MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1245 - Asura

Chapter 1245: Asura

The Knight job was the most unique job among all the other jobs. This job could fight and could deal damage. It was basically a standard jack of all trades.

Moreover, Knights had a unique halo skill which could increase the defense and attacks of teammates around him. Additionally, it could even cause damage to the target.

The more impressive aspect was that Knights could even make use of the power of talismans, change the shapes of weapons, use any type of swords and spears and could even turn weapons into gloves set to fight like a Pugilist.

Because of all these possibilities, it became incredibly complicated to fight as a Knight. Players with insufficient capabilities would be flustered while playing this job. Therefore, most players would rather choose to become a Warrior, which was a much simpler version of the Knight.

This was the reason why Knights were as uncommon as Pugilist among players.

Because this job required a high level of capabilities from the player, those who dared to play this job would naturally be outstanding experts.

As a professional expert, Asura’s composite capabilities were undoubtedly not going to be weak, hence, the ability to manage the job of a Knight. In fact, he was a Templar widely recognised as the number two expert in the entire Kingdom of Hell behind God of Death’s Left Hand.

Additionally, this fella looked pretty decent, had an awe-inspiring name and loved dressing up in white armour. He could be considered the most good looking player in Kingdom of Hell and one with the most number of fans.

The moment this fella was up, the crowd couldn’t help but start cheering enthusiastically again.

“Asura! Asura!”

The cheers could be heard across the place as Wang Yu listened to the extraordinarily loud chants. He couldn’t help but think of the previous Heavenly Fire Squad who had a similar level of noise rooting for them. He wondered which fans would cheer louder if Asura and Samadhi Fire fought.

Of course, Asura was different from Samadhi Fire because he had true abilities. This point wasn’t hard to tell from his humble attitude.

Because Team A Murder Of Crows was still considered an amateur team, they weren’t regarded highly in this professional tournament.

Regardless, Asura maintained his humble attitude towards the group of players from Team A Murder Of Crows whether it was on stage or off stage.

After witnessing how his teammate was knocked off by Crotch Lord like a table tennis ball, Asura grew cautious. Once he entered the arena, he got into his battle stance by raising his shield and hiding behind his shield.

In the past, the Quan Zhen Sect fought with Kingdom of Hell before. Although Kingdom of Hell was eventually led by Sanguine Warflag, Crotch Lord still had a pretty deep impression of Asura. Therefore, he held tightly onto his shield to protect his entire body. He was fearful that he might expose a gap for the opponent to attack.

Looking at both their stances, Wang Yu was speechless. “Don’t tell me these two fellas are just going to stare at each other until the end of the match?”

Wang Yu was well aware of Crotch Lord’s character. As long as the opponent didn’t make his move, Crotch Lord would have enough patience to wait out till the end. It was indeed possible for Crotch Lord to wait out until the end of the match.

“That won’t happen!” Fearless replied, “Do you know why that fella is called Asura?”

“No idea…” Wang Yu shook his head.

Fearless answered, “Because this fella’s desire to fight is immensely strong. A Tank will always have the heart to attack.”

Indeed, Asura made his move the moment Fearless said that.

Learning from Asura Blood Termination’s mistake, Asura was naturally not going to charge straight at Crotch Lord. Instead, he walked calmly towards Crotch Lord, extended his left hand and a massive palm shadow reached out to grab Crotch Lord.

[God’s Grasp]! An iconic skill of a Templar.

It was a grasp towards the target by a sincere Templar summoning God’s Hand.

The judgement of a grappling had always been incredibly high. If Crotch Lord remained where he was, he was definitely going to be grabbed by Asura. If Crotch Lord moved, he was going to expose himself too.

[God’s Grasp]’s range was much further than a Guardian’s [Taunt]. From this distance, Crotch Lord wouldn’t be able to pull Asura in even if he used [Taunt].


Crotch Lord chuckled when facing up against Asura’s [God’s Grasp] as he took one step forward. He did not attempt to dodge or avoid as he allowed himself to be grabbed by Asura.

Asura pulled Crotch Lord in towards him after grabbing hold of him. Before Crotch Lord could break free, Asura raised his shield and smashed it against Crotch Lord.

[Holy Shield] had the same effect as [Shield Bash] in which they were both capable of causing the stun effect. At the very moment before Crotch Lord was about to be hit, Crotch Lord suddenly shouted as he released [Crowd Taunt].

Because [Taunt] was a skill meant to use against an individual, Crotch Lord in his current state wouldn’t be able to aim at his target accurately. However, [Crowd Taunt] was an AOE skill which was capable of drawing the aggro of enemies around him.

Asura was right beneath Crotch Lord so there was no way he could dodge this after being caught off guard by Crotch Lord. His [Holy Shield] was disrupted by Crotch Lord’s [Taunt].

“Oh sh*t!”

Crotch Lord’s moves left everyone astonished once more.

[Taunt] did the job again?! Could [Taunt] be the most powerful skill in <<REBIRTH>>?

[Crowd Taunt]’s effect only lasted for 0.5 seconds so Asura merely had his skill disrupted.

Crotch Lord, who was in mid-air, made use of the opportunity to land on the ground. He flipped backwards, got up and then charged right back at Asura.

The two of them were less than two metres apart from each other which was why there were no gaps between Crotch Lord’s skills. When Asura finally came back to his senses, Crotch Lord was already in front of Asura.

Asura had no time to dodge so he simply raised his shield.


When the two shields clashed, it let out a deafening sound.

Crotch Lord’s Shield of God was a true God-grade equipment. Asura’s weapon was never going to match Crotch Lord’s. In fact, it was even strengthened by the power of talismans.

This collision was enough to break Asura’s shield into pieces.

Even so, it was enough to block Crotch Lord’s attack as Asura wasn’t sent flying away.

Crotch Lord responded by smashing his shield against the ground and stomping his foot at the same time.


Yet another loud sound could be heard as the ground shook vigorously.

Concurrently, Asura suddenly leaped backwards to dodge Crotch Lord’s [Seismic Wave].


Crotch Lord was surprised at how Asura consecutively avoided his [Charge] as well as [Seismic Wave]. Before Asura could land, he quickly switched to his long sword to chase right after Asura.

At this moment, Asura waved a staff in his hands and the staff turned into yet another Holy Shield which protected him.


Crotch Lord’s long sword clashed with Asura’s shield.

[Holy Shield]’s judgement surpassed [Rising Dragon Slash]. Moreover, Crotch Lord’s [Rising Dragon Slash] was not even of the same level of professionalism as a Weapons Master.

After hearing the sound of their collision, Crotch Lord was struck into a stun state.

Asura landed, used his left hand to paste a talisman on his shield to turn it into a large spear. Asura thrust the spear towards Crotch Lord’s body and tossed him up in the air.

Asura thrust his spear three times in mid-air and every strike lifted Crotch Lord about one metre above the ground. After the three strikes, Crotch Lord was approximately about three metres above the ground.

Asura pasted yet another talisman on his weapon as the spear turned into a massive hammer. Asura held onto the hammer with both hands as he swung it backwards to charge up his energy. The moment Crotch Lord landed in front of him, he swung it forward with all his force on Crotch Lord’s body.

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