MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1246 - Strategist Who Was Kicked Out Of The Squad

Chapter 1246: Strategist Who Was Kicked Out Of The Squad


Crotch Lord was sent flying like a baseball.

“Heaven Ascending Array!”

Asura slapped a talisman onto the ground with his left hand as a black magic array appeared beneath Crotch Lord’s legs. Crotch Lord was once again in the air.

“[Descending Hammer]!”

Shortly after, Asura jumped upwards and smashed his hammer against Crotch Lord’s head.

A Knight’s judgement was the strongest amongst all the jobs. Once a Templar started a series of attacks, one could forget about escaping the attacks.

Even with his high defense and HP, Crotch Lord wasn’t able to lift his shield once.

Asura’s attacks were average while Crotch Lord was incredibly resistant so it took a total of twenty minutes for Crotch Lord to be knocked off the arena.

In the second round of competition, Kingdom of Hell eventually won with a score of 5:3.

Even though Team A Murder Of Crows lost, the spectators realised that A Murder Of Crows were not really crows. These amateurs were pretty decent too.

In fact, it was already impressive that this bunch of ordinary amateur players were fighting evenly with a renowned professional squad, let alone leading them by two points.

This was especially true for the experts of top squads who had already started treating Team A Murder Of Crows as an imaginary opponent.

Two savages Pugilists with unfathomable strengths who looked like twins.

One Archer who could defeat an Assassin in close-combat.

A despicable Priest and a shameless, calculative and wretched Shaman capable of summoning demons.

An odd child with dirty tricks and a resistant table tennis expert…

Every one of them was not somebody who was easy to deal with. Hence, it was only natural that others were starting to take note of them.

For other opponents, one could use conventional reasoning to speculate their moves. However, nobody knew how this bunch of fellas actually fought. Who knew that the first season of <<REBIRTH>>’s professional tournament would have such deep waters?

As usual, the two teams went to rest after the second round of matches ended.

After returning to the restroom, Fearless sat down in a relaxed manner as he enjoyed his cup of tea.

Boson couldn’t help but remind, “Now that we only have a two-point advantage, have you thought of how we’re going to tackle the next round?”

A two-point advantage in a professional tournament was not considered a lot. After all, the last round was a team battle. Given the many years of experience fighting together and coordination, it was possible to wipe out a team like that without losing a player.

Kingdom of Hell was still a renowned professional squad. It would have been ridiculous to assume that they hadn’t made earlier preparations for the team battle.

“We act according to the situation later!” Fearless replied proudly, “However, we don’t have to be that worried about the third round. This is because their greatest threat for the third round is no longer scary.”

“Greatest threat? What is that?” Wang Yu asked. In Wang Yu’s eyes, no opponent was a threat to him.

The others were equally as confused because, in their eyes, every player from Kingdom of Hell was a threat.

“Hehe!” Fearless smiled, “What do you think Kingdom of Hell is lacking the most?”

“Could it be conscience?” Ming Du replied.

“Close!” Fearless chuckled, “They are lacking tactics! However… hehe! Sword of Thunderbolt’s insignificant level of skills is not enough to subdue this bunch of experts.”

Quan Zhen Sect, “Oh…”

Indeed, the stronger a person was, the greater their ambition. The more upright a person was, the more arrogant they would be.

The fellas from Kingdom of Hell had been top experts since a long time ago. Besides God of Death’s Left Hand, these fellas hadn’t taken any orders from anyone else before. God of Death’s Left Hand was naturally not going to regard anyone highly or take orders from anybody too.

This was the reason why their entire squad lacked tactics.

God of Death’s Left Hand was the one man boss as everyone else obeyed him unconditionally. The style of their squad was naturally going to be as direct and straightforward as God of Death’s Left Hand’s character.

Even though Sword of Thunderbolt had a brain of tactics, he was never going to fit into the Kingdom of Hell’s squad.

If Sword of Thunderbolt produced outstanding results, everyone might show him some face by listening to him. However, his current performance against the Quan Zhen Sect had been terrible. Hence, this fella was naturally never going to have any speaking authority in the squad.

From the very beginning, Fearless had been worried that Sword of Thunderbolt was going to change Kingdom of Hell’s fighting style. However, Fearless could tell that the Kingdom of Hell was no longer going to be different whether they had Sword of Thunderbolt with them.

Just like what Fearless said, God of Death’s Left Hand was currently the one planning the strategy for the last round. While their supposedly strategist was forced into the corner without being given an opportunity to talk.

When God of Death’s Left Hand finally finished explaining the strategy, Sword of Thunderbolt interrupted daringly, “Now that we are two points behind the Quan Zhen Sect, we should adopt deeper level tactics to make use of the geography…”

“What do you know!”

Before Sword of Thunderbolt could even finish speaking, he was rudely interjected.

Sword of Thunderbolt cried out anxiously, “We will lose badly if all of you refuse to rely on proper tactics!”

After losing three years in a row, this had become a sensitive topic for Kingdom of Hell. Now that Sword of Thunderbolt brought this up, everyone was naturally going to flare up.

Hence, everyone mocked, “Sure! At least we can at least win one fight. Master Strategist, can you explain why are you lying on the ground? Enjoying your massage by an amateur player?”


Sword of Thunderbolt was speechless. Just when he was about to say something else, God of Death’s Right Hand stepped in and said, “Brother Thunder, you look like you’re ready to complain about us to the Boss eh?”

“Tsk!” Sword of Thunderbolt grunted coldly, “I’m glad you know!”

This bunch of ‘top’ experts from Kingdom of Hell were still people who had to listen to whatever the person paying them was saying. It was fine if Sword of Thunderbolt didn’t say something like that but the moment he said it, it evoked the flame in everyone’s heart.

God of Death’s Left Hand frowned, “We, the Kingdom of Hell, have been around for so many years. This is the only year with a sponsor so it isn’t as though we aren’t used to suffering. Why don’t you go tell your Boss that we can simply refund his gold if it means we’re free to live the way we want.”

“That’s right!” Everyone applauded God of Death’s Left Hand as they looked towards him with utmost respect.

“This… That’s not what I meant!”

Sword of Thunderbolt was tongue-tied when he heard this. It seemed like his misunderstanding with these fellas were never going to be cleared.

“Tsk!” God of Death’s Left Hand sneered coldly, “Since that is not what you mean, stand to the side! You will not be going up for the next round! We feel more comfortable working with the other older brothers!”


Sword of Thunderbolt was on the verge of collapse.

Who knew that God of Death’s Left Hand could be so ruthless and straightforward to take away his rights to fight? Great! Now he couldn’t even fight, let alone suggest tactics.

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