MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1243 - To Nurture One’s Strength And Bide One’s Time

Chapter 1243: To Nurture One’s Strength And Bide One’s Time

“Hahaha! Despicable Spring, you have your bad days too!”

Once Boson sent Sword of Thunderbolt out of the arena, Vainglory was so excited he almost jumped out of his seat.

After all this time in the Quan Zhen Sect, Vainglory had never seen Spring Halo lost a bet… Today, he finally witnessed he lost a bet to Fearless.

Even though Vainglory didn’t win Spring Halo personally, Vainglory’s excitement as an enforcer of the bet was seen from his reaction.

Ming Du and the rest were pale-faced as they couldn’t wait to hit Spring Halo.

Spring Halo extended his arms helplessly as he said, “What can I do? I’m also in despair too!”

Fearless pointed his staff at Spring Halo and the few others, “Stand there properly and don’t move! Each person two kicks!”


Spring Halo exchanged glances with the rest as they stood in one line.

Vainglory smirked wickedly.

Ming Du commented viciously, “Little Chicky, I’ll always remember this.”

“How dare you threaten me?! I will kick you!”


Once the desperate cries were heard, it attracted the attention of numerous spectators.

When everyone saw that Spring Halo and the few others were standing in a row for Vainglory to kick, everyone was amused. The spirit of this bunch of fellas was indeed abnormal.

As Spring Halo and the other’s cries were heard, Wang Yu asked Fearless, “If you lose, won’t you have to suffer ten kicks from Little Chicky?”

“Tsk!” Fearless rolled his eyes, “How can I possibly lose?”

“You have that much trust in Boson?” Wang Yu was slightly taken aback. To be honest, even Wang Yu didn’t have much confidence in Boson.

“I have no confidence in him at all!” Fearless took out the two pieces of paper and said, “I have confidence in myself.”

“Yourself.” Wang Yu was confused.

Seeing that Wang Yu didn’t understand him, Fearless pointed to the two pieces of paper, “What is written on them?”

“Win, Lose!” Wang Yu answered.

“That’s right!” Fearless smiled, “I didn’t even write who will win or who will lose.”


Wang Yu pointed his middle finger at Fearless in silence. Indeed, the most shameless person in the Quan Zhen Sect had to be this person.

After Sword of Thunderbolt was defeated, the fourth person to fight for Kingdom of Hell was called Asura Blood Termination!

He was… also a Warrior.

What? This damned squad originally had five close-combat Tanks and with an additional Sword of Thunderbolt, half of their squad of 12 players were actually Warriors or Knights. This was indeed a bunch of tasteless fellas.

Asura Blood Termination fought with the Quan Zhen Sect before and everyone knew that he was pretty decent. At the very least, he was still slightly stronger than Sword of Thunderbolt.

The bunch of players from Kingdom of Hell had an upright temper, simple and cruel. As one of the well-known figures among them, Asura Blood Termination was a no-nonsense fella.

Once he was transported up the arena, Asura Blood Termination charged towards Boson with his sword without saying much.

Boson raised his sword to block.


When two large swords clashed, the sound was deafening and this was the legendary painstaking collision.

What was considered hot-bloodedness in this game? Of course, it was a sword fight between Warriors.

Once Asura Blood Termination’s attack was blocked, he immediately kicked Boson in the stomach which forced him to stumble backwards. He quickly followed up with a [Charge] towards Boson.

Boson was not to be outdone as he quickly stabilised himself, lowered his head and charged right back at Asura Blood Termination.


The two players clashed and both of them flew upwards together.

Boson was playing the Independent Mode so he was able to get off the airborne state quicker. After landing on the ground, Boson took a step forward towards Asura Blood Termination and executed [Rising Dragon Slash].

Asura Blood Termination was sent flying and Boson took this opportunity to charge up to use his ultimate move!

Just at this moment, Asura Blood Termination, who was in mid-air, suddenly executed [Mountain and Earth Shattering Strike].


Boson couldn’t avoid the attack in time because he was charging up his attack.

After a massive fight with Sword of Thunderbolt in the earlier round, Boson’s health was at its minimum. After suffering yet another skill of this calibre from Asura Blood Termination, the outcome was unthinkable.

Before Boson could land, his HP was emptied and turned into white light.

Among all the jobs, a fight between Warriors was usually the most straightforward with not much skill involved. It was, a majority of the time, a fight between health and attack damage.

This was the same even in a competition between professional experts. If Boson had a full bar of HP before fighting Asura Blood Termination, he might not lose to him. However, he did fight an incredibly tough battle earlier and suffered significantly before this. Therefore, the spectators were not surprised at this outcome.

It was already impressive enough for an amateur player to knock a professional out, let alone two.

Once Boson was sent off, Ming Du quickly went forward to tease him, “Brother, how did it feel killing the adulterer?”

“Scram!” Boson glanced at Ming Du rudely which forced him back to his seat.

This Ming Du was clearly inviting a snub for himself. If his girlfriend was stolen by another man and all it took was beating that man up in a game to ease his anger, wouldn’t feelings be worth too little in this world?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…” Seeing how Boson was acting, Spring Halo sighed, “Young man, this must be hard on you.”

“Nonsense!” Fearless rolled his eyes, “All you know is to speak rubbish!”

“You have a problem with me? Let’s fight then!” Spring Halo pounced on Fearless and both of them started grappling with each other.

At this moment, Team A Murder Of Crows already had four players defeated while the Kingdom of Hell had two players left.

The fifth player up for Team A Murder Of Crows was Crotch Lord.

After such a long time in the competition, this was Crotch Lord’s first time being chosen up on the arena. Crotch Lord was started to feel excited when he saw that so many spectators were watching him.

A Guardian belonged to a Tank job which was impressive in PVE battles but not as good in PVP.

After all, it was going to be difficult to fight another player with low damage output regardless of his high health. This was especially true if he was going up against a similar job like a Weapons Master. Besides HP and defense, he was going to lose out on agility and damage output.

Naturally, Crotch Lord knew about his own weaknesses.

In PK, it was always about using your strength to tackle the enemy’s weakness. Once Crotch Lord was up, he waited by the foot of a wall for Asura Blood Termination to attack him. He was nurturing his strength and biding his time.

Asura Blood Termination had a temper so he was naturally not going to stand there and exchange glances with Crotch Lord.

Seeing how Crotch Lord cowered at the corner of the wall, he charged over without hesitation.

It seemed like Asura Blood Termination became a professional player not entirely based on his hot-bloodedness. He was slightly narrow-minded, too.

Crotch Lord’s purpose of cowering by the wall was to attack when the opportunity came.

By charging over like that, Crotch Lord simply needed to dodge this charge and he would have an opportunity and a breakthrough.

If Crotch Lord couldn’t dodge it, he would be knocked into the air by Asura Blood Termination and he would similarly be exposed to a breakthrough.

Finding a breakthrough was crucial in battles between experts. Given Crotch Lord’s damage output, he was naturally not going to be a match for Asura Blood Termination once the breakthrough was exposed.

Even so, Crotch Lord revealed a peculiar smile when he saw Asura Blood Termination charging over.

When Asura Blood Termination wasn’t too far from Crotch Lord, Crotch Lord extended his arm behind his shield and taunted, “B*stard!”

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