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Chapter 1244 - Ball Juggling Technique

Chapter 1244: Ball Juggling Technique

Even though [Charge] was high judgement skill, [Taunt] was an enforceable one.

Regardless of how high the judgement of your skill was, you would still have no choice but to run over obediently once taunted by a Guardian.


Asura Blood Termination, who was in the midst of his charge, lost control of his body after he was taunted by Crotch Lord. Even though the direction of his movement did not change, his [Charge] skill had already been disrupted and Asura Blood Termination’s original goal changed.

When Asura Blood Termination arrived in front of Crotch Lord due to [Taunt], Crotch Lord raised his shield and smashed against Asura Blood Termination.

A coil appeared above Asura Blood Termination’s head.


“Not bad at all!”

Seeing how Crotch Lord dismissed Asura Blood Termination’s [Charge], everyone revealed an unexpected expression.

In the eyes of an ordinary player, [Taunt] was a skill used to draw the aggro of monsters. It wasn’t very useful in PVP.

Experts were considered experts mainly because their thought process varied from other people. They were capable of using their skills in a way nobody could think of.

One example was using [Taunt] to dismiss [Charge]. If a player hadn’t reached perfection in the execution of this skill, nobody would have thought of using it this way.

Even the eyes of professional experts beneath the stage lit up when they saw what Crotch Lord did.

[Shield Bash]’s stun effect only lasted for two seconds. In PVP, a player’s equipment could reduce a significant portion of the restraint so Asura Blood Termination managed to regain his senses to fight back very quickly.

However, Crotch Lord remained composed as he turned towards Asura Blood Termination’s back. At the same time, he switched the shield in his hands for a large sword. The moment the stun effect ended, he swung his large sword to hit Asura Blood Termination into an airborne state.

Following which, he switched back to his shield and charged forward.


Crotch Lord smashed his shield viciously onto Asura Blood Termination’s body.

The speed of Crotch Lord’s reaction and movements were exceedingly quick and everything he did flow naturally. Before Asura Blood Termination could even land on the ground, he was sent flying into a nearby wall by Crotch Lord’s shield.

The stun icon appeared above Asura Blood Termination’s head once more.

This was the scene effect.

When Asura Blood Termination landed on the ground in his state of stun, Crotch Lord didn’t make use of the opportunity to attack. Instead, he stomped on the ground fiercely.


Asura Blood Termination was once again airborne. Using his shield, Asura Blood Termination was sent crashing against the wall for the second time.

At this point, Asura Blood Termination’s stun effect was already over as he struggled to execute a skill to land properly.

Just when he did that, Crotch Lord lowered his head and charged towards Asura Blood Termination.

Due to the high judgement of [Charge], Asura Blood Termination’s skill was disrupted and was airborne once again. Without panicking, Crotch Lord struck Asura Blood Termination and sent him crashing against the wall for the third time.

[Rising Dragon], [Earth Shaking] and [Charge] were three skills with a rather short CD. With the help of the wall, Crotch Lord was able to interchange between these three skills.

[Rising Dragon], [Air Borne Shield Bash], Wall!

[Earth Shaking], [Air Borne Shield Bash], Wall!

[Charge]. [Air Borne Shield Bash], Wall!

There was no way Asura Blood Termination could retaliate after crashing into the wall consecutively.

Crotch Lord’s expression remained stern as he wasn’t going to let him off. Whether it was the switching of weapons or executing of skills, he was doing everything machine-like without making a mistake.

“This… What kind of fighting style is this?”

At the sight of this, everyone was slightly dumbfounded.

The way Crotch Lord used his shield to smash his opponent onto the wall consecutively was truly terrifying. Everyone couldn’t help but think of an Olympic sport when they saw this – Table Tennis.

When everyone was young and didn’t have an opponent to practice with, wouldn’t everyone practice against the wall? They had this feeling that this Guardian treated his opponent like a table tennis ball.

Coincidental or not, Crotch Lord was indeed a professional table tennis player before he joined the game… Even though his ball skills were average in the country, he was still considered a top expert outside of the country.

The players from Quan Zhen Sect also realised this point as they couldn’t help but comment, “It seems like Crotch Lord returned to his old occupation.”

In terms of table tennis, Crotch Lord was indeed an expert who held high standards for himself.

The way he fought was like a table tennis game, so, just like Wang Yu, Crotch Lord wasn’t going to make a mistake in something he had practiced religiously since young.

The pitiful Asura Blood Termination suffered the torture without the ability to fight back. Eventually, his health was decreased gradually no matter how weak Crotch Lord’s attacks were.

Everyone looked at Crotch Lord as though he was juggling a ball and that ball was his opponent.

They nodded their heads according to the rhythm…

After a while, Asura Blood Termination’s HP was finally cleared as he turned into white light…


Following Asura Blood Termination’s death, the place burst into cheers. This match was indeed uniquely spectacular as though they had just witnessed a showcase of table tennis skills. It was truly special.

Crotch Lord smiled faintly as he raised his shield and leaned against the wall once more.

At the same time, the fifth player from Kingdom of Hell was sent on.

The fifth player was just like Crotch Lord as he also carried a shield. The difference was that this person was dressed in white armour. He looked like a Knight.

In the past, Knights and Warriors were of the same family… Not only did these two jobs look the same, but even their skills were relatively similar. If a Knight carried a Warrior’s weapon, it could be hard to differentiate between the two jobs based on appearance alone.

For example, Hades who was kicked in the crotch by Vainglory was actually a Crusader… In the end, the author could have written his skills wrongly but nobody would have noticed it either way.

“The fifth player from Kingdom of Hell is Asura…”

After the introduction of the player, Wang Yu was confused, “Didn’t Crotch Lord just defeat a player called Asura too?”

“That is Asura Blood Termination!” Everyone frowned, “All of them are professional experts so can you respect them by calling their full names?”

Wang Yu scratched his head, “But they still have one more player in their squad called Blood Termination, right?”

“That’s right!” Fearless pointed to another Guardian in their squad, “That player is Blood Termination!”

“F*ck!” Wang Yu was on the verge of collapsing, “You can do that?”

“This is the Kingdom of Hell’s style!” Fearless explained, “There are Hades, God of Death’s Left and Right Hand, Asura Blood Termination, Asura and Blood Termination…”

“Aren’t they worried about confusion?” Wang Yu asked.

Fearless replied faintly, “We are not even confused at how similar you and Boss Evil looked. They have been playing the game for countless years now so it is unlikely to be confusing for them. However, it is definitely going to be confusing for other squads so everyone had to pay closer attention when facing against them in the team battle.

Wang Yu, “…”

To think that a squad could even be so despicable when choosing their names. This was probably the only tactic they could think of.

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