er.

“Where are you, Lil Yi’zi?”

“What’s up?”

Qian’er was a bundle of nerves. “Come quick to the North Pole Continent, coordinates are 156774:45677.”

Li Yi paused upon checking the coordinates.

The coordinates mentioned by Qian’er was the map where the group from the God of Massacre Clan resided.

What a coincidence. He had just left that area.

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